The 20ft Swiss Army Knife Shipping Container Home

See how this boat builder transformed a small shipping container into a swiss army knife tiny home.

Evans is a boat builder by trade, and travels all around the world building yachts.

He first bought his 20ft shipping container to use as a storage unit, but after a change in circumstances found it surplus to requirements.

He said it was always in the back of his mind to convert it into a tiny home.

One thing that sets this container home apart from others, is that it still retains its function as a shipping container. All the sides close up which enables it to be loaded onto a ship and transported anywhere in the world.

Most of these conversions can be loaded onto a truck and transported by land, but very few can be transported by sea.

With the side opened up we have the main entrance with the bathroom immediately on the left

Through to the living area we see the great workmanship that went into this build

Evans said he had no initial floorplan for the design. He just made it up as he went along and let it come together organically.

The small space sleeps 3 people, with a couch that folds out into a large double bed, and a smaller single bed above it

Fantastic functional kitchen with space and amenities to please even a seasoned chef

The water holding tank, water pump, and house batteries are stored and hidden behind the fridge.

Surprisingly this small space even has a full size washer/dryer

The compact bathroom whilst small, still houses a regular sized toilet, sink and shower

Another great feature is how the long side of the home opens up entirely

Evans used his boat building knowledge and experience to utilise this small space in the best possible way. This large opening allows for the addition of extensions he has planned for later.

Here’s a model mockup of the container with the extension added

The entire build cost less than $25,000.

Watch the full tour video below.

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Gary Michaels