Best RV Shower Heads | Top 8+ Recommended in 2020 & Buyers Guide

Having a refreshing and revitalizing shower can be one of life’s simple comforts. However, when in an RV this can be extra challenging because of water and space limitations. The best RV shower head options are designed to both maximize pressure while minimizing water use.

If you want to upgrade your on-board showering experience, this article is for you. 

Below we review some of the top recommended shower heads on the market and our buyers guide will help you select the perfect unit for your RV. 

Best RV Shower Heads

Top 8 Shower Heads for RV

1. Oxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit

Oxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit
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Featuring a sleek, sturdy and simple design, the Oxygenics 26841 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit enhances the RV showering experience in several ways. First, the original Oxygenics technology boosts water pressure, as well as widens coverage all while keeping water use to a minimum. Another advantage is that it extends the life of water tanks, which is people always appreciate when camping.

Along with the powerful pressure, this practical shower head keeps water temperatures consistent and allows for the limiting of water flow with its SmartPause valve feature. Highly efficient, this great travel accessory also cuts down the actual shower time with a special spray pattern that speeds up the whole process of washing and rinsing, which is definitely a plus for those with long hair. Unlike other shower heads, there is no need to worry about excess minerals building up or clogs thanks to the effective internal design featuring non-stick parts. Along the with shower head, the kit comes with a mount holder, plumber’s tape and a 60” hose, which allows for plenty of extension and reach for difficult spots.

Quite a few people who have used this shower head say that it has increased water pressure significantly and that the on and off valve certainly comes in handy when shampooing and conditioning the hair. Others add that there is also no need to worry about rushing and hoping that the hot water doesn’t run out since this shower head helps with preserving water reserves in the tank.

2. Oxygenics White Standard 26781 Hand Held Sprayer Kit

Oxygenics 26781 Hand Held Sprayer Kit
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Lightweight, compact and highly efficient, the Oxygenics White Standard 26781 Hand Held Sprayer Kit holds great appeal for many RV travelers who just want ample water pressure and coverage when taking a shower. Designed for maximum performance, the user-friendly device features a SmartPause Valve, which keeps the preserve tanks under control by limiting water flow with the simple push of a button. Plus, there is no need to worry about the unwanted buildup of minerals or clogging with the shower head’s non-stick internal parts regardless even if there are hard water conditions present.

The handheld sprayer is available in multiple finishes and comes with a 60” hose which is perfect for getting to those difficult-to-reach places, not to mean for actual cleaning. Another advantage of this Oxygenics product is that it offers amazing pressure with a minimum flow rate, which in the end means more savings on utility bills. People who have used this handheld shower head really appreciate that it easy to install, and they also like the feeling of more water coming through, when in fact, there is less water being used.

So if you’re looking for an improvement in pressure and actual spray coverage, and don’t want to worry about the water turning cold before rinsing off the soap and shampoo, then this handheld Oxygenics shower head may be just what you need for your recreational vehicle. Some individuals who are happy with this product have even purchased it to use at home, while others reveal that it is a significant upgrade from the standard shower head they had before. 

3. Black Dura Faucet Shower Head and Hose Kit

Dura Faucet DF-SA130-BK RV Shower Head and Hose Kit (Black)
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Comfort and convenience is what you can expect with the Black Dura Faucet Shower Head and House Kit. RV travelers who want to upgrade from the current standard sized model may want to consider this high-performing, durable and lightweight option.The efficient design has a number of attractive features from the wand base that makes for easy gripping and handling while showering to a practical valve switch that lets user control the trickle of the water. There is also no need to be concerned with the possibility of corrosion or fading thanks to the premium, lightweight, long-lasting synthetic material.

An ideal replacement for RVs, motor homes, campers and trailers, this modern shower head also comes with a matching hose, which allows for greater reach. Plus, installation is a breeze, and the kit also comes with a shower mount, hose ring and mounting hardware. Another good thing to know about this product is the flow rate which is 2.2 gpm@ 60 psi.

People who like this shower head and hose kit say that it is well built, and easy to install as well as gets the job done while providing sufficient water flow. While others appreciate that it is high quality, affordable and has a straightforward, contemporary look, which happens to go well with the look of any RV. Also, when not in use, the shower head sits safe and secure, making it less likely to move when driving over bumpy roads that travelers may encounter during their RV road trip adventures.

4. ETL 26181 Plastic Body Spa Oxygenics Shower with 60” Hose

ETL 26181 Plastic Body Spa Oxygenics Shower with 60' Hose
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Along with smart looking, stylish yet simple design, the ETL 26181 Plastic Body Spa Oxygenic Shower with a 60” hose is all about function as it is about form. Lightweight, sturdy and powerful, this modern, plastic, silver-hued handheld shower head stands out for its patented technology that actually boosts the oxygen content in water. Not only that, but this RV travel accessory has the capability to self-pressurize, which ultimately ensures a stellar shower experience for all. Users simply adjust the controls to their preferred degree of comfort, and they can choose from soft to stimulating and everything else in between.

The hose also allows for greater movement while showering and is ideal for getting hard-to-reach parts of the body. Among the other advantages of this superb RV shower device is that it also saves water with the SmartPause Valve feature by allowing users to limit the flow. People who rave about this product say that it actually transforms weak water pressure into a strong spray, and produces a strong force, which is always appreciated especially when rinsing the shampoo and soap off. Others noticed that the shower head has a nice feel to it, and believe that it is a huge improvement over similar products that they have had in the past, and last but not least, it is easy to install.

Aa well as the actual shower head and 60-inch hose, the kit includes a wand holder which easily pivots, a comfort regulator, washers and tape. With this product, everything from a powerful flow to a water-saving trickle is possible. 

5. PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head Unit

PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head Unit with Powerful Shower Spray w/Pause Setting, Multi-Functions, Bathroom Accessories w/ 59'' Hose, Bracket, Hose Clock
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Extremely efficient and versatile, the PIH High Pressure RB Handheld Shower Unit with Powerful Shower Spray ensures that RV and motor home travelers experience enjoyable showers while on the road. The streamlined body of the device features a neutral color, which complements the aesthetic of the exterior of any recreational vehicle.

As for the other features, there is a convenient pause setting, which allows for complete control of the water flow. This especially comes in handy when someone wants to just take their time to shampoo and condition their hair, and rinse their body. Other notable highlights include the shower head unit’s many functions which also happen to take water conservation in mind.

Thanks to the high-pressure water flow, it is possible to shower fast for those who prefer to do so because they are short on time. Relaxation is also on offer thanks to the three settings which are extremely nice to have and range from pause, pulse massage and powerful shooting. This PIH shower head kit also includes a 59” hose, bracket and hose clock. Plus, installation is easy with the shower head package including all the necessary parts.

As for drawbacks, some people are not fans of the shorter hose and the moments when the pause setting does not seem to work. Overall, there are more positives than negatives when it comes to this snazzy RV shower head including its ability to increase water pressure in an instant. No need to head to the communal shower when camping, thanks to this handy accessory that allows you to shower right where you park your recreational vehicle.

6. Dura Faucet Shower Head and Hose Replacement Handheld Kit for RV’s

Dura Faucet DF-SA400K-CP RV Hand Held Shower Head and Hose Kit (Chrome)
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Contemporary in look with its shiny, silver chrome body, the Dura Faucet Shower Head and Hose Replacement Handheld Kit for RVs, Motor homes, Travel Trailers and Campers is the ideal travel accessory to have while on a camping getaway. Efficient and easy to grip, this handheld shower head offers the familiar comforts of home with its fantastic water stream and strong pressure.

As for the product design, the sleek wand has several features including a convenient valve switch that lets users control whether they want the water to trickle or not. Plus, the high quality, durable construction ensures the shower head will last over time. Spanning a little under 8 inches, the shower head also has a stainless steel hose which offers added flexibility when showering. Along with the shower head, the stainless steel hose, the flow control trickle valve switch, the kit also features a wall bracket, hose guide ring, and all the essential installation hardware.

Fans of this shower head say that they are happy with the easy installation process and also like the nice, high-quality, easy to use design. Well constructed, the shower head is lightweight, durable and made with premium materials. Along with its physical attributes, the shower head helps to conserve water. Although, a few people did notice that the switch at the top of the shower head doesn’t completely prevent dripping. For the most part, quite a few others said that this shower head is a great upgrade from the standard plastic ones that come in many RVs. 

7. Camco 43760 Premium RV/Marine Shower Head Kit

Camco 43760 Premium RV/Marine Shower Head Kit
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RV travelers definitely have choices when it comes to the Camco 43670 Premium RV/Marine Shower Head Kit which features a selection of  seven pampering spray patterns. Whether it’s the gentle massage or the drenching rain or somewhere in between, this device is quite enticing with all of the different settings that make for a luxurious showering experience.

Another plus about this product is that users are able to reduce the amount of water at their convenience thanks to an on/off switch which comes in handy while shampooing, lathering up the soap and then rinsing. Constructed exclusively with RV and marine use in mind, the durable shower head design in silver is built to last over time and offers great flexibility with its swiveling function.

A 60-inch flex hose with built-in connectors makes for an easy installation process to the standard ½” shower arm. Also, there is less hose kinking as a result of the reinforced construction. Along with the shower head and the hose, the kit also includes a pivoting wall mount and installation hardware for simple set up. As for actual performance, opinions seem to vary.

While some people felt that the shower head was a perfect replacement for more inferior and older products, others felt that the on/off switch was a bit stiff and hard to maneuver, and found that the shower head didn’t always meet expectations and they were disappointed with occasional leaking. However, when it comes to the variety of shower settings, that was the function that stood out.

8. Dura Faucet Handheld Replacement Shower Wand for RVs

Dura Faucet DF-SA400-BQ RV Hand Held Shower Wand with Trickle Switch (Bisque Parchment)
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When traveling around in an RV, motor home or camper and you’re wanting to have simple creature comforts, then the Dura Faucet Handheld Replacement Shower Wand may be just the way to go. Lightweight and modern, this convenient accessory in white spans a little under eight inches and is known for generating ample water flow and just the right amount of pressure for an amazing shower. With its easy to grip wand design, users simply control the water flow as they please with the trickle valve switch. This attractive feature is definitely a positive and helps to conserve precious water compared to traditional shower heads.

Along with the handheld shower wand, there is a sturdy, high quality stainless steel hose that offers great flexibility, enabling users to reach all the difficult areas and move around. Easy to install, the entire process just takes a few minutes and doesn’t require making an appointment with the plumber.

Fans of this shower head really like the overall appearance, durable materials and the handy trickle button as well as the fact that it offers plenty of pressure and water flow. Others liked the spray pattern, the long extension of the hose and how the shower head functions compared to others they have used before. Along with being ideal to take on the road, many people also like this handheld shower wand for using at home, especially those that have dogs. No need to worry about traces of lead, as this product is completely lead-free.

RV Shower Head Buyers Guide

So, you need a new shower head; shower heads are important, we use them everyday and there is nothing worse than having a bad shower, so you want to make sure that you get the right one. To help you out we have put together this comprehensive buying guide to help you make the best decision before you go out looking for your new shower head. 

Types of Shower Heads

Wall Arm

This shower head is attached to the wall, but it protrudes outwards and typically has a large shower head that faces in a downwards direction. You can adjust the head in any direction or angle that you wish but the water will always flow downwards. You might sometimes hear these shower heads referred to as rainfall or rainforest shower heads. 


This is the most popular type of shower head; it is attached to the wall in a slight angle and faces in a downwards direction. They also come in a variety of different styles where you are able to adjust the flow strength and spray pattern. This type of shower head generally works better with smaller shower cubicles or baths that have showers in them. 

Ceiling Arm

This is more or less the same as the wall arm shower head, but it extends from the ceiling as opposed to the wall. This type of shower head is good for larger bathrooms, wet rooms or walk in showers giving it an additional touch of style and luxury. There are a variety of different styles available for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.


If you want to have more control over the water flow, then a hand-held shower is the best option for you. In general, they are available with hoses that are around three to six inches in length. These shower heads are very popular because they allow you to direct the water in the way that you want it.

Sliding Bar

This is not a very common type of showerhead and most people have never heard of it. However, they are extremely beneficial, especially if you have a bathroom that is used by a lot of people. The sliding bar setup allows you to adjust the height of the shower head so that people of all heights can use it. 

The Body Spray

The body spray is a very unique type of shower head, it doesn’t have one nozzle and stream of water but several. The heads are installed into the walls in two rows. When they are turned on, there is a crisscrossing of water spraying that takes place. 

Water Saving

If you are the environmentally friendly type or you want to save money on your water bill then a water saving shower head is ideal for you. However, it is important to mention that these shower heads have a very low water flow so if you are looking for a power shower, this is not the best option for you. These shower heads come with a built-in plastic restrictor so that the water flow is significantly reduced. They are made out of polished chrome and heavy-duty metal so that they last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between a rain and a jet shower head?

If you want to imagine what a rain shower head feels like think about what it feels like when you are out walking in the rain. This is the way the majority of people describe it hence the name. A jet shower head is a lot more powerful and the pressure is focused towards a smaller area. However, both of them have different pressure settings so that you can adjust them to the sensation that that is most suited to you. 

What should I look for in a shower head?

There are a number of different factors you will need to take into consideration when you are choosing a shower head. As well as thinking about the kind of shower experience you would like to have, you should also consider the following:

  • The way the water is distributed
  • The intensity and power of the shower
  • Will it be suitable for my family?
  • Will it work with the shower that I already have?
  • How easy will it be to clean?
  • Am I going for a particular look?
  • What type of settings do you want on the head (mist, massage, jet)?
  • What is your budget?
Which shower head will best suit my current shower fitting?

Any shower head that you buy will come with compatibility information as well as measurements. Therefore, you will know whether it fits your current shower fitting before you purchase it.

How can I take off my old shower head?

You will need to use a wench or pliers to remove your existing shower head. Grab hold of the connecting pipe and unscrew the nut behind the shower head, keep turning it until it comes off. 

How do I attach the new shower head?

Your new shower head will come with fitting instructions to guide you on how to attach your new one. Carefully follow these guidelines and you will have no problems attaching your new shower head. However, if you don’t have the best handy man skills, it may be a better idea to hire a trained professional so that you don’t cause any damage. 

When fitting your new shower head, you also want to think about the height of your family members. Everyone should be able to reach it easily to turn it off and on, it also needs to be high enough so that no one has to bend down in order to use it. You can mark the wall using a pencil to guide you.

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