Best RV Toilet Reviews | Top 8+ Recommended in 2020 & Buyers Guide

What is the best RV toilet? Well that really depends on your needs, some vandweller types are happy to pee into a bottle and use public restrooms. 

But if you want a little more luxury and a little more privacy, having a great on-board toilet can really add to the comfort and homeliness of your RV.

Below we review some of the top recommended RV toilets on the market and provide a buyers guide to help you select the right unit for your needs.

Best RV Toilets

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Top 8 Best Toilets for RV

1. Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic V Our Top Choice

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush / High Profile / White - Thetford 31671
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Suited for all types of recreational vehicles, the white Aqua Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush/High Profile – Thetford boasts a classic, simple style as well as a taller seating height. User-friendly, the toilet features a convenient single-pedal system. All users have to do is press the pedal halfway, which then adds water, and then press it all the way for flushing, which by the way provides 100 percent bowl coverage flush. As for the lid, the Aqua-Magic V has a textured lid that is durable, resists scuffs, and offers a feeling of the toilet you have at home. 

Weighing only 9.4 1bs, the plastic RV toilet is ultra lightweight which is an added bonus. Everything about this toilet is convenient from easy installation to use. For those who are mindful of keeping water consumption to a minimum, there is also an option for hand sprayer which offers a hand rinse wash down. People who bought this toilet immediately noticed how light it felt compared to the older models they had in their vehicles.

There are plenty of other positives from the easy installation to its sturdy design and strong flushing capability. One drawback that a few noticed is that the actual bowl is a bit too shallow for their liking. Overall, it seems that many RV owners felt that this toilet does the job and specifically liked the easy set up which includes hooking it up to the water supply. So if you need a reliable toilet replacement, the Thetford might be the option for you. 

2. Thetford 34429 Aqua-Magic

Thetford 34429 Aqua Magic Style Plus Toilet, High/White
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Similar to a toilet that you would find in a residential home, the Thetford Aqua-Magic Style Plus Toilet in White boasts a contemporary, crisp straightforward design. The toilet features include a china bowl, along with a single-pedal flush and a ball valve, both of which offer 100 percent bowl coverage with vigorous action. 

There is no need to worry about odor-causing bacteria or mold since the toilet has an anti-microbial seat which eliminates that problem, and it also happens to be easy to clean. RV owners will definitely find this toilet to be comfortable with its full-size residential-style seat. People who have used it feel that it is in fact a good, sturdy toilet and like the convenience of the pedal flush and its flushing power. Others also appreciated that it is quite easy to install and that is also came with clear instructions. Although it’s important to note that there were quite a few people who apparently were not happy with the product packaging.

Overall, people really liked how the Thetford Aqua-Magic toilet looked in their RV and said that they would be likely to recommend it to a friend, while a few said that it was a nice upgrade from the toilet they had in place before and liked the higher level of it. Ultimately, this toilet may be for you if you want a toilet that flushes in a clean fashion with consistency.

3. Dometic 320 Series

Dometic 320 Series Standard Height RV Toilet, White
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Having the right toilet in your RV ensures everyone’s comfort while traveling on the road. The Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet in white was designed with that idea in mind. Featuring a residential-style, full-size wood seat and a deep vitreous ceramic bowl, this specific model also helps to prevent spills with its rim design. The ergonomic foot model feature lets users flush with ease: all they have to do is to press it partially to add water, or fully to flush. Also, the gravity flush system is simple and offers reliable performance. It’s important to note that when installing the gravity-style toilet make sure to position it right over the waste holding tank.

Regular cleaning is recommended to ensure the seal and flush valve stay clean as they are needed to prevent the water from leaking down and out of the bowl. Plus cleaning the RV toilet on a regular basis is essential to prevent mineral and waste build up which are known to damage the protective water seal. RV owners who bought the Dometic 320 felt that it was definitely an upgrade from the older model in their vehicle. Others noted that installation was easy and they were able to replace the old toilet with this one in under 10 minutes. Comfort was definitely the most important benefit of having this toilet as other mentioned that they liked the deeper china bowl and the fact that it is lipped is definitely an improvement, which helps with achieving 100 percent flushing coverage.

4. Dometic 310 Series

Dometic White 310 Series Standard Toilet 302310031, 19.75' Height, Slow Close Wood Seat
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RV owners know that it is really important to have the proper toilet while traveling on the road away from home. One possibility to consider is the white Dometic 310 Series Standard Toilet 302310031 which stands 19.75 inches in height and features a wooden seat with a slow close feature. Featuring the best-in-class Gravity Flush system, the 310 Series Standard toilet is known for providing reliable performance with its powerful swirl jet cleaning action.

There is also an ergonomic foot pedal that is easy to use: partially press to add water or fully press for a complete flush. For those who are mindful about conseving water, this toilet minimizes water loss by allowing only one pint per flush at a time. People who have this toilet say it is a great toilet and that they like the look especially the height of it, the slow-close lid and sturdy wooden seat which they consider an upgrade from their old RV toilet. Others thought the ceramic bowl was a nice touch as well. Plus, unlike older toilets, the Dometic 310 Series Standard toilet is quiet when flushing and offers more coverage and has good water pressure.

Also, most people had no problem with installation and found that it was a relatively short process. A few were not happy with the toilet packaging and said that their toilet arrived damaged, but those seem to be isolated incidents. In the end, the Dometic 310 Series received more praise for its design and performance.

5. Dometic 310 Series 2

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet, White
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Considered a classic from this manufacturer, the Dometic 310 Series Low Profile toilet in white offers RV owners an affordable, nice looking option with great features that come in handy when traveling on the road. Not only is this model reasonably priced, it offers effective PowerFlush technology, a full-sized ceramic bowl and has the look and feel of a toilet that you would actually use back at home. Ideal for mobile living, the Dometic 310 Series Low Profile toilet has a modern rimless design which prevents water leaking down into the floor, and there is a hygienic foot pedal eliminating the use of your hands which is a plus.

Those who are especially mindful of conserving water will like this toilet because it has an adjustable water level. Also, there is no need to concern yourself with any unpleasant odors as they are kept in the waste holding tank thanks to the watertight flush ball system. Other popular advantages are the full size seat and height, both of which offer added comfort.

Happy RV owners who have the Dometic 310 say that is is a great investment for a number of reasons. Specifically, they like the look of the porcelain bowl and notice that the toilet flushes cleaner compared to other models. Others say that it flushes with power and that they felt like it it high-quality and has solid construction and that the bowl is also really easy to clean.

6. Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet-Designed for Camping, RV, Boating and Other Recreational Activities - 5.3 Gallon
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When it comes to portable toilets to use during your RV road trip adventure, you want to make sure that it is well-constructed and reliable. The Camco 41541 5.3 Gallon Portable Toilet may be just what you need. With a design featuring sturdy construction and a bellow-type flush, it features side latches which you is used to secure the toilet to the tank. There is no need to worry about leakage with the sealing slide valve locks that provide extra protection.

Other features include a detachable 5.3 gallon holding tank and a 2.5 gallon flushtank. As for size, the 41541 portable toile measures 15.5” H x 14” W x 16” with the total seat width spanning 13 inches. People who have used this seem quite satisfied with one person saying that it is the toilet is the best thing that they could have brought to the camping trip because it flushed well and there was no odor at all. Others noted the quality and craftsmanship pointing out the toilet’s comfort, ease of use and strong construction.

As for the height, people felt it is at a reasonable level and had no issue with it. A few people noted that they noticed leaks but that doesn’t seem to be the norm from others. So if you’re going camping and taking this long some people recommended not to use it for solid waste. For the most part, people seem to really like the Camco 41541 because it flushes well and it is easy to clean. 

7. Thetford 92814 Porta Potti 345 –Best Portable RV Toilet

Thetford 92814 Porta Potti 345
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One of the most essential items to bring along when going on an RV adventure is a trusty toilet. The Thetford Corp 92814 Porta Potti 345 in white has proven to be an industry leader for its performance, not to mention its modern design. As for functionality, the Porta Potti 345 features a rotating pour spot, a standard lid latch and the carrying handles are more ergonomic in design.

A durable, mid-sized toilet, the Porta Potti is easy to use as well as easy to clean. Odors stay in the holding tank thanks to a sealed valve, and there is a convenient level indicator that tells you when it is tim to empty. Other features include a rotating pour out spout and a piston pump flush.

People have used it on multi-destination camping trips and said that there was never an issue with leaking or smells, and that it was easy to clean with baking soda. Others appreciated its compact size and that it doesn’t take a lot of room in the vehicle, while some complemented its fit and finish. When comparing to older portable toilets, others noted that Porta Potti 345 is more stylish and offers better sealing and a larger seat among other noticeable differences.

The Thetford Porta Potti 345 (moderl 92814) is a convenient and perfect addition to an RV, camper and other larger vehicles when you’re about to go and enjoy the great outdoors for a few days.

8. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet – Best Composting Toilet for RVs

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design
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Sturdy and featuring all stainless steel hardware, the Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet stands out for its waterless solution. Lightweight, odorless and compact, this dry toilet is ideal for use in an RV as well as boats and cabins and more. Featuring solid construction, the Nature’s Head Self Contained Toilet is environmentally friendly and practical. Features include an elongated, full size seat, and a vent hose and fan.

When it comes time for emptying, the unit easily disassembles in no time. Given its durable design, the Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet has earned a reputation for being able to withstand the harshest of conditions. People who have used this product say there is no smell and they appreciate that it is easy to install. On the downside, some noted that they felt the toilet was too heavy for one person to carry and the fan isn’t powerful enough. However, the general consensus is that toilet offers comfort, great functionality and cleanliness as well as a nice appearance.

For RV owners who are not used to waterless systems, this self-contained composting toilet may take a little adjustment in getting used to.

RV Toilets Buyers Guide

RV Toilet Buyers Guide

There are many factors to consider when purchasing an RV toilet. With so many types available it can be a daunting and confusing task. The one thing that’s certain is that an RV toilet is essential for a comfortable life on the road. Are you an occasional tripper or full-time traveler? A  full family or solo adventurer? We’ll take the time here to show you what factors you should consider when making your purchase, what the major five options are, and the differences between them. 

6 Most Popular Types of RV Toilets

Gravity Flush

A gravity flush toilet is the most common type of toilet used in recreational vehicles. As the name implies, they use gravity to drop the contents of the bowl directly into a holding tank. The major advantage of this method is its reliability. Having been used and fine-tuned for decades, coupled with the noticeable lack of moving parts, you can be confident that it will work without problems for many years. The notable drawback is that it has to be placed directly over the waste tank. 

Macerating Flush

This method uses blades powered by motors that macerate the waste product into a consistent slurry. The advantage of this method is that it reduces “mounding” and makes the discharge process simpler and more thorough. It also allows the toilet and waste holding tank to be separate from each other. This can be a good option for people who are concerned about odors. 

Vacuum Flush

This method is similar to the macerating flush method but includes a powerful vacuum. The method allows the toilet to be placed almost anywhere in the RV and is a good choice for people who want a specific floor plan or layout and are concerned about odors. 

Cassette Toilet

A cassette toilet is a simple design and is often found in smaller recreational vehicles such as camper-vans and caravans. This style of toilet is compact and takes little space. A small bowl is permanently installed and sits over a small tank that looks like an audio cassette. When the tank is full, the user removes the cassette manually and dumps the waste product into a standard toilet or at a waste disposal station.

Portable Toilet

A portable toilet is similar to a cassette toilet with the major exception being that the entire unit is portable and not fixed in place. When the tank is full you simply remove the lower tank and dump into a standard toilet or at a waste disposal station.

Composting Toilet

Composting toilets have been gaining some interest in recent years, as modern self-contained units suitable for RVers have come onto the market. A composting toilet requires no plumbing or flushing, and essentially uses the natural process of decomposition to turn human waste into compost. An additional pulpy medium such as sawdust is used to cover the waste and help the process. And urine is collected and disposed of separate from solid waste.  They’re environmentally friendly and may be appealing to many RVers. 

Which type is right for you?

There are many factors that can influence your decision but the most common one is space. Modern cassette toilets offer 360-degree rotation to give limitless positioning options and a small footprint. If you don’t want to rely on gravity, you do have options for small and compact pedal flush toilets that can be purchased with vacuum and macerating options. Of course, if you want to fully maximize space a portable toilet can’t be beaten.

If space is not your primary concern and you want a second toilet, then a vacuum or macerating toilet is your best option. These units don’t need to be placed directly over the waste tank and can be as far as fifty feet away. These options provide the most flexibility as far as your floor-plan is concerned. 

If you are traveling for long periods of time and planning on spending extended stretches on the road you may have different considerations and make the necessary provisions. If you have a cassette or portable toilet it’s a good idea to have extra waste tanks. Likewise, if you’re traveling to remote places a cassette or portable toilet has the added advantage of not relying on electrical power and using less water. 

Portable toilets and a few cassette toilets have their own water reservoir. Foot pedal toilets and gravity flush toilets can be operated with no electricity usage at all. You can also buy low power versions of vacuum and macerating toilets which use a foot pedal and very small motor. These units can use as little as 6 Amps of power. 

Foot pedal toilets use the least amount of water and gravity flush toilets use a very minimal amount of water. Low power gravity flush toilets are available if you prefer the electronic flush designs.

If the odor is a big concern there are a number of steps you can take to avoid unwanted smells. In most instances, the source of the offensive odors is the waste holding tank. Toilets that rely on gravity open directly above the waste holding tank and may allow the odor to spread into the rest of the vehicle. A macerator or vacuum toilet solves this problem. It’s important to make sure the drain lines are properly installed to avoid waste building up in the lines and remaining in the sanitation hose.

With gravity flush toilets the small amount of water that remains in the bowl acts as a seal between the waste disposal tank and the rest of the unit. It’s a good idea to clean a unit like this regularly to avoid mineral and waste buildup which can cause problems. Since the waste tank is located inside the vehicle it’s important to make sure the tank is properly maintained and ventilated to minimize odors.  

As you can see, there are many factors to consider and choices available. What’s right for one person, or one vehicle might not be ideal for another. It really comes down to how you plan on using your recreational vehicle and what your personal concerns are. Perhaps you are planning extended road trips or living in your vehicle for long periods of time, maybe you only need the vehicle for short trips and will rarely use the toilet. We suggest thinking honestly about the many ways you’ll be using your recreational vehicle, doing your online research, and talking to a reputable dealer.

We hope this guide will point you in the right direction and make the process simple. 

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