Best RV Washer Dryer Combo – 2020 Reviews & Guide

Doing laundry and staying in an RV do not mix… or do they?

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that chores like laundry are much easier when you’re living in bricks and sticks.

That’s why I created this rundown of the Best RV Washer Dryer units this year. After researching online and spending hours in testing, I have shortlisted these top 5 washer dryers you can buy right now.

Our Picks: Best RV Washer Dryer

Factors to Consider Before Shopping for a Washer Dryer Unit

For starters, here are some things you will need to know before shopping for a washer dryer for your recreational vehicle.

  • How big is your recreational vehicle and where do you plan to situate the unit? – This is above all important to consider before you commence the shopping process because of space considerations and how much room is available to occupy the washer dryer unit. If you have a fairly small recreational vehicle, you will need to shop for a washer dryer unit that is compact enough to accommodate your space limitations.
  • Does your recreational vehicle have any pipes, built-in air vents, or other determinants that will affect the type of washer dryer you should purchase and where you can place it?
  • Does your laundry tend to be comprised of heavy loads? – Frequency of use and more specifically the expected amount of laundry completed per load will help to determine the type of unit that you should purchase. If you tend to wash a lot of heavily soiled clothing, it is better to shop for units that allow for more clothes to be washed per cycle and a high RPM, also known as revolutions or rounds per minute. An RPM signifies the speed of something by indicating how many rounds per minute it has the ability to go around in a circle.
  • When shopping for a washer dryer unit, we recommend that consumers look for units that consist of additional features that will benefit its users and supply extra convenience. For example, washer dryers that consist of self regulating options and fast drying capabilities will reduce your overall time spent doing laundry. In addition, we suggest that consumers’ factor in maintenance and the costs associated with it when shopping for a unit. For example, some units may require you to change a filter on a regular basis. Maintenance is vital since consistent and proper care of your unit will enable it to operate effectively for a long period of time without major complications.

Key Things to Look for and Know about RV Washer Dryers

RV Laundry Setup

Here are a few of the main qualities that a first-rate recreational vehicle washer dryer should have.

  1. Efficiency and Effectiveness– Energy efficiency is one of the key attributes that a good RV washer dryer unit should have since the conservation of energy and water subsequently helps to protect the environment. Moreover, if your RV is situated in an area where electricity is metered, it can end up costing you a lot of money to run a washer dryer that is not efficient. In terms of effectiveness, naturally you will want to ensure that the washer dryer unit performs the basic functions of washing and drying your clothes properly as well as any additional functions that you might need and that are stated by the manufacturer. The useful life of the unit that you purchase is also very important since washer dryers themselves are not inexpensive. Adding to that, an ineffective or faulty unit can end up costing you a lot of money in service and repairs. Be sure to read customer reviews and ratings in addition to the specifications and functionality listed by the manufacturer. Collectively, all of these details will give you a good idea of whether or not the unit is actually effective.  
  2. Safety- It is important to shop for washer dryer units that have some level of safety reassurance in order to reduce the chances of fire and/or explosion. For example, a poorly constructed unit with bad wiring can eventually explode, thus causing all sorts of domino effect problems.
  3. Durability – This is a key attribute that any quality washer dryer should have since it affects the end result of your laundry. Durability goes hand in hand with how heavily soiled your laundry loads tend to be. If your loads tend to be pretty heavy then it is especially important that your unit is durable enough to withstand the heavy weight. Washing your clothes in a unit that is not durable enough for your loads will increase the likelihood of spin jams and the likelihood that the clothes are not well cleaned.      
  4. Low Noise Level- Washer dryers that produce a lot of noise while operating are not favorable since they can be disruptive to the people occupying the RV, especially at night or times when the noise can be deemed disruptive. It is best to search for a washer dryer unit that consists of technology which enables it to function as silently as possible in order to avoid sleep disruption and to minimize the possibility of disturbing your neighbors.

Types of Recreational Vehicle Washer Dryer Units

As we mentioned in our introduction, there are a few types of washer dryer units to know about and choose from, therefore having some basic knowledge of each will be helpful when shopping for the best unit for your recreational vehicle. Let us explore each type and the sub-variations.

  • Portable RV Washer and Dryer Units – The main advantage of most portable units is that many of them do not require electricity in order to operate. This makes them more versatile in terms of travel and where they can be utilized. Most of these units can be connected to a faucet and can perform a load of laundry in approximately15 to 20 minutes. They are compact, water efficient, and ideal for emergency or occasional use. The biggest downside of portable washer dryer units is that they do not have the capacity to wash heavily soiled clothing or large loads of laundry.
  • Compact RV Stackable Washer and Dryer Unit – Stackable units are the largest of the three unit types and they may not be suitable for those with smaller recreational vehicles or those who do not have a lot of space to occupy them. Because the washer and dryer are separate, you will have the ability to wash and dry your clothes at the same time. Another main advantage of a stackable washer dryer unit is that the overall wash and dry time is fairly quick. Additionally, a stackable unit has almost the same capacity as that of a home washer and dryer, therefore it is a good choice for those who tend to wash heavily soiled clothing or frequently complete large loads of laundry. The downsides of these units are that they burn a lot of electricity and they tend to expend a lot of water. Adding to that, you will need a water connection and access to a sewer in order to use this type of unit. As a result, it is not a preferred unit choice if you rarely have access to both.
  • RV Washer and Dryer Combination – These units do not take up a lot of room so they are a good choice for those who do not have a lot of space and those with fairly small recreational vehicles. Washer dryer combination units utilize less energy resources than stackable units, but they use a lot of water per load of laundry. They make use of just one drum for both washing and drying functions and most units switch between the two operations automatically. Washer dryers that consist of drums include a rotating drum, a motor that drives the rotating drum, and a water supply. One major disadvantage of these units is that they can take a long period of time to complete one load of laundry, thus making them unappealing to those with time constraints.

Adding to this, there are both vented and non vented variations across the three types of washer dryers that we have discussed above. A majority of the washer dryer combination units on the market are not vented and are created with drying systems that function differently from normal stand-alone, vented dryers. As opposed to emitting moist hot air outside in the way that a traditional dryer would, a non vented unit works through the process of condensation and this allows the hot dryer air to evaporate some of the moisture from the clothes that are tumbling. The air is then flushed out through sink or plumbing lines. In regards to washer dryer units for recreational vehicles, non vented units are not favorable for the most part because the drying time is longer than that of vented dryers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to “winterize” your unit?

It is highly recommended in order to reduce the chances of damage to your washer dryer in the long run. This is especially important if you frequently operate or inhabit your recreational vehicle in cold climates. Be sure to check the manufacturers’ manual or contact the manufacturer directly before beginning the process of winterizing since each unit is different and may require its own unique method and/or amount of fluid. Moreover, some manufacturers advise their customers not to utilize antifreeze in their washer dryers.

What else do I need to know about “winterizing” my recreational vehicle washer dryer?

For one, it is best to leave the unit completely empty from water and separate from the rest of the water system in order to enable use of anti freeze in the remainder of the system if it is needed. Additionally, there are two methods of winterizing for a fresh water plumbing system. The dry method is completed without the use of anti freeze and the wet method is completed with it. The method that you should use is often dependent upon how cold the winter is expected to be. The wet method is usually recommended when numerous days of below freezing temperatures are expected and the dry method is most often recommended when temperatures are expected to consistently remain above freezing levels. Keep in mind that regardless of the method you decide to go with, the likelihood of freezing problems is drastically reduced once the washer dryer unit is entirely isolated by a closed valve and no moisture is in the unit.     

Best RV Washer Dryers and Reviews

Here is our list and reviews of the top recreational vehicle washer dryers currently on the market. As a whole, this list consists of washer dryer units that we recommend based on our discussed criteria of safety, durability, efficiency, and minimal noise levels.

1. DELLA Small Compact Portable Washing Machine Washer 

This washing machine from DELLA has an eleven-pound capacity, making it a perfect fit for most travelers. Compact and easy to use, it’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants to do small loads of laundry while on the go. Though it might not have the fancy features you may be used to from doing laundry at home, this unit nonetheless thrives in mobile environments where both space and water usage are at a premium. This little washer manages to do quite a bit with not much space. From the outside, you might not be able to tell that it has an eleven-pound capacity, but the interior is big enough to handle reasonably-sized loads of typical travel clothing. The unit is easy to use, allowing you to simply fill it up with water and to let it start working on its own – no complex operation procedures necessary here. Capable of both spin washing and spin drying at the same time, it also helps to get your clothing clean quickly. In short, this washer from DELLA manages to hit all the high notes without having any glaring issues. Though it’s not completely automatic, it’s still one of the easiest machines to use on the market and it typically handles much more than one might expect. This is the definition of a solid, reliable RV washing machine that won’t let you down while you are on the road. 

2. XTREMEPOWERUS Portable Compact Washer and Spin Dry Cycle 

Portable Compact Washer and Spin Dry Cycle with Built in Pump (33L Washer & 16L Spin Dryer)
  • Washer Capacity: 8.8Lbs, 1.25 cubic feet
  • Spin Dry Capacity: 5.5Lbs, 0.25 cubic feet
  • Washer Power: 300W

This RV washer and spin-dryer is a great example of how you can get a lot from a relatively small machine. With a higher capacity than most might expect and a great deal of power behind the machine itself, it’s ideal for those who need to do small loads of laundry and need things dried faster than the typical spin-dryer will be able to accommodate. Though it is far from the biggest machine out there, it makes up for its lack of size with a fantastic amount of utility. The unit itself holds just under nine pounds of laundry, helping users to comfortably wash everything from daily-wear clothing to small sheet sets. Where the unit really shines, though, is with the spin-dry function. Though spin-drying has become fairly commonplace, the function in this unit really is extraordinary. If you have an appropriate amount of laundry in the unit during the cycle, the machine manages to wring out almost all the water. This means less hanging out your clothing and a much quicker laundry cycle for the average user. In terms of power consumption, this is also a fantastic washer. It won’t take up too much power and it’s quiet enough that you probably won’t notice it working all the time. It’s short on convenience features, though it is relatively easy to use all the same. This is a fine example of a no-frills RV washing machine that will allow you to do your laundry and get back on the road relatively quickly. 

3. Do mini Portable Compact Twin Tub 

The first thing you’ll notice from this RV washer is the capacity. The Do Mini unit definitely doesn’t live up to its name, allowing users to wash around eight pounds of laundry in a single run while drying another four pounds at the same time. This helps to speed up the process of doing laundry immensely, allowing many users the luxury of finishing up laundry fast enough to avoid having any real impact on their travel plans. The capacity of the machine is definitely something worth writing home about, with the dual-featured running mode really making the unit stand out. The capacity of this unit isn’t everything, though. While most users are going to get a great deal out of the dual-mode washing and drying, what’s impressive is that the unit actually manages to do both very well at the same time. The washing mode takes very little input from the user, while the drying mode gets clothes remarkably dry without the use of heat. You’ll still need to hang out many of your heavy articles of clothing after the spin-dry, but you’ll be amazed by how dry most things get after a quick spin. Despite the capacity, this unit is also very compact. It’s a great fit in even a small RV, and it can be stowed away without taking up much of your valuable storage space. If you’re looking for something that will get big jobs done while not overwhelming your space, this might be the washer for you. 

4. Westland Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer 

Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer
  • Max Spin: 1200 RPM; Cycle: 10 wash/3 dry
  • Max Wash Capacity: 15 lbs.; Max Dry Capacity: 11 lbs.
  • Super-silent technology

If you’re looking for an RV washer/dryer combination that feels a little closer to what you’d use at home, this might be the perfect fit for your RV. From the aesthetics alone you can tell that this is one washer that’s user-friendly, using a set-up that’s very similar to bigger, less-portable units. Though it functions in the same basic manner as virtually every other RV washer out there, it’s set up to minimize frustrations while maximizing utility. In fact, what you’re getting here feels much more like a home unit simply because of the little touches. All of the controls are virtually identical to what you’d use at home, so you can choose things like cycle length and water temperature with just a few knob twists. At the same time, you’ll be able to add laundry additives automatically, no messy secondary steps necessary. You’ll even be treated to a relatively quiet operational cycle, thanks to carefully balanced drums that keep the unit operating at the level of a whisper. Though the unit does use spin-drying, it does so particularly well. The dryer spins quickly, helping to wring out water even from heavy cottons. It’s not going to dry quite as well as an electrically-heated dryer, but you’ll find the next best thing in the spin cycle. If you’re looking for a unit that’s going to be as easy to use as what you have at home, this RV washer-dryer is the product with which you should start. 

5. Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine, Blue+ White
  • 【Easy to Operate】: This is our portable mini compact twin tub washing machine which is easy for you to operate. Saving so much time that you don't have to go to a laundry mat or wash things by hand in the tub.
  • 【17.6LBS Large Capacity】: Washing tube: place clothing in the wash tub section, rated washing capacity: 11 lbs. Run the rinse cycle for the desired minutes, Rated spinner dryer capacity: 6.6 lbs (half of the washing capacity, you may spin twice).
  • 【Semi-Automatic Relieve You from Hand Washing】: This washing machine washer timer for 15 min and the spin timer to 5 minutes per load, you could choice the suitable time when washing. Much more freedom and options as opposed to standard washing machines that have preprogrammed settings.

Sometimes, you need a bigger washing machine to handle bigger jobs. This is certainly a huge machine, as the name would suggest, and it can handle more laundry than most. With an eleven pound capacity just in the washer half, it can actually deal with about seventeen and a half pounds of laundry at one time. This makes the unit perfect for larger families who are on the road or even for solo travelers who don’t want to do laundry too frequently. Another major selling point for this washer combination is its variety of settings. You’re not stuck with the usual pre-programmed times here, so you can customize exactly how long you want to wash and dry your laundry. This is a great feature for those who don’t fill the entire machine every time they wash laundry, as well as for those who know that very specific items of clothing might need more or less washing time. Despite being a larger washing unit, this machine is actually relatively easy to move around. There’s very little wasted space in the design, so you should be able to easily store it away. Moving it around your RV is easy as well, as the washer is very light. Despite the lightweight, though, it’s powerful – it does laundry very well, and the spin cycle is very efficient at getting rid of water. Though there are certainly more powerful machines out there, the combination of ease-of-use and capacity makes this one of the best choices for larger jobs.

Our Roundup Winner and Concluding Thoughts

Our number one choice of best RV washer dryer unit is the DELLA Small Compact Portable. Out of the other models on our list, this model best fits what we consider an ideal washer dryer unit. With low noise level during operation, high efficiency, and  durability, this washer dryer surpasses the others in comparison. 

Ultimately, the washer dryer that you decide on will depend on preference of washer dryer type, space, convenience, and whether or not cost is a factor for you.

Now that we have covered the basics and the compelexities in terms of washer dryer categories for your recreational vehicle, you have the essential information needed to make an informed choice and purchase. Shopping for an RV laundry machine no longer has to be an off-putting process now that you are aware of the key attributes that every quality unit should have and the important things there are to know about recreational vehicle washer dryers. Adding to that, it is important to remember that an efficient and well-designed unit does not have to be super expensive, but a good quality, expensive unit can be considered a long term investment.

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