Best Tow Dolly for RV Use – 2024 Top Picks

Although a typical RV has plenty of space, some people still want to get things like a tow dolly or other extensions to more capability to your RV. If you are looking for the best tow dolly for RV to use for towing vehicles or other things, we have prepared the best options for you to consider; all are capable of hauling a considerable amount of weight.

Our Picks: Best Tow Dolly for RV use

Tow Dolly



Tow Max Heavy Duty Car Tow Dolly


Premier Car Tow Dolly


Demco 9713047 Tow-It II Dolly Setup with Brakes



Can tow dollies haul things other than vehicles?

RVs aren’t typically capable of towing vehicles without a tow dolly, which is what prompts many people to purchase one. However, many people also want to use their tow dolly for hauling other things for moving. Since tow dollies typically come with plenty of straps and harnesses, they can be used for hauling other large objects if you carefully position them and properly balance the weight.

How much weight capacity do you need in a tow dolly?

To state the obvious, vehicles are heavy. If you are purchasing a tow dolly, you should get one which is capable of towing your vehicle. A typical high-quality tow dolly for RV will have a weight limit which peaks at 4,900 pounds. However, if you are trying to tow a large truck, make sure that the vehicle’s weight is less than this since it will typically weight right around the weight capacity of each of the below tow dollies.

Is it easy to put a vehicle on a tow dolly?

It really isn’t that difficult to load a vehicle onto a tow dolly if you know what you are doing. There are many different resources and videos on the internet that will help you if you are not confident in your towing capabilities. In any case, it should take you one or two loadings before you start to catch on to how easy it is to use a tow dolly.

Can you use all of these tow dollies in every mainland state?

As you may already know, some states have stricter laws for tow dollies than other states, including stipulations for weight capacities, brakes, and tail lights. Make sure to check your local laws before deciding to purchase a tow dolly without lights or brakes. The worst thing you could do is spend money on a product just to realize days later that you can’t even use it on your local roads.

1. Tow Max Heavy Duty Car Tow Dolly

If you are looking for a tow dolly which is affordable and capable of towing up to 4,900 pounds, this is a great option to consider. With heavy-duty tires, sturdy framing, and a lightweight design which is easier to move than other models in this category, this design is one of the best tow dollies for RVs in this category.


  • Weight capacity ranging from 3,000-4,900 pounds.
  • Two Equipped 14” heavy duty tires
  • 2” coupler
  • Lightweight in comparison


Not available in all US states


Although this model is capable of towing all sorts of vehicles, it is not able to be used in all of the 48 mainland states in the US simply because it does not come with tail lights. If you are fortunate to live in a state which doesn’t require this, you can save a little bit of money with this affordable design which is capable of nearly everything that the other dollies on this list are.


2. Premier Car Tow Dolly

If you need to purchase a tow dolly with tail lights you will have to make an extra investment in a model like this one. This model comes with a sturdy chrome frame and 14” heavy-duty wheels which are prime for towing vehicles around.


  • Chrome platting
  • LED tail lights
  • Reasonably affordable compared to other options
  • Available for local pickup in South Carolina


Not available for all states in the US


This trailer comes with chrome plating and LED tail lights. Despite the fact that this tow dolly comes with tail lights, it is still not available for shipment to all states. Make sure to check your local laws to ensure that this tow dolly can legally be used.


3. Demco 9713047 Tow-It II Dolly Setup with Brakes

Not all tow dollies can be legally used or shipped to every mainland state in the US. If you are one of the unlucky people who needs to purchase a tow dolly and cannot suffice with the other options presented here, this is easily the best tow dolly for RV option on this list due to its features and ability to be both used in, and shipped to all mainland states.


  • Equipped tail lights
  • Available for the 48 US mainland states
  • Includes brakes


  • Not as affordable as the other options presented here
  • Heavy design weighing 780 pounds


This is the most sturdy and heavy duty tow dolly on this list and can be safely used all across the US without worrying about getting a ticket for individual state laws or limits. If you are willing to invest the extra money, this option will regardless prove to be best tow dolly for RV option on this list.



Not all tow dollies are the same. However, not all tow dollies can be either legally used or shipped across the mainland states, so be sure to check your local laws before deciding to purchase any of the options listed above. If money isn’t an issue, and you simply want to purchase the best tow dolly for RV, the Demco 9713047 is the best option out of those presented here simply because it can be shipped and used in all 48 mainland states.