10+ Coolest Bicycle Campers – You Won’t Believe These Micro Camping Trailers

Bicycle Camper Trailer

Just because you travel via pedal power doesn’t mean you can’t bring a camper along. We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest bicycle campers you have ever seen. All of these micro trailers are available right now, either to buy or to build using the DIY plans provided below.

Many other bike campers exist in prototype, but we only wanted to include models you actually have a chance to get your hands on.

So whether you’re a minimalist, an environmentalist, or a fitness adventurist, one of the campers below could the perfect match for your next bicycle adventure experience.

Coolest Bicycle Camper Trailers

Ready to take to the open road? Take everything with you, including a bed with any of these seven creative micro-campers, specifically made to tow behind your bicycle. You can purchase them, rent them, or even make your own.

1. B Turtle – Microcaravan for eBikes

B Turtle Bicycle Camper


This compact bike tent trailer, which transforms into an inflatable camping tent structure, was created in Vienna by the company Gentle Tent. The trailer itself carries not only the packed tent but has plenty of room for your backpack or other luggage as well.

The B TURTLE is one of the lightest micro campers to tow, coming in at only 29kg. (or approximately 64 pounds). Made out of aluminum, the trailer easily connects to your bicycle by way of a Weber coupling.

Once set up, the tent fits a couple, or two adults comfortably while elevating sleepers off the ground. Extending out from the tent is an awning that provides additional space for you or your pet. As an extra measure, it comes with an outer cover, providing additional weatherproofing.

This lightweight bicycle tent trailer is perfect for your next two wheel peddle adventure holiday. 

2. Wooden Widget Foldavan

Foldavan Bike Camper


If you prefer to drive to a destination then set out on your bicycle adventure, consider adding the Wooden Widget Foldavan to your list. This micro-camper folds up so you can carry it on your car roof and store it easily anywhere in your home or garage.

When you’re ready to get going, the Foldavan spans only 60 cm wide, or less than 24 inches. With a low center of gravity and the ability to unzip each side, you can easily navigate rough terrain and windy weather.

After cycling all day, your camp set-up takes only five minutes or less.

If you need your micro-camper to be a bit bigger, Wooden Widget offers a set of plans so you can build one yourself. And with each set of plans purchased, Wooden Widget plants five trees to benefit the environment.

3. Nomad Bicycle Camper – $150 DIY Camper Build

A little ingenuity can go a long way. Just ask Paul Elkins. Elkins first got into micro-camping back in 2002 and has been innovating micro-campers ever since. His latest is made from corrugated plastic, recycling old campaign signs to create the body of the camper. Each section is held together with zip ties.

Designed to resemble an Airstream in the front, the interior is covered in bubble insulation. It contains a sleeping mattress and a camp kitchen with a butane stove, a sink made from a bread pan, and food storage options.

Pop-open windows, lower vent holes, and a skylight ventilate the camper.

Elkins now has two options available, the Nomad bicycle camper and the Bug-out bicycle camper. Both sets of plans are available for download on his website.

4. Wide Path Camper

Bicycle Camper Trailer


This mini-camper, made in Denmark and now with a US version, is akin to a tiny house on two wheels. Spacious yet collapsible, you give up little comfort when you go this route.

The camper’s hardshell exterior makes for durability and shape. Inside, you will find enough room to sleep two people. When not sleeping, the interior becomes a dining space for up to four people, with plenty of storage space as well.

There are unique add-on packages available as well, including a dynamic solar package.

Towing-wise, this micro-camper comes in at 1.5 m (or just under 5 feet) long. Its unique design allows for the back end to fold over the front for easy towing.

5. QTvan

QTVan Micro Camper


In 2015, this micro bike camper trailer made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Smallest Caravan. Towed by a bicycle or mobility scooter, its design takes after the cars and caravans of the 1940s.

With a single bed, 19″ television, and a bar area, you can also tailor it to your liking with a gaming console, solar roof panels, and a satellite dish.

British designer Yannick Reed aimed to create a small, lightweight camper that was also fun. It does have limitations, however, in that it is best suited for shorter, local trips. If you choose to take it on longer trips, just make sure to tack on extra travel time.

6. Bicycle Caravan

Bicycle Caravan


The Netherlands are famous for their bicycle enthusiasts, so it’s no wonder one of them came up with this unique micro-camper.

Keeping with sustainable and resilient materials, these campers are framed in wood and designed for natural airflow for ventilation.

The interior space allows you to sit upright and also contains a mattress complete with an anti-allergenic cover. The outdoor kitchenette provides everything you need including a mobile cooler.

For those traveling to the Netherlands, you have the option to rent one of these, or you can purchase one of your own.

7. Eluk Bike Camper


8. Solar Powered E-Bike Camper

In 2022, YouTuber Drew Builds Stuff built a camper he can tow with his bike. Then he modified it to make it electric with a huge range of over 100KM!

He makes a DIY lithium-ion EBike battery (51AH 48V battery for a 48V 1000W Ebike Conversion kit using BAK 6.1A 18650 battery cells), repaired some flaws in the first design, add solar power and solar charging for more range, and convert the bike to an ebike with an easy conversion kit.

Watch the video above for all the details.

9. Martha The Bicycle Caravan

Martha the Bicycle Caravan weighs just 52 kg.

On good flat roads, you won’t even notice you’re towing anything.

Anywhere a bike is allowed, this camper is allowed too. 

It’s not only light but also slim (90cm) and fits through all standard circulation barriers (jogging gates) and most other obstacles.

10. My Way Camper

Custom Built Bicycle Camper Trailer

Cool Bike Camper by @ekki_mobil

DIY Bicycle Camper by fietscaravan_jafeth

Teardrop Bicycle RV by @carllussier

Final Thoughts

Now that you have an understanding of what kind of bicycle camping trailers are available, we hope you’re inspired to get on the saddle and start your adventure.

Keep in mind that towing one of these through winds a rains can turn into a very physical task for even the fittest among us. So make sure you pack, plan and prepare accordingly. At east you won’t have to worry about fuel costs, and mechanic and breakdown costs. This is all you baby! 🙂

Other Questions Related to Bike Camper Trailers

How much does a bicycle camper cost?

A bicycle camper costs from $150 for the Nomad Camper, up to $4,500 for a B Turtle or Wide Path Camper. A bicycle camper is more expensive than a bicycle trailer, and they can weigh around the same when fully loaded.

How much does a bike camper weigh?

A bike camper like the Nomad Camper or B Turtle will weigh around 60lbs not including your camping gear. Some DIY constructions that use a lot of wood may weigh quite a bit more. Choosing a lighter bike camper will allow you to peddle more easily and carry more camping gear on your trip.

How much weight can you pull with a bicycle?

Someone in reasonable physical condition can generally pull a 300 lb load at 10 mph (16 km/hr) on level ground if there’s no wind. A person exerting the same effort could pull a load of 600 lb. (275 kg) at a speed of about 8 mph (11-13 km/hr), and a 1000 lb load at about 6 mph.

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