16+ Box Truck Conversions to Inspire Your Camper Build

I used to think box truck conversions would be too unwieldy to drive, therefore I always discounted them.

But considering the space inside, and the typically square shape of the trucks, they are a great option and give you a lot of flexibility to turn them into beautiful RV homes.

And with some of the example campers below, I’ve definitely put box trucks on my list of vehicles I’d love to one day convert myself.

If you’re still unsure whether a Box Truck is the right van for you, check out our guide to help you find the best van to convert into a camper.

Here are 10 Awesome Box Truck Conversions to Give You Ideas and Inspiration​

Off the Main Road

Charlotte & Ken chose a box truck for their conversion, drawn by its spacious, square layout. This allowed them to create an interior that feels more like a luxurious apartment on wheels.

With the rear doors open, they enjoy breathtaking, panoramic views, making nature an extension of their living space.

Additionally, the ample storage, including a 100-liter gas tank requiring quarterly refills, is a significant advantage.

Nicole & Jonathan’s DIY House Truck

Nicole and Jonathan, a Netherlands-based couple, embarked on their third van conversion project, turning a 2012 DAF LF55 truck into a unique house on wheels.

With the help of Jonathan’s architect brother-in-law, they crafted a spacious, open-plan living space boasting a modern kitchen, a comfortable bedroom, and innovative features like a wall-mounted washing machine and under-floor storage.

They prioritized sustainability and practicality, investing in appliances like a solar-powered dishwasher and a water-efficient Nebia shower. Their keen attention to detail and previous van conversion experiences resulted in a beautifully designed tiny home that embraces both functionality and aesthetics.

Fully Custom Off-Road Box Truck Camper

U-Haul Truck to Beautiful Tiny House on Wheels

Box Truck Conversion 1

This couple converted a 2006 E350, ex-U-Haul truck into a beautiful home on wheel. They spent $5,000 on the truck, $4000 on the conversion, taking the total cost of this home on the road to $9,000.

The inside has a dinette as you enter, the kitchen and bathroom towards the back, and the bed above the cab. The window and door at the back of the truck really give this a homely look.

They are currently traveling in this box truck tiny house camper, with a goal of seeing as many national parks as they can. You can watch a timelapse video of this entire build take place here.

Probably My Favorite of all the Box Truck Campers I’ve Seen

This Volkswagen LT35 Luton Box Van is one of my all-time favorites which I covered previously, to see a complete tour of the interior, click here.

Moving Truck with Roof Extension

Extended Roof Moving Truck Rv Conversion

This is a fantastic and I have to say brave conversion.

Graphic design teacher Summer Winston completely overhauled this moving truck adding a huge roof extension. The result is a very unique and roomy RV camper. Her story is an inspirational one and an example of what one person can do when they just roll up their sleeves and get to work on a dream.

At time of writing this article, the build is as yet incomplete, so you can follow the build process on Summer’s YouTube channel.

2005 ex-Penske Truck Camper

Truck Conversion 4

Believe it or not, this IS a box truck. Boilermaker Bill Cogar II built it to save money on lodging as he has to travel for work.

You can read more of his story and see more photos of the build here.

12 Ton Truck RV Camper

Semi Truck RV Conversion
Semi Truck RV Conversion Interior

What a beauty this one is…

Towards the age of 50, animator Yossi Tiar is fed up with the hustle and bustle of the city and property.

He bought a new truck and turned it, with his own hands, into a home that meets all his needs (including electricity and water) – and even expands a bit when parked.

Now he dreams of setting up a village on wheels, of people who choose to live differently.

I have an article about this camper coming soon…

Small U-Haul RV Camper

Small U-Haul RV Conversion

After building, enjoying then selling a small camper trailer, avid builder of things Kim moved on to converting this little U-Haul truck into a tidy little camper.

You can rad more about it here.

Rustique Luton Van Conversion

Ristique Luton Van Conversion

UK Based Richard converted this Luton van into a beautiful home.

He did a great job and it actually looks kind of like a normal RV from the outside.

Watch the video below for a full tour…

Ford Transit Luton Box Van Camper

For Transit Luton Box Van Conversion

29 year old Adam converted this Ford Transit Luton van.

He bought the truck for £3500 and spent the next year converting it into a home.

Although he ended up spending quite a bit more on the interior and completing the project.

See the full tour here.

Mitsubishi Box Truck Custom Camper

Mitsubishi Box Truck Conversion

Imogen had this camper converted for her by House-Box, a UK operation that specialize in converting mobile and static ‘off-grid’ spaces into bespoke, warm, and technologically equipped handmade homes.

You can see more of this camper on their website.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck to Home on Wheels

Mitsubishi Fuso Box Truck Conversion

Serial tiny home builder John, 75, built this box camper in 4 weeks.

That’s staggering considering the quality of this build, but as it was the 12th tiny home he has built, he must have developed quite a knack by now.

Him and his wife have been living in tiny homes for the past 35 years.

Watch the video below to get the full tour…

Off Grid Custom Luton Van

This beautiful custom conversion is truly a one of a kind tiny home on wheels.

Over the past year and a half the van has been meticulously designed and custom built by Van Converters The Travelling Makers.

Stealth Box Truck Conversion

Stealth Box Truck Camper

This super-cool box truck conversion has soft sides and you would never expect there was a home inside. But those soft sides can be drawn open to reveal a huge window on the sidewalk side that lets in lots of natural light.

I also love the very large shower and toilet area at the entrance, perfect for cleaning off after a days hiking and adventuring. 

Epic OFF GRID Box Truck Conversion Built for Stealth and Luxury

This super stealthy box truck conversion is completely inconspicuous on the outside. When sleeping in a busy city or on a side street, people passing by wouldn’t notice anything but a regular 1999 Ford 7.

But on the inside, it’s like a mini luxury apartment.

Click here to check out more builds and conversions…

Nomad Brad Box Truck

Horse Box Conversion

Ramblin’ Woman @stormynorma

1979 Bedford CF Box Van

British travel enthusiasts Lucy and Ben transformed a 1979 Bedford CF van into a luxurious stationary 1970s-themed Airbnb cabin, complete with lavish amenities.

Purchased for £450 in North Cornwall, their initial bargain quickly grew into a more costly endeavor, exceeding £16,000 ($20,300) due to the pandemic-induced material price hikes.

The meticulously designed van, stationed in a tranquil three-acre camping meadow, now features a skylight dome, a retro green corduroy seating area, a full-size waterfall shower, and a galley-style kitchen with Moroccan influences.

The vintage-inspired cabin, meant for guests seeking a serene getaway, boasts breathtaking farmland vistas and a communal fire pit.

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