11+ Cargo Trailer Conversion Ideas to Inspire Your Camper Build

If you are thinking about a cargo trailer conversion, this page should give you some ideas.

Converting a cargo trailer into a camper is a great option for a self-build RV, you start off with an empty box that usually has square edges.

So designing your floor plan and installing all your fittings is typically easier than when working with a van, and obviously easier than working with a flat-bed trailer where you still have to build a lot of the structure.

Cost to Build

This can of course vary greatly, depending on the interior fixtures you go with and what size and condition of trailer you start out with.

Some of the examples below cost as little as $2000 from start to completion, so if you’re on a budget, building an RV in an enclosed trailer is a great option.

Common Enclosed Trailer Sizes

You can use almost any trailer size as a base for your build, but the sizes most often used for converting into an RV are:

  • 6×12
  • 7×10
  • 7×12
  • 7×14
  • 7×16

As for height, I recommend a trailer than has 7 foot of headspace inside to prevent having to crouch and feel cramped.
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Here are 11+ Cargo Trailer Campers to Inspire your Camper Build

1. Stealthy Toy Hauler Cargo Trailer Camper

This conversion is built on a 104 sq. ft. cargo trailer and maintains an almost stealth look from the outside.

This particular build is 100% off-grid ready with 1000 watts of solar panels and as it is built on a toy hauler it is also able to fit a motorcycle or even a 4-wheeler inside.

See more here.

2. 6×12 Utility Trailer Conversion

This one was built on a 6×12 cargo trailer which was purchased for $1200, a further $800 went towards converting the interior.

$2000 for a custom stealth trailer isn’t too bad, huh?

You can read more about it here.

3. Enclosed Trailer Camper Conversion That Still Carries Cargo

For those who also need to use their camper to carry cargo when not camping, this is an interesting design worth considering. 

The large bed at the back raises to the roof, and the seating as each side raises up murphy style which leaves a lot of open floor storage space.

4. Another Enclosed Trailer Camper That Can Carry Lots of Cargo

Here’s an alternative design built with the same premise as the last.

The seating folds away to the sides and the bed lowers from the ceiling this time at the near side of the trailer as we look at it.

5. Toy Hauler Adventure Trailer

You can find an extensive photo set of this entire build process here.

If you are planning to convert a cargo trailer to a camper, there’s a lot of details in those photos that could help you out.

6. Cute and Stylish 6×12 Conversion

This is one of the cleanest builds on this page. Attractive looking inside and out and all made very simple and practical.

Take a look at the full video tour on youtube.

7. Luxury Cargo Trailer Camper

This particular closed trailer camper is simple but has a real luxury feel to it, and is probably my favorite from this page.

Check it out on youtube here.

8. Modular Enclosed Trailer Camper

There are many ways you could approach a modular camper build.

Create a bed and cabinets that can be removed to use the trailer as a regular hauler, but can easily be packed up as a camper again for weekend trips.

9. Camper Build Under Construction

This photo really illustrated why building on a cargo trailer is such a good idea.

The open space and clean edges really give you a lot of scope to be creative with your interior.

At this stage of the build they just have the kitchen and toilet completed along the back wall.

You can follow along with the build above on instagram.

10. 7 x 16 x 7 Cargo Trailer Camper Walkthrough

This 7 x 16 cargo trailer was transformed into a very modern and stylish camper over the course of about 18 months.

This is a very cute and homey build, I’m particularly fond of the big shower they’ve installed in the v-nose of the trailer. 

11. 20-foot All-Aluminum Cargo Conversion

This camper started life as a 7 x 20 all-aluminum Legend Explorer series cargo trailer.

It took almost a year to complete but I think you’ll agree that the finished product is an awesome little custom camper.

There are some nice touches inside like the dining area furnishings that can slide into different arrangements and fold out of the way. 

12. Brian Rogers 8 x 16 Cargo Camp Vehicle

Cabinet maker Brian Rogers really shows what a skilled craftsman he is with this exceptional conversion.

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Best Cargo Trailer Conversion Ideas
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