7 Cheap Teardrop Trailers for Cool Budget Campers

If you’re looking for a camper but don’t have much in the way of budget, we can help you find cheap teardrop trailers that will make all your camping trips much more fun and comfortable. 

Among the available RVs on the market, teardrop campers are among the most affordable options. Teardrop trailers may be the perfect alternative for individuals who enjoy the outdoors but also like some of the comforts of home.

These campers are more comfortable than sleeping in a tent, and they are easier to set up than a huge RV. Since they’re so light, they’re easier to move when traveling to remote locations, and most cars with a hitch can pull a teardrop camper. 

How Much Do Cheap Teardrop Trailers Cost?

The average price of the teardrop campers featured in this article is around $6,450. These are the base price, so is the model with the most standard features. 

Oregon Trail’R Do-Drop$6,150
Pee Wee Small-Fry$6,895
Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe$5,995
Runaway Campers CoolCamp$5,550
RetroRide Teardrop Trailer$7,390
Tiny Camper 4×8 Classic Sleeper$6,999
TC Teardrops Original Trailer$6,300

To get a teardrop camper at a better price than these, you’ll probably have to build your own.

Here are 7 of our favorite teardrop trailers for sale today, starting at just $5,550. 

7 Affordable Teardrop Trailers for Budget Campers

Oregon Trail’R Do-Drop


The DoDrop is simple, light, affordable, and has everything you need. It can be outfitted in a variety of ways. This is the perfect camp trailer for those looking for a simple solution to get out camping, but don’t have a large tow vehicle to do it with.

Cost: $6,150.

Pee Wee Small-Fry

Fishermen, hunters, hikers, and tailgating race fans love this little camper. The Small-Fry is only 4′ x 6′ – sleeps one person (but can sleep two in some cases). It can be towed easily by any vehicle.

If you are looking for a small camper to pull with a trike, this might be perfect for you! A trike will tow like a car. There is no swivel hitch needed.

Cost: $6,895

Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe

Hiker Trailer provides camping enthusiasts a way to take off for an impromptu adventure in a high-quality, economically-driven camping trailer that allows enjoying the great outdoors all day and a comfortable and dry place to sleep at night.

This most affordable and lightest-weight model from Hiker Trailer is designed for campsites and open road travel. Great for smooth dirt, gravel and paved roads.

Cost: $5,995

Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe

Runaway Campers CoolCamp

Dubbed as Americas most affordable mini-camper, the Runaway Campers CoolCamp is constructed out of fiberglass and composite materials as well as a once piece roof. These new materials provide a lightweight and insulated cabin.

Cost: $5,550

RetroRide Teardrop Trailer

RetroRide Teardrops start with a custom-built frame to fit your teardrop trailer. The teardrop trailer is built strong for off-road use and balanced, so it pulls easy on any road. A 2 3/8 axle is added along with mag wheels and radial tires. Take it any place your car or truck will go!

Cost: $7,390

Tiny Camper 4×8 Classic Sleeper

Vintage meets modern, that is the retro looking classic sleeper. This unit is great for camping, car shows, or getting back to your classic roots. The teardrop design is great for airflow. All the classic sleepers do not have a galley. Simply and simple sleeper. You can get funky by upgrading your side colors. White comes standard on all builds for sides and roof. Sides can be changed at a small cost. Enjoy your travels with a sleep, classic sleeper.

Cost: $6,999

TCTeardrops Original Trailer

The “Original” Model has everything that you need to tour the National Parks or visit your favorite local campsite in style and comfort! Add a mattress and a battery, and you are ready to roll down the road to your next adventure!

Cost: $6,300

Is a Cheap Teardrop Trailer Worth it?

A cheap teardrop trailer may be considered a luxury upgrade for a tent, but there are many things to consider before making the decision to buy one.

First, know what you want to use it for. If you plan on using it primarily for weekend trips, then a small, light trailer like a teardrop could be ideal.

However, if you plan on taking it on long trips, then a teardrop camper with more amenities might be more appropriate. 

Second, think about how much money you have to spend. Many people choose to buy a cheap teardrop trailer because they cannot afford a nicer trailer. While this is understandable, it is important to remember that a cheap teardrop does not mean a bad trailer. 

The reason the trailers featured in this list are so affordable, is because the prices listed are for the base models.

This means they typically don’t include the features, amenities and appliances the more expensive models have. 

Do Teardrop Campers Hold Their Value?

Compared to pop-up campers or expensive RVs and motorhomes, teardrop campers tend to hold their value well. The increase in popularity for teardrop campers could serve to increase your camper’s value.

If you decide to sell your teardrop trailer down the line, you’ll likely receive a price not far off what you initially paid for it.

Are Teardrop Trailers Easier to Tow?

Most cars can pull teardrop trailers with no problem.

A big reason why teardrops are so popular is their lightweight design. This means easier towing, a wider range of travel possibilities, and no need to pay a premium for a gas-guzzling truck.

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