8 Inspiring Ford Transit Van Conversions (+ DIY Guide)

Since its arrival in the North American market, when it replaced the Ford Econoline in 2015, the Ford Transit quickly became America’s best-selling van. [1]

The Transit debuted in Europe in 1965, and has been so popular there, that in some locations the term “Transit” is sometimes used as just another way to say “van”. [2] The brand has captured the public mindset in almost the same way as Band-Aid® or ChapStick®.

With this popularity as a commercial vehicle, it is inevitable that Ford Transit van conversions would become popular among professional RV companies and DIY enthusiasts alike.

If you’re considering a Transit for your own camper conversion, this article is designed to inform and inspire your decision making.

If you’re still unsure which van to choose for your conversion, read our detailed guide to help you compare and decide which van is best for you.

Are Ford Transits Good for a Camper Conversion?

Yes! The Ford Transit is one of the best vans you can buy to convert into a camper. With the tallest model having 6’9″ of interior height, it is the best van on the market for tall people or anyone who wants lots of interior headroom for bunks or additional space.

The Eco-Boost engine means it gets great fuel economy, and with all-wheel drive models available, it’s a perfect for anyone who might want to take their camper off-road.

Which Ford Transit is Best for a Conversion?

All of them will work well as a conversion. The Ford Transit Cargo Van comes in three roof heights, three body lengths, and two powertrains. It all comes down to your personal needs and preferences. It’s useful to know the internal dimensions of each model, to help you decide which one is most suitable for your needs.

There is also the Ford Transit Connect, which is an option for anyone who wants to convert a minivan.

Ford Transit Van Conversion
Pictured above is the regular length, low roof Transit, the smallest model available.

What are the interior dimensions of a Ford Transit van?

The interior cargo length of a Ford Transit is 126″ (regular), 143.7″ (long), and 172.2″ (extra long). [3]
The interior maximum height of a Ford Transit is 56.9″ (low), 72″ (medium), and 81.5″ (high).
The interior cargo width of a Ford Transit is 70.3″, and 54.8″ between the wheelhouse.

What are the interior dimensions of a Ford Transit Connect?

The interior cargo length of a Ford Transit Connect is 85.6″. [4]
The interior maximum height of a Ford Transit Connect is 43.3″.
The interior width of a Transit Connect is 69″, and 47″ between the wheelhouse.

How Much Does a Ford Transit Conversion Cost?

A Ford Transit van conversion costs between $5,000 and $30,000. This is after you buy the van which will start at $35,270 brand new, and around $16,000 used. How much you spend fitting out the interior will depend a lot on the type of features you require.

Substantial savings can be made if you buy the van on the used market and are frugal and creative with your conversion.

8 Most Inspirational Ford Transit Van Conversions

Now that you know a bit more about Transits and their suitability as a camper van conversion, let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful Transit camper conversions.

Tracy the Transit

Tracy the Transit is a compact yet spacious camper conversion, created by Joe & Georgia over seven devoted months of evenings and weekends.

Purchased in October 2020, Tracy is a medium-sized, LWB Transit, L3 H3, proving to be the perfect companion for weekend and holiday adventures, especially for those over 6ft tall.

The van’s size strikes a balance between spaciousness and practicality, enabling her to easily navigate under bridges, and she’s an exemplary model of a home away from home for those who crave the occasional escape without the commitment of full-time van living.

Rolling Vistas

Zac and Tiff bought this 2020 AWD Ford Transit Van which they built out during quarantine. They have been living in it full-time since July of the same year.

The van has everything they need to live and work while on the road. Portable shower, a waterless compost toilet, running water and sink, a chest refrigerator, a queen size bed, a dog den for their 4 legged companion, swivel seats and work stations, solar panels and battery bank, and lots of storage space.

The Trio In Transit

Tim and Katie spent many hours researching and sifting through YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook van build tours, then picked and chose the parts that were most important for their needs.

Their build has many cool features like custom roof racks and the coolest feature of all, the recirculating shower.

The shower uses a 5 stage filter system to continuously clean the water in a loop, allowing for unlimited length hot showers.

The loop uses 3 gallons of water, and water quality testing has confirmed that even after 9 showers, the water remains safe to use.

Van Haus

The Watson from VanHaus is a professionally converted van for those who don’t want to get bogged down tackling the complicated conversion process themselves.

This van has lots of very functional features like the Fiamma awning and the auto-sealing bug screens on the sliding door.

It has a dual induction stove top powered by the generous 400 amp hour lithium battery bank.

AWD Stealth

Micah’s spent 8 months on this super smart DIY van build.

Built on the extended 2020 model Transit. I really love the high-tech, functional minimalist design of this van.


Dan and coop live and travel full time in this awesome adventure Ford Transit Camper van. Dan uses this tiny house on wheels to live the life he wants to lead. He wakes up at 4-5 am, starts his day with stoic philosophy, and explores from that point forward.

Living the tiny life allows you to become clear with your intentions and pursue the mindset that you adhere to. If tiny living is something you are interested in, this tour will give you insight to how Dan utilizes his van for a better life.

Vander by Limitless Vans

Vander was built on a compact 148” Mid-Roof AWD Ford Transit by the team at Limitless Van. It features seating for four, a full kitchen galley, interior shower, and hanging closet space.

Ford Transit Camper Van With Shower Toilet & Double Sliding Doors

BlackHawk and Madi decided that the #vanlife was for them after they dove into the Youtube and Instagram world of travel. It resonated so much with them that they spent the next 6 months on their own conversion project; a 2006 Ford Transit Cargo Van with no windows, into a full blown van conversion.

They decided what was important to them and created that. From storage in the garage, to the black cabinets and hexagon backsplash in the kitchen, these two had no shortcuts. We think that double sliding door is a must from now on as well.

Storyteller MODE LT – AWD Overland Transit Van

Storyteller MODE LT - Ford Transit Camper

This AWD van is designed to take you all the way from urban adventures to backcountry gravel roads for a night of boondocking under the stars.

With full touchscreen controls to monitor and control everything from lighting to water.

With a shower that packs away when not in use, and solar power expandable up to 600W.

Ame in a Van

21-year-old Amy gives a tour of her van named Gloria, which she has been living in for seven months.

She bought the 2014 Ford Transit van for £6000 and spent a year and a half converting it into her tiny home.

Amy shows the different areas of her van, including a coat hanger, bulkhead partition, kitchen, fridge, shelves, and her “smartest” area, which is a space-saving feature. She also talks about her retro-style decorations and personal belongings, such as her clothes, DJ board, and panther katana.

StokeLoafVan – 2015 Ford Transit Ecoboost Extended


Contour Campers

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