How Often Should RV Tires be Replaced?

How often should RV tires be replaced?” – Is a common question among people new to RVs. Knowing how often you should change them is a must for any RV owner. 

In general, RV tires need to be replaced every 3 to 6 years. But determining their replacement time is not as simple as it seems. Searching trade wares for deciding to replace tires simply won’t work on RVs because usually RVs only travel around a thousand kilometers per year. So, wearing signs on the tires of RVs are always not visible

In this article, we are going to talk about when you should be changing your RV tires. We will also give you some tips on extending the life of your RV tires. 

Scenarios When You Must Change Your RV Tires

How Often Should RV Tires be Replaced?

Old Tires 

In the case of the RV tires, the first thing to consider is the age of the tires. Always remember the day you changed the tires of your RV. The longevity of the tires heavily depends on the user and the terrain. If you annually go camping on your RV, then the tires may last around 6 years.

But in most cases, tires are worn out in around 3 years or less. If your RV travels a lot, then you may need to change tires very frequently. If you want to hit that 6 years mark, you have to go out with your rig sporadically. But never use the same tires on your RV for more than 6 years. Many cases of RV accidents were noted for their defective tires.   

Defective Tires

Now, because RV tires don’t show trade wares often, you have to manually inspect each and every tire carefully. Look for any sort of deterioration on the tires like cracks on the sidewalls or leaks. These things are indications for you to change the tires of your RVs. The best thing to do is to make a habit of checking the tires before every long adventure on your RV.

Every tire and its behavior are different. Some tires wore out quicker than others. So, checking the tires of your RV on a regular basis is very important. If you detect worn-out signs on your tires, then you must change them before a long journey.

The Length of Your Next Trip

On short trips, you might not need to change your tires. But, if you are planning to go on a long trip that will last for months, you may want to replace your tires with brand new ones. Using new tires should prevent the inconvenience of changing the wheels of the RV while you are cruising. You can use your old tires as spare ones.

Even if you are using new tires for a long trip, always check them very carefully. Tires are very fragile and a defective tire can ruin your whole adventure. Not to mention it can lead to a drastic accident. If you can afford it, try to use brand new tires before going on long adventures.

Factors Influencing The Longevity of RV Tires

Check below to see some important factors that you must know for increasing the longevity of RV Tires.

How frequently you use your RV

Most of us don’t use RVs that often. We usually go on camping or picnic on our RVs once a year. But if you are a guy that loves traveling and takes your RV out frequently, then you must be very wary about the tires of your RV. 

On regular use, the lifespan of the tires of your RV may decline significantly. It’s very simple; the more you use your RV, the more frequently you need to change the tires. In addition, if you ignore small repairs and if your upkeep is poor, then the tires will last an even shorter time than before.  

The weather of the traveling area

Weather conditions highly affect the tires of your RV. We all know that the body of the tire is made of rubber plastic material. And they wear out in hot weather very quickly. So, if you are going out in a place in which the weather is hot and humid, the tires will wear out very quickly.

On the other hand, in a cold climate, the tiers usually stay good for a longer period of time. But if you are planning to enjoy snowfall, you cannot even use the regular tires for your journey. There are special tires to travel in snowy terrain. Never ever use regular tires when there’s snow.


One of the common reasons for tire damage is overloading RVs. RVs have a capacity of holding a certain amount of weight and surpassing that limit can greatly harm the tires. 

Never go out on a trip with excessive load. On many occasions, this has been the reason for tire explosion. Always try to maintain the weight limit.

Wrong tires 

There are many different RVs in the market and most of them use different tires. If you use a different model of tire on your RV, that might not even fit and even if they do, they might get defected pretty quickly. 

Some RVs are much bigger than others and using small tires on them will ruin your whole journey. Always buy the appropriate tire for your RV. 

Cheap tires

You will find many cheap and straight-up bad tires on the market. The price may seem very appealing at first, but trust me, in the long run you will regret the decision of buying these cheap tires. Most of them won’t even last a single long trip and many of them will be worn out within one year or even less.

Top-quality tires will cost you much more than these cheap ones. But these tires will last for 6 years or more if you take proper care of them. So, I highly recommend avoiding those cheap tires and buy good quality tires from reputable brands.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Tire?

To make sure your tires are in a good condition, you must take care of them regularly. Things you can do to extend the lifespan of your tires is given below:

  • Wash the tires using soaps that are mild and cold water. Never use hot water to wash tires.
  • Always try to use tire covers when you are not using the RV.
  • Always keep the tire on pressure level that is recommended for that tire.
  • If you are not using the RV for a long time, rotate every tire of the RV at least once in 3 days.
  • Never park the RV on a wet floor.


As we have stated earlier, tires are the most important part of any vehicle. Good tires have the potential of making your adventure more intriguing. But for a smooth and successful adventure, it is important to know when to replace your tires, as worn-out tires won’t be able to provide you with the experience and enjoyment you long for. 

Knowing how often RV tires should be replaced and replacing them accordingly are the only two things that are standing between you and an exquisite experience. So, to ensure such experience, in this article, we have provided you with enough information about RV tires and their life span and also other considerations that should be taken into account.  

We hope this article was of help to you and wish you the best of luck in your upcoming ventures.     

Stephanie Lynne