How to Make Your RV Generator Quieter

When going camping, a generator is useful and for some, essential for powering all their various electronic devices. For some people, appliances like hair dryers, straighteners and depending on climate, air conditioning units are more a necessity than a luxury. And devices like these that draw large amounts of power, will almost certainly require a generator.  As fantastic as having a portable RV generator is, they can be loud, which not only annoys you put can make enemies of your campsite neighbors. Here are a few different methods you can use to try to make the generator a bit quieter:

Buy a Buffer Box

A buffer box is a simple box designed to enclose the generator. Once you set the RV generator and close the door, the noise level will reduce significantly. The box uses the principle of noise conflict, where the noise is reflected inside the box. When buying the box make sure it’s up to standard to avoid damaging the generator and also prevent any possible hazard. The box is mainly built from wood. You can also build a permanent concrete bounder flame and add rubble between the walls.


Reports are stating that if you use mufflers, they can reduce the noise to a level you can accommodate. You can use car mufflers or even specialized generator mufflers since they are all said to make a difference. Since the engine and the exhaust are the ones responsible for making the sound, and there is little you can do about the engine, you can change the mufflers to make a difference. A large muffler makes less noise.

Use water

Am sure you are wondering how water can help reduce the noise level. You need a bucket full of water and a pipe. You will connect one end of the pipe to the exhaust and dip the other end into the water. Water and air use the same principle to pass sound its only that water has a higher density than air. By dipping the pipe in water, the sound will be absorbed by water which will reduce a significant noise. Make sure the amount of water in the bucket is enough to absorb the sound.

Use sound deflector and move the exhaust vertical

In a real sense, a deflector is a small object that is placed on the exhaust pipe which helps to deflect the sound to another direction. If you have set your camp on the east, the deflector can send the sound in a different direction and thus minimizing the noise. You can also set the exhaust in a vertical position. Sound travels in waves and thus by setting the exhaust on upright position the noise will be set upwards unlike when is facing horizontal which send the noise in a horizontally.

I am upgrading the RV generator

Some upgrades can be installed in your RV generator to help reduce the noise level. Some of the component you can add includes, muffling insulation, add rubber washer between the frame and resonators on the exhaust. When doing the upgrade, you need to be keen to avoid any damage. You need to make sure that the upgrade does not go against the warrant terms and conditions. Upgrading is risky but has proven to work in many RV generators.