10 Best Luxury RVs for 2024

For many of us RVs are a way to save money, whether that’s on vacations or full-time living expenses.

But for others, they want a 5 star experience and they have the means to get it.

From hardwood and marble finishes, to onboard steam rooms and sports car compartments, if you have millions of dollars to spend, your luxury RV can have it all.

Top 10 Most Luxurious RVs

Here is our rundown of the top 10 most spectacular (and expensive) luxury RVs.

1. Winnebago Horizon

Winnebago Horizon Interior First Look and Floor Plan

Price: $435,000
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This ultra luxe driving marvel features luxury trim from the expansive cockpit to the master bedroom. The full galley kitchen is outfitted with a French door refrigerator, stainless steel appliances and built in microwave.

This expansive RV sleeps up to four and includes walk in closets, an en-suite shower room and hardwood flooring.

The luxury isn’t limited to just the interior. This model features a mechanical awning, exterior large screen television, pull out propane grill and outdoor fridge for fun barbecues with friends

2. Entegra Coach Cornerstone

Entegra Coach Cornerstone Luxury RVs Interior

Price: $464,000
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This RV is anything but ordinary. With a cab-forward design, smart wheel steering and touch screen technology, the cockpit of this model feels more like the driver’s seat of a futuristic sports car.

The 650 horsepower engine means that it is not only sleek and sophisticated but strong and powerful.

The interior is designed with the luxury traveler in mind, with a standalone bath, two sofa beds, massive counter space, cinema style recliners and walk in closets.

Solar panels make it ideal for off-the-grid living, while wide berth extenders means there is room for everyone.

3. Commander 4×4 | Luxury 4×4 Motorhome

Commander 4x4 | Luxury 4x4 Motorhome

Price: $500,000+
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This rugged expedition RV may not have the sleek and stylish interior of its luxury counterparts, but what it lacks in beauty it more than makes up for in utility.

This RV features modular living space with room for up to six. It is self-contained, and a massive fuel tank means it can go 2,000 miles between fill ups.

Solar panels means that it is ideal for off-grid living, so this RV is a favorite of rugged outdoor lovers, preppers and high-end travelers alike.

4. Monaco Signature

Price: $585,000
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This coach is truly a luxury home away from home, with all of the amenities of a Park Avenue penthouse carefully integrated into a high-end home on wheels.

This 44 foot mega-coach has room for a family of four, and features a full galley kitchen with induction cooktops, electric fireplace, bespoke features such as tile backsplash wood trim and full entertainment package.

A retractable awning makes lounging in the shade on sunny days truly relaxing.

5. Newmar’s King Aire luxury motor coach

Newmar’s King Aire luxury motor coach

Price: $738,000+
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The stunning interior of the Newmar King Aire is matched by few. The designers of this luxury recreational vehicle spared no details when it came to design and functionality.

With Italian leather sofas, an 8K tv in the cockpit, quartz countertops and dining room set, and electric fireplace.

The master bedroom features an en-suite bath complete with rainfall shower, a walk-in closet and recessed lighting.

Not only is the Newmar King Aire breathtakingly beautiful, it is also safe. With collision mitigation technology, lane departure warning system and adaptive cruise control, you can enjoy both safety and comfort in this model.

6. Cami Terra Wind Amphibious Motor Coach

Price: $1,000,000+
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As comfortable on water as it is on land, the Cami Terra Wind is an amphibious motorcoach that serves as both a land and water vehicle.

Clocking up to 80 mph on land and 7 knots on the water, the Cami Terra Wind is perfect for the outdoor lover who wants it all.

Custom made to order, this RV is completely customized to the driver’s tastes, with everything from the trim, furnishings and appliances carefully selected and designed.

The Cami Terra Wind gives the full yacht and land vehicle experience.

7. ForeTravel Ih-45 Luxury RV

Price: $1,300,000
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This top class RV stands apart in its class for its aviation grade chassis which distributes vibration throughout the vehicle, making for a quiet and smooth ride.

The cockpit features plush leather seating, full technology upgrade package, navigation and co-pilot seat.

The interior is crafted from the finest leathers, woods and granite, making it one of the most luxurious on the road.

The full sized bedroom bathroom combo, underfloor heating and ample closet space make the Foretravel IH 45 Motorcoach the aptly described “Rolls Royce” of RVs.

8. Prevost H3-45 VIP – The Ultimate in Excellence

Price: $2,000,000
More info

It doesn’t get much more plush and luxe than the Prevost 45 ESS. A true motoring masterpiece, this awe-inspiring RV features a full sauna, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a full day on the road.

With four slide-out rooms, layers of technology including a full surround sound system, multiple fireplaces, digital artwork, wide screen televisions and mood lighting.

The exterior has an outdoor kitchen, state of the art surveillance camera system, and a high pressure cannon for do it yourself vehicle washes.

9. Featherlite Vantaré Platinum Plus

Price: $2,500,000
More info

One of the most expensive RVs in the world, the Featherlife Vantare Platinum plus is known for its refinement, and is styled in the class of high end yachts, private jets and hotels.

Adorned with the highest quality materials including rare Inca marble, onyx and Swarovski crystals, no detail is spared in this model.

With Italian leather furnishings, stainless steel appliances, subzero refrigerator and a built in treadmill, it’s hard to find anything that even comes close to its class.

A slide out garage means you can bring your favorite sports car along for the ride in the second most expensive RV in the world.

10. Marchi eleMMent Palazzo Superior

Price: $3,000,000
More info

With bold, futuristic looks, the Marchi Element Palazzo Superior is in a class of its own, and is the most expensive motorhome in the world.

Styled with a private jet and luxury limousine in mind, this model is sleek and sophisticated both in and out. Made with the most advanced carbon fibers, this model features a panoramic cockpit styled to resemble that of a jumbo jet.

It comes with a 13-foot long sofa, wine bar, galley kitchen and big screen television. The en-suite bathroom features a spa, rainfall shower with tiled floor and walls and steam room.

This model also features a garage perfect for storing your four wheeled toys. After a long day on the road, recline on the included top shaded deck with a glass of your favorite wine.

The most expensive and luxurious motor home in the world, the Marchi Element Palazzo Superior is undefeated.

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