15+ Best Motorcycle Campers in 2024

If you like the idea of going on motorcycle camping trips, or want to take outings to the next level, these motorcycle campers may be just what you are looking for. These are compact little RVs that are sized and weighted so that they can be easily be towed by a larger motorcycle.

What could be better than hitting the open roads and touring without limits? No more looking up hotels and motels in sketchy areas, you can stop and sleep almost anywhere your wheels can take you.

What are some pros and cons of motorbike camping trailers?


Of course this is a key feature of all campers that can be towed by motorbikes, but the relatively light weight is also useful when it comes to moving the trailer around to and from storage.


Compared to other camping options like full RVs and conversion vans, your initial outlay for a motorcycle camper is going to be a drop in the ocean.

More freedom

Unlike traveling and staying in hotels, your world opens up when you can camp practically anywhere. Even more so than with traditional 4 wheeled RVs, you truly can explore the narrowest of backroads with a motorcycle camping setup.

Better than saddle bag camping

Although you can strap saddlebags to a bike and carry around a regular tent and camping equipment, the small motorbike trailer is a step above in sheer camping pleasure.

Not luxurious

No kingsize beds and lazyboy chairs here, this is proper camping, this is roughing it.

No washroom facilities

This goes with the lack of luxury, but come on, if you expect a flushing toilet and a hot shower, this style of camping isn’t for you.

Affects manoeuvrability

Your motorcycle isn’t going to drive the same when pulling a trailer, that should be obvious. But it’s still a heck of a lot more manoeuvrable than any other type of RV

Our Top 15 Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers

  1. Timeout Deluxe
  2. Easy Rider Teardrop
  3. Double Duty Utility Camper
  4. Roadman Full-size Tent Trailer
  5. MyPod
  6. The Tuco Motorcycle Teardrop
  7. Livin Lite Quicksilver
  8. Roll-A-Home
  9. Mini Mate Kompact Kamp
  10. Bunkhouse Queen
  11. Kwik Kampa 2
  12. Slipstream Camper
  13. Lees-ure Lite
  14. Aspen Classic
  15. Polydrop Trailer

These are some of the best of what we’ve found available on the market right now. This will give you an idea of the costs to expect, the various styles available and what kind of weight your motorcycle will need to be able to pull.

1. Timeout Deluxe Pop Up Camper for Motorcycle

Timeout Motorcycle Camper

Weight: 385 lbs
Price: $4,595
More info

The Timeout Deluxe Camper is made for people who hate hassle. It is quick to set up and light to move, even by hand. It has 23 cubic feet of storage space after the tent is inside it. The ordering process is highly customizable, meaning you can get exactly the camper you want with no extras you don’t need. When the tent is erected, it has 66 square feet of space, and comes with a folding table, chair and air mattress to put in it. The included tent can take as little as three minutes to set up by one person.

2. Easy Rider Teardrop Camper for Motorcycle

Easyrider Camper

Weight: Enquire
Price: Enquire
More info

Tiny but stylish, these motorcycle camper trailers pack a whole host of amenities in a small amount of space. The 6 foot camper has an entertainment center with a 7 inch screen for watching DVDs, two skylights, exterior LED lights, storage cabinets, vinyl walls and even deluxe window shades. The self-contained electrical system can run for days on a single charge from a standard 110 outlet. There’s also a crank-down stabilizer to keep the camper steady when it’s not hooked up to your motorcycle. It is also available in a 7-foot size.

3. Double Duty Utility Motorcycle Tent Trailer

Double Duty Camper

Weight: 800 lbs
Price: $1,824
More info

Not only is this camper able to pull double duty, it should probably be called heavy duty as well. Designed to pull cargo or act as a camper, this trailer is solidly built from high-quality steel. If you choose to use it as a camping trailer, the tent can sleep up to six people thanks to two sleeping platforms that attach and detach from the main body of the trailer and store underneath when not in use. Mattresses and a wood floor for the trailer are not included. If you have a class II receiver towing capacity, you can take this trailer wherever you want to go.

4. Roadman Full-size Tent Trailer for Motorcycle

Roadman Motorcycle Camper

Weight: 250 lbs
Price: $4,300
More info

The Full-Size covers the basics and covers them very well. The aluminum trailer includes a tent, bed platform and everything you need to set them up, which only takes about 7-10 minutes. These motorcycle tents are waterproof and fire-retardant, with 16 cubic feet of storage space under the bed when the tent is set up. As a fun little bonus, you can get the trailer in a custom color by request.

5. MyPod – Pull Behind Camper for Motorcycles

Mypod Camper

Weight: 630 lbs
Price: Enquire
More info

The big selling point for this camper is how lightweight it is. It has a 100% fiberglass body, and any sci-fi fan will find themselves thinking of escape pods when they see it. The sleek exterior gives way to a cozy interior with a full-size bed, a surprisingly large entertainment system and an a/c unit. While you might expect the small space to be claustrophobic, the large windows make it feel surprisingly spacious. If the compact camper still feels too small, there are specialized screen room tents that are made to pair with the trailer for some extra living space.

6. The Tuco Motorcycle Teardrop Trailer

Tuco Camper

Weight: 600 lbs
Price: $12,500
More info

This trailer from Vintage Overland is hand crafted and made to last. It’s classic teardrop shape and vintage taillights give a timeless feel, and it comes with a memory foam mattress for some extra comfort. Solar panels come standard to power the interior and exterior lights even on extended trips. This small trailer was created with backroads and trails in mind and has plenty of space to add an extra luggage rack for additional storage space. If all that wasn’t enough, the name comes from the character from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”

7. Livin Lite Quicksilver Tent Trailer

Weight: 694 lbs
Price: Enquire
More info

The big standout feature of this camper is that it has a couch already inside it, in addition to a bed platform almost big enough for a queen-sized bed. The aluminum frame keeps the trailer lighter, and it’s set up for both electrical plug in and solar power to be attached to it. The interior of the camper has an outlet with two usb ports as well as an a/c unit. No matter where the camper is placed, you can open the windows for the best view, or open all of them to feel like you’re sleeping fully outside without the downsides.

8. Roll-A-Home Standard RV Trailer

Roll-a-Home Motorbike Camper

Weight: 325 lbs
Price: $4,799
More info

Roll-A-Home campers are made with fiberglass and are specifically meant to be towed by motorcycles. The standard model comes with a waterproof tent with a sleeping area and dressing room. The lid of the trailer becomes the floor of the dressing room, and the tent has an ‘accordion-style’ set up with all aluminum tent poles. There are five screened windows and one screen door, and you can pick from several colors for the tent, and white or black for the trailer.

9. Mini Mate Kompact Kamp – Motorcycle Travel Trailer

Weight: 265 lbs
Price: $3,195
More info

Imagine this; after a long day of motorcycle camping adventures, you just want a good rest before you hit the road again, but the long and even more tiring process of setting up the camper still lies ahead. The Mini Mate is a tired person’s best friend, only taking two minutes to set up a comfortable space that sleeps two. And when I say comfortable, I mean a 6.5’ by 4.5’ bed and the cushions come with the camper. You can also add an awning or an extra room if you need a bit more space. The website recommends you pre-order your Mini Mate because it’s so popular during peak riding season.

And because of its independent rubber torsion suspension, this camper trailer tows smooth.

10. Bunkhouse Queen

Bunkhouse Motorbike Camper Trailer

Weight: 285 lbs
Price: $3,699
More info

Bunkhouse has been making motorcycle trailers for almost fifty years, and it shows in the design of this camper. One of the more spacious options on the list, the Bunkhouse Queen includes a dressing area as standard as well as space for a Queen-size bed. And with 17 cubic feet of storage, you can pack for a longer trip than just a three-day weekend if you’re good at real-life Tetris. Add an air conditioner flap for some extra luxury or get the electric hydraulic breaks as an add on if you’re a mountain rider and camper.

11. Kwik Kampa 2

Kwik Kampa

Weight: 340 lbs
Price: $3,699
More info

There’s so much to love about the Kwik Kampa I didn’t know where to start. From the bed that you don’t have to fully take down or set up every time you take down your camper to the huge awning for outdoor living space, I could rave about this one for a while. But my absolute favorite thing on this camper is that it comes with a built-in kitchen. That’s right, a slide-out, stainless steel outdoor kitchen with prep space, sink and two-burner stove. This Australian-made camper is definitely intended to be a home away from home wherever you go.

12. Slipstream Camper

Slipstream Camper

Weight: 210 lbs
Price: $2,972
More info

This camper is ideal for a single traveler or someone who just needs a place to sleep on the road without all the fuss of actual camping. It’s heavy on storage capacity, with about 25 cubic feet of it after the camper insert is installed. This one really is for people who just want things simple and easy. Pop the lid up to become the roof of the camper and you’re pretty much ready to sleep. If you like the simplicity but need just a bit more space, you can add a room- even after you buy the camper.

13. Lees-ure Lite

Lees-ure Lite Motorcycle Campers

Weight: 235 lbs
Price: $5,195
More info

The word ‘lite’ in the name of this camper isn’t just for show. The tongue weight is only 17 pounds, which is amazing on a trailer that is eleven feet long and over 6 feet tall when opened. It comes in a bunch of different colors too. Even the basic set up of just the trailer and tent is enough to keep you cozy, but you can also get other camper staples like extra rooms or an awning if you choose to build a custom camper. Perfect for two, it has 26 cubic feet of storage space for everything you take with you on the trip.

14. Aspen Classic Motorcycle Tent Camper

Aspen Classic Motorcycle Campers

Weight: 350 lbs
Price: $5,695
More info

If I could peek into the minds of the designers of this motorcycle tent camper, I think I’d find the words durable and stable on repeat, given how the Aspen Classic turned out. With electric brakes and four adjustable jacks for stability, no uneven ground is going to stop you from having a level sleeping space, which is made to hold up to 600 pounds of weight. Its spring loaded to help with set up, too, and the tent poles are made from galvanized steel. The Aspen classic is meant to stay in your life for a long time, and in all sorts of weather too since the tent is water-tested.

15. Polydrop Trailer

Polydrop Trailer

Weight: 760 lbs
Price: $14,495
More info

If Ikea made a motorcycle camping trailer, I think they would look something like this. A very minimalist design with a lot of features, the Polydrop camper has a well-insulated interior with some high tech-features to keep you feeling safe and secure. It even has security cameras that you can view right on the screen. The other big feature on this camper is the surprisingly large kitchen space with a two-burner stove and a bunch of storage. You can even have a refrigerator in the kitchenette if you want to be extra fancy. This might be the choice if you want to feel like you’re camping in the future.

Where to find a Motorcycle Trailer for Sale

Of course you can always buy new from a manufacturer, but great deals can be found secondhand too. If you find a used motorcycle camper for sale that you’re interested in, make sure to do your due diligence. Buying without an inspection is always risky as with negligent owners they can easily fall into disrepair.

You can search on eBay, Craigslist and Facebook marketplace to start. Know what you’re looking for going in, don’t just buy the first thing you find available. If there are any RV or motorcycle dealers near you, let them know what kind of motorcycle camper you’re looking for and if they can pass any opportunities they learn about on to you.


This article should give you a good introduction to motorcycle campers, what’s available and what to expect. Motorcycles are already renowned for giving their riders a feeling of total freedom. When you add the ability to camp and sleep absolutely anywhere your wheels take you, there aren’t many things much more liberating.

Just make sure the motorcycle you drive is able to pull the weight of the camper you choose. For this you’ll need to consult information from the manufacturer of your particular motorbike.

If you want to “try before you buy” so to speak. Why not rent a motorcycle RV to see if this style of camping suits you.

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