8 Surprisingly Affordable Motorcycle Teardrop Campers

When I decided to go camping, I knew that I wanted something different than the typical RV or tent. I started doing some research on motorcycle teardrop trailers and found that they were perfect for me. They are small and lightweight camping trailers, making them easy to tow behind my motorcycle. They also provide all the comforts of home, including a bed, kitchenette, and storage space.

I have now gone camping in my motorcycle teardrop camper a few times and each time has been a great experience. The camper is so easy to set up – I can have it ready to go in just a few minutes. And it’s the perfect size for me; I don’t feel cramped inside like I do with some other campers.

I highly recommend motorcycle teardrop campers for anyone looking for a unique camping experience. They are perfect for solo travelers, couples, or even small families.

What are the benefits of motorcycle teardrop trailers?

Motorcycle teardrop trailers offer a variety of benefits over other types of trailers. They are typically smaller and more maneuverable, making them easier to transport and store. They are also lighter, which can be important for motorcycles. Additionally, they are often more aerodynamic, which can improve fuel economy. Finally, they often have a lower price tag than other types of trailers.

There are many benefits to owning a motorcycle teardrop trailer. Some of these benefits include:

  • The trailer is lightweight and easy to tow behind your motorcycle.
  • The trailer is also a utility trailer and can be used for fishing trips, camping trips, weekend camping trips, and even romantic camping experiences.
  • The small size of the trailer makes it easy to park in tight spaces.
  • The trailer is also affordable and easy to maintain.

8 best motorcycle teardrop campers I have ever used

If you’re like me, you love nothing more than getting out into the great outdoors for some camping. And if you’re like me, you also love your motorcycle. So what could be better than combining the two and taking your motorcycle camping?

Motorcycle teardrop campers are the perfect way to do just that. They’re lightweight and easy to tow behind your bike, and they offer all the amenities you need for a comfortable camping trip. Plus, they’re small enough to fit in even the tightest of spots, so you can camp just about anywhere you want.

So if you’re looking for a new and exciting way to experience camping, be sure to check out motorcycle teardrop campers. You won’t regret it!

1. Go Little Guy MyPod

I have had the pleasure of using the Little Guy MyPod on a few camping trips now, and I absolutely love it!

The best part about this camper is that it is really easy to set up and tear down. All you need is a few minutes, and you’re good to go. It’s also very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about struggling to get it in and out of your vehicle.

Another great feature is the storage space. There’s plenty of room for all of your gear, so you don’t have to worry about packing light. And if you need more storage, there’s also a built-in canopy that provides an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Little Guy MyPod to anyone looking for an easy-to-use and comfortable motorcycle teardrop camper.

Extraordinary features

  • The MyPod is a 100% fiberglass molded body on an ultra-lightweight frame.
  • With a dry weight of 840 lbs. and tongue weight of just 110 lbs., the MyPod is perfect for smaller towing vehicles and still packs a ton of great features.
  • Choose from white, silver, black, blue, or red to perfectly match your vehicle.
  • The interior height of 37″ provides ample headroom and the 5’2″ exterior height is perfect for smaller campgrounds.
  • The 11’6″ overall length gives you plenty of room to spread out and the 5′ fender-to-fender width provides plenty of space for your gear.
  • The included 12-volt electrical system with a 110-volt converter means you’ll never be without power while you’re on the road.
  • The included sleeping pad is 52″ wide by 76″ long, providing enough space for most adults.

The downsides that made me frustrated

The MyPod is a great trailer, but there were a few downsides that made me frustrated. The exterior height was quite low, which made it difficult to get in and out. Finally, the overall length was a bit short for my needs.

Some improvements that would have made my experience better

Some improvements that would have made my experience better would include a built-in power inverter to power the interior components, as well as a larger mattress. It would also be nice if the exterior height was a bit taller, as it was a bit cramped inside.

2. Vintage Overland Tuco

I was pleasantly surprised with the Tuco Teardrop Trailer. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but for its size, it’s a pretty tough trailer. I took it out on a 4×4 road and it handled great. It’s also really compact, so it’s perfect for smaller vehicles.

I love that it comes with a full-length cabin. It makes it a really comfortable place to sleep in, and the height is just right. I didn’t feel cramped at all inside. The Tuco Trailer is also really lightweight, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

All in all, I’m really happy with the Tuco Teardrop Trailer and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a small, but the tough trailer.

Extraordinary features

  • The Tuco has a hand-crafted design that is made to resist harsh weather conditions.
  • It has a teardrop shape and vintage taillights.
  • It includes adaptive padding bedding for some additional solace.
  • You will get a Solid lodge, solar charger, fan, inside LED lights, and hardwood inside with this bike teardrop trailer.
  • This compact teardrop trailer was designed for long road trips and bumpy country trails. It has extra space to add more racks for storing camping gear, food, and other supplies.

The downsides that made me frustrated

Tuco Teardrop Trailer is only a 4×8 foot cabin and the total height is only 6 feet. This makes it difficult to transport larger items and to stand up. Additionally, the trailer itself weighs 600 lbs, so it can be a bit difficult to move around.

Some improvements that would have made my experience better

Some improvements that would have made my experience better would have been more insulation in the walls and ceiling, a 12-volt system and LED lighting, and a furnace or heating unit of some sort.

3. Easy Rider Teardrop Camper

Easyrider Camper

I have towed my Easy Rider Teardrop trailer with my motorcycle and it has been a great experience. The independent, 12-volt electrical framework is really handy for charging my devices on the go, and the 110-volt converter system is really useful for powering the trailer’s sound system and DVD player.

If you’re in the market for a cruiser camper that can be towed behind a motorcycle, the Easy Rider Teardrop trailer is an excellent option.

Extraordinary features

  • The Easy Rider Teardrop trailer has a capacity of up to 1,100 pounds
  • It also has a queen-sized memory foam mattress
  • The trailer is made with a durable steel frame and a 600 Denier polyester fabric
  • The Easy Rider Teardrop trailer is also equipped with a 3,000-pound axle and 15-inch radial tires

The downsides that made me frustrated in short

If you need to transport a lot of belongings, this trailer is not the right choice for you. The electrical system is not very powerful, so you cannot use many devices at once.

Some improvements that would have made my experience better

Some improvements that would have made my experience better would have been a slightly more durable build quality. The trailer felt a bit flimsy and I was worried it wasn’t going to hold up to the rigors of the road. Additionally, it would have been nice if there had been some kind of ventilation in the camper, as it got quite stuffy inside at night.

4. Iconic Vistabule Camper

I was really excited to try out the Vistabule teardrop trailer when I saw it. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are incredible. It’s clear a lot of love and care was put into making this trailer.

Even better, it’s really powerful and can handle even the most rugged terrain. I took it camping in the woods, and it performed like a champ. The entertainment center was also a huge hit with my friends. We all had a great time hanging out in the trailer.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Vistabule teardrop trailer and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality, hand-crafted trailer.

Extraordinary features

  • A full-size bed that can comfortably sleep two adults
  • A roomy interior with plenty of head and elbow room
  • A large skylight allows in natural light and provide great views of the stars at night
  • A built-in stereo with AUX input and Bluetooth capabilities
  • An efficient propane heater that will keep you warm on chilly nights
  • A roof rack system for storing your camping gear

The downsides that made me frustrated

I also found that the material is a bit too heavyweight for my needs, as I am looking for a more lightweight trailer.

Some improvements that would have made my experience better

If I want to improve anything on this motorcycle teardrop camper trailer, I would add some insulation to keep it a bit warmer inside. The ventilation is great, but it can get a bit chilly at night. Additionally, a small fan or heater would be a nice touch.

5. Hütte Hut

When it comes to teardrop trailer design, the Hütte Hut is a great option for those who want to explore the idea of mobile space beyond the context of camping. It is made with premium materials and features modernist design values, making it a stylish and functional option. It also has a proprietary boutique manufacturing method, making it a uniquely well-made choice.

The overall dimensions are 168 inches long by 80 inches wide by 72 inches high, with a tongue length of 42 inches. The vehicle weight is 900 pounds dry weight, with a GVWR of 3500 pounds max. The tongue weight is 75 pounds. The interior dimensions are 44 feet square surface area, 66 inches floor width, 92 inches floor length, and 51 inches peak ceiling height. The ground-to-deck height is 18 inches.

Extraordinary features

  • The construction cabin is made with epoxy-bonded, screwless all wood assembly for a sturdy build.
  • The chassis is made with a proprietary aluminum space frame for a lightweight and durable build.
  • The interior dimensions are 44 ft sq / 13.4 m sq with a floor width of 66 in / 1677 mm and a floor length of 92 in / 2333 mm. The peak ceiling height is 51 in / 1298 mm and the ground-to-deck height is 18 in / 458 mm. The capacity is a maximum of 3 people.
  • The exterior accessories to accommodate more occupants coming soon.
  • Materials used in the build include Joubert Okume Marine Ply, BS1088 Lloyd’s Register Type Approved, FCS and PEFC Certified, ULEF Carb Compliant, Baltic Birch Fixtures and Floors, Carb Phase 2 Compliant, EcoPoxy®: Green Seal certified plant-based epoxy.
  • The Standard Features include a multi-posture convertible cushion and exterior AC.

The downsides that made me frustrated

The downsides that made me frustrated in short are the lack of exterior accessories to accommodate more occupants and the use of materials that are not environmentally friendly.

Some improvements that would have made my experience better

The construction materials for the cabin could be improved. The marine plywood and fixtures could be of higher quality, and the space frame could be made of aluminum instead of steel. This would make the cabin more environmentally friendly and reduce the weight of the structure.

6. Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailer

Earth Traveler Ultralight Teardrop Trailer
Earth Traveler

The Earth Traveler T300 is the perfect getaway vehicle for anyone looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use camper. Weighing in at only 400 lbs, this camper can be towed by almost any vehicle. The fiberglass composite monocoque shell is not only light but also incredibly durable and weatherproof. The axle-less suspension ensures a smooth ride while towing, and the two Sumosprings trailer helpers provide an extra 2,000 lbs of capacity when needed.

The included roof skylight venting window and blackout covers are perfect for keeping the camper cool in the summer, while the side door windows curtains and front side vented windows keep the cold out in the winter. And when it’s time to sleep, just pop up the roofs to reveal two weatherproof tents. The Earth Traveler T300 is the perfect camper for anyone looking for an easy and affordable way to travel.

Extraordinary features

  • The fiberglass composite monocoque shell is constructed using a teardrop shape with walls and a roof.
  • It has a Timbren axle-less suspension with a capacity of 1,200 lbs.
  • It comes with Sumosprings Trailer helpers that have a capacity of 2,000 lbs.
  • The camper has five LED lights as well as running lights that are DOT-approved.
  • There is one 46” x 48” roof skylight venting window with mosquito screens.
  • There are also skylight blackout covers included.
  • The side doors are 28” x 28” and there are side door window curtains too.
  • There are also two front-side vented windows with tight-down latches, mosquito screens, and lightweight thermal insulation covers.
  • The camper also comes with two pop-up roofs (front & back) and weatherproof tents included.
  • Lastly, there are two 3’ x 6’ deployable side walls that come with customs costs.

The downsides that made me frustrated

The materials for the Earth Traveler T300 cost a lot, especially the fiberglass composite monocoque shell. The axle-less suspension also makes it difficult to tow and maneuver, and the trailer helpers don’t really help that much. The two roofs (front & back) weatherproof tents are a nice addition, but they’re really difficult to set up and take down.

Some improvements that would have made my experience better

Some materials that would have made the experience better include a higher quality shell, such as a fiberglass composite monocoque, as well as trailer helpers and skylight blackout covers. Additionally, side door window curtains, front side vented windows with tight down latches, and mosquito screens would have also been beneficial.

7. The Mink Camper

The MINK Camper has been the perfect way for me to enjoy nature while still having the comforts of home. The roomy interior has a comfortable bed, plenty of storage, and a well-equipped kitchen. The large panorama skylight and openable side windows let in plenty of natural light and fresh air, while the ceiling-led mood lighting provides a cozy atmosphere at night.

I love that the MINK is so versatile- it can be used as a camper or caravan, and the canvas curtains on all windows give me privacy when needed. The battery monitor is a great added feature, letting me know how much power is left so I can plan my trips accordingly. I highly recommend the MINK Camper to anyone looking for a luxurious and nature-friendly way to travel!

Extraordinary features

  • The kitchen has a nordic design and is all season
  • There is a large panorama skylight and 2x large openable side windows that allow for plenty of natural light
  • The ceiling has LED mood lighting
  • All the windows have canvas curtains
  • There are 4x USB plugs and 1x 220v plug
  • The camper has a luxury memory foam mattress that is 140 x 200 cm
  • It also has a Salvador upholstered backrest
  • There are 2x MINK storage pockets on the side walls
  • The camper also has 2x side wall integrated static ventilation

The downsides that made me frustrated

The downside to this feature is that there is no exhaust fan, so any cooking fumes will fill the small space very quickly. Additionally, the countertop is quite small, so if you’re cooking for more than one person you may have to get creative.

Some improvements that would have made my experience better

If I could make one improvement, it would be to add a small sink to the kitchen area. This would come in handy for washing dishes or hands and would be a great addition to the already-functional space.

8. Helio HE3S

The Hélio HE3S is an excellent trailer for small vehicles, electric cars, and three-wheeled motorcycles. It’s well-equipped with air conditioning, efficient storage, electric brakes, a solar panel outlet, and a recharging center (12V/USB). At just 456 lbs., it’s also very light.

Thanks to its optimized aerodynamics and stability in any situation, the Hélio HE3S is perfect for any escapade. Whether you’re on the road or trail, this trailer will make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

Extraordinary features

  • Large comfortable bed convertible into a sofa for two adults (48 x 73 inches)
  • Comfortable cushions covered with resistant fabrics
  • Roof ventilator with fan (12V)
  • 30 Amp electric converter
  • Front storage space
  • 120v electrical outlets (2)
  • Socket charging center (12V and USB)
  • Interior light (LED)
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector
  • CSA Z240 RV and NFPA 1192 (USA) certification
  • Full 2-year warranty
  • Ecological trailer thanks to fuel savings
  • Integrated air conditioning

The downsides that made me frustrated

The downsides that made me frustrated were that the trailer was not very spacious, it did not have an oven, and the exterior was not very attractive.

Some improvements that would have made my experience better

If I could make one improvement, I would ask for a larger bed. The current bed is a bit small for my taste. Other than that, I have no complaints – the trailer is comfortable and well-made.

Final Thought

A motorcycle camping trailer is a great way to travel and see the country. They are lightweight and easy to tow, so unlike larger travel trailers, you can take them just about anywhere as it’s much easier to find a suitable parking space. Plus, they offer many of the comforts of home, so you can sleep and eat well while on the road. If you’re looking for a fun and convenient way to travel, then consider investing in a motorcycle teardrop camper!

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