21 No-Cook Camping Meals – Delicious & Nutritious Eating Without Fuss

Here are some of my favorite no-cook camping meals for those times when you can’t or just can’t be bothered with cooking. 

21 No-cook Camping Meals

These meals may not require a stove and pots and pans, but you are going to need some tools such as a can opener and other utensils, a cutting board, bowls, sealable bags, and in some cases perhaps a cooler. 

No-Cook Breakfast Meals

1. Yogurt Bowl – Grab a bowl and place plain yogurt, fresh fruits, nuts, berries, and granola with a touch of honey and mix.

2. Boiled Egg and Bacon Sandwich – bring several boiled eggs from home and slice. Place on bread coated with mayo and sprinkled with real bacon bits, cheese, and add sliced boiled eggs. Top with another slice of bread and cut in half. Ham can be substituted for bacon.

3. Oatmeal in a Jar – using a mason jar with a lid, this breakfast meal can be made at home using a variety of ingredients. Here are some awesome ideas at this link. Keep cold until ready to eat.

4. Granola Bowl – bring a bag of granola and your favorite boxed milk (I suggest almond milk), sprinkle with berries and/or nuts, and mix in a bowl.

5. Sweet Beans on a Shingle – Using a firm crusty bread or roll, open a can of baked beans and spread onto the bread. For added protein, sprinkle real bacon bits on top and serve open face.

6. The Continental – create a platter of fresh fruit, a variety of sliced cheeses, jelly or jam, and croissants served with a juice of your choice.

7. Fruit & Nut Tortilla Wrap – This is a great meal idea I just found recently. One of those where as soon as you see it you think ‘why didn’t I think of that?’. Get a tortilla and spread on your favorite nut butter, then add chopped up banana and some dried fruit/nut/seed mix. Great nutrition in a portable, hand-held meal. 

No-Cook Lunch Meals

8. Smokey Pimento Cheese Sandwich – mix shredded cheddar cheese, diced pimentos, real bacon bits, and mayo into a spread. Slice tomatoes. Separate and wash lettuce leaves. Spread the cheese mixture on your favorite bread or bun. Add the tomatoes and lettuce. Serve with potato chips and pickle.

9. Stackers – create a platter of cold cuts and another platter of pickles, lettuce, baby spinach, sliced tomatoes, along with a variety of condiments. Using stacker buns or dinner rolls (I like Hawaiian style rolls) lets everyone build their favorite stacker combo. Serve with tortilla chips and pre-made salsa.

10. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches – I like using a whole grain bread when making this sandwich because it adds a nutty flavor to the taste. Offer several flavors of jelly or jam if serving a group.

11. Jerky and Baked Beans – If you are looking for a protein punch for the midday meal, think packaged jerky and canned baked beans. Crackers go well with this simple duo. Quick and simple, makes for a good lunch if hunting or fishing as you can carry it with you easily.

12. Refreshing Salad – Lay a base of shredded lettuce and other greens, diced tomato, shredded cheese, mandarin orange slices, blueberries, sliced grapes, and real bacon bits covered with a vinaigrette or other salad dressing. Mix well. Canned chicken or tuna are other options for this refreshing salad.

13. Tzatziki Chicken Spread – is wonderful for a refreshing taste when camping. This recipe is quick and simple found at this link and can be used as a spread or a dip. Add canned chicken to the mix and serve with pita bread.

14. No-cook potato salad – I have always been a big lover of potato salad. And this version uses canned potatoes so you can whip it up in no time. 

No-cook potato salad

No-Cook Dinner Meals

15. Chicken Taco Salad – using preformed taco bowls or a layer of taco chips, layer refried beans, chopped lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, diced avocado, diced tomato and topped with sour cream. Olives make a nice addition.

16. Antipasto Salad – serve a platter made Italian cold cuts, pickled mushrooms, sliced cucumbers, olives, sliced tomatoes, diced red onion, garbanzo beans, crumbled feta cheese, mixed with Italian dressing. Serve with Italian bread.

17. Ham And Potato Salad Sandwiches – bring from home deli potato salad (or use the potato salad mentioned earlier) along with ham cold cuts, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, pickle slices, sliced tomato, and red onion cut into slices. Layer a french baguette with the potato salad first, then add the other ingredients to taste.

18. A Quickie Cold Hot Dog and Three Bean Salad – as hot dogs are pre-cooked and ready to eat and three-bean salad comes in a can, this meal is made in a few minutes for a hungry crew.

19. Sesame Almond Slaw – is a crunchy refreshing slaw made with ramen noodles straight out of the pack for a taste of Asia when on a camping trip. This recipe can be found at this link and is excellent served with pre-cooked chicken or pork.

20. Veggie Cheese Kabobs – are great if you are looking for a quick refreshing bite that can be made quickly. Using a wooden skewer, add grape tomatoes, basil leaves, cherry size fresh mozzarella cheese balls, drizzled with a mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

21. Mexican Feast – All you have to do is set out chips, salsa, beans, shredded lettuce, and sliced veggies, then make up a batch of guacamole. 

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