10+ Best ProMaster Van Conversions to Inspire Your Build & Adventure

The RAM ProMaster is one of the latest Euro-style vans to hit the US market. It instantly became a big hit with professional RV companies and DIY enthusiasts alike, with ProMaster van conversions becoming very popular with vanlifers. 

For me, the most attractive things about choosing a ProMaster for your conversion are shape and size. When compared to the Mercedes Sprinter or the Ford Transit, the ProMaster is wider and more square. 

This extra width makes it much easier to fit a bed horizontally across the back, which allows for many more layout options. 

And the interior has much more straight edges and right angles, which makes cutting wood and fixtures a lot easier. 

These two features alone are big and are why this is my first choice van to convert. 

If you’re still unsure whether a ProMaster is the right van for you, check out our guide to help you find the best van to convert into a camper.

What are the interior dimensions of a Ram ProMaster van?

Ram Promaster Dimensions

The interior cargo length of a ProMaster is 105.1″ (L1), 122.8″ (L2), 145.9″ (L3), and 160.2″ (L4). [1]
The interior maximum height of a ProMaster is 65.4″ (standard), and 76″ (high).
The interior cargo width of a ProMaster is 75.6″, and 55.8″ between the wheelhouse.

Super Cool 2015 Extended Ram ProMaster 3500 Conversion

Josh has done a really fantastic job converting this 2015 Ram Promaster 3500, it’s the extended edition and the biggest ProMaster you can buy.  It’s particularly striking from the outside, with its cool looking matte paint job.  Josh says he regular gets comments and questions about the look of the van, so maybe it’s not ideal if your intention is stealth.

The van has 330W solar on the roof, and a sizeable 300AH lithium battery (equivalent to around 600AH regular lead acid batteries). Josh spends 90% of his time boondocking and only goes into the city to stock up his van with supplies and visit friends.

Ram Promaster 3500 Van Conversion

They transformed their van for weekend getaways and extended trips, enabling them to enjoy activities like skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and climbing.

The van is equipped for off-grid living with solar panels for power, including AC, heating, and hot water. While driving, the water heater gains energy from the engine coolant, and the batteries charge from the alternator.

A gas-powered heater provides warmth during ski trips, and an inverter supports a microwave, induction cooktop, and boot dryer. The van comfortably sleeps two people and a dog, with a queen short bed and a sofa in the living area. It holds 33 gallons of water, plus 6 gallons for hot water needs, and features external water ports.

Building the van took five months, but they find the effort immensely rewarding.

The Most Incredibly Bright & Spacious ProMaster Conversion

Peya converted this bright and beautiful Promaster van with the help of her Dad and a family friend at her Dad’s shop in Northern Idaho. The conversion took around one and a half years working on it in their spare time and taking winters off. 

Peya designed the van herself, after watching endless hours of YouTube videos on van conversions, she picked up ideas and tips from all that she learned. Her top recommendation for would-be vanlifers in the planning stage is to watch videos on others saying what they would change about their van. This way you get an insight into the mistakes others made before you make the same mistakes yourself. 

ProMaster 3500 Extended Van Conversion

This super clean build was made by Erik & Gina of Narrow Road Van Conversions. This conversion has a real feeling of quality about it, with robust and long-lasting components used throughout this professional build. 

The Ideal Adventure Layout?

Trent & Allie have a popular YouTube channel and have been living full-time in this van for one year when they filmed the tour above. So you get a little insight into some of the things they changed from a year of full-time living experience. 

Full Stealth City Dwelling Dodge Van Conversion

This 136″ wheelbase Ram ProMaster is built for a single person and made to be stealthy for invisible city dwelling. 

I’m a big fan of the simple and functional feel of this van. It’s clean, high quality and but minimal. The van contains everything needed for full-time living including a toilet but no shower. Given that it’s intended for city dwellers, there are plenty of places to shower in most cities.

They went for low profile marine hatch skylights on the roof, as well as low profile solar panels. So from the outside nothing is visible on the roof. I especially love those marine hatches and am surprised they aren’t used more often in van builds, I expect that might change in the coming years. 

Homely Secret Cabin Inside a Stealthy Work Van

This UK conversion is actually a Fiat Ducato van, but the Ram ProMaster uses the exact same body/frame.

This is an incredibly unique build and really has the feel of a wood cabin. 

Artist Clare was sick of paying a mortgage on a large house that remained half empty. So she sold the house, bought an empty van and found people to build her dream home on wheels. 

Full Solar Electric Off-Grid Promaster Van Conversion

Here’s another ProMaster van conversion that impresses me a lot. Everything in the van is run off of solar and electrics, no propane. Obviously this requires a substantial soar and battery setup. They have 800 watts of solar, and a 700ah AGM battery bank. Not too shabby at all huh. 

Stealth Cabin on Wheels

This conversion was built by an electrician so there are some great touches in the electrical department. With 1,000 watts of solar and a 600ah lithium battery, this thing is a juggernaut of off-grid electrical power. 

But a lot of thought has also gone into other areas of this build, with great care being taken to ensure mold never becomes an issue. Lots to learn and admire from this build, make sure to check the full tour for this one. 

Shan in a Van

Shannon and her pup Gracie have been living in a Ram Promaster 3500 extended for over six months.

Her kitchen features a convection stovetop, a 12-volt Isotherm fridge, and a Birchwood butcher block enclosing a farmhouse sink. Shannon designed her tiny home in a 3D program, incorporating an elevator for lifting and lowering the bed and a special rack to store her skis and other sports equipment.

620 watts of solar power are mounted on the roof, along with 600 amp hours of lithium batteries.

Vanderful Boxer

This van is built on a Peugeot Boxer, which is the identical body used by the Promaster.

Homely Promaster Conversion By Deanna Dunn

This sleek Promaster Van conversion redefines the concept of mobile living. More than just a mode of transport, it’s a cozy haven on wheels, designed for adventurers who don’t want to skimp on comfort.

Imagine journeying to your favorite destinations with amenities like a full-size hot shower, a functional cooktop, a handy espresso machine, and a spacious queen bed waiting for you.

Wherever you’re headed, this conversion ensures you’ve got all the comforts of home right with you.

Preppers Insane & Cozy Van Conversion

Tony’s 2020 Ram Promaster 2500, with a 159-inch wheelbase, is a masterclass in cozy, prepper-style van conversions.

The unique open floor plan offers over 25 square feet of movement space without compromising on storage or counter space. The adaptable interior boasts a multi-functional sofa that turns into a 50”x72” bed, two versatile tables, and an ingenious storage system that includes everything from cookware to a blender.

Ambient lighting plays a big role, with over forty dimmable LED lights in various zones. The van’s aesthetic strikes a balance between simplicity and homeliness, accentuated by framed prints, plush cushions, and silk plants, making it an unmistakably one-of-a-kind mobile haven.

See the full video tour below:

One of the Best Ram ProMaster Van Conversions

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