Can you run an RV generator while driving or through the night?

Modern RVs can actually feel like home away from your home as it will make watching television, cooking, or staying, amazing under an air conditioner. This type of vehicle is well decorated, modern, and is equipped with all kinds of electronic gadgets, providing homely comfort.

That’s why so many people now want to enjoy the RV lifestyle and RV camps are becoming popular in scenic and tourist places. To give you this much-needed home away from home experience, RV generators are used to power up the RV’s.

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RV Generator Charging

An RV generator can be charged in two ways. We can either use a house battery bank to charge it, or we can use a direct power source. It is recommended to charge through direct power sources like 120v AC outlet, where you can plug your small electronic appliances like toaster, blower, microwave, etc. Charging through a house battery bank is not that efficient as it delivers a limited amount of power. It may also increase the risk of overcharging the battery.

The source of power is the most important factor when discussing the convenience of any home. Without a power source, you cannot have great comfort. For example, if you want to stay for the night but you do not have handy RV camps, you may not enjoy all the comforts. But if you have an RV generator in your compartment, you can charge it anywhere. All you have to do is stop, plug and charge. RV generator is a little tiny variation of the old portable generators which were used during emergency times or in bad weather conditions by many homeowners.

Can RV Generator Run While Driving?

Well, it depends on the kind of generator being used in your RV. It’s absolutely fine if you are using a built-in generator while driving or if you have some kind of external portable RV generator.

With an external portable RV generator, you need to be careful about your safety because this magical source of electricity also requires some maintenance and care from the owner. You should always inspect the RV’s exhaust system before using it. If you are using a generator, carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas, will be produced. And if your exhaust system is not in a working condition, then there is a chance of accumulation of this poisonous gas inside your RV.

On the other hand, a built-in generator along with its engine takes its supply from the same fuel tank. So, when the fuel tank is empty, the generator automatically shuts down. So the answer to the question would be, it is perfectly fine to run the RV generator while driving or traveling just if it has seen basic regular maintenance.

Can RV Generator Run All Night?

Again it depends on the care and maintenance of the generator. If you are taking proper care of your RV generator such as changing the filter and oiling it regularly, it can run all the night with no issue but for that to happen, you must cut down extra load. It is extremely necessary that you run your generator with its minimum rated load if you are planning on running your RV generator all night. And when you do use the generator, put a load on it.
A little care and maintenance are all that is required to keep your RV generator in perfect working condition.