15 Rainy Day Camping Activities for RVers

Depending on where you are located, some seasons can be all about windy days with an added cover of clouds. Now whether you are traveling on vacation or living in your RV, a whole week of drizzles can cramp up anyone’s fun.

RV camping in the rain doesn’t have to be a total drag. We have experienced a lot of storms on our RV trips and the best method of weathering the storm is to embrace it. You could get right to all the things that you were putting off because of your vacation and then resume your adventure when the weather clears up. Get some ideas from the list of rainy day camping activities on this page…

The Best Rainy Day Camping Activities when RVing – Indoor

Binge Watch That New Show You Wanted to Watch

Among the least productive things you can do on this list include watching hours and hours of the latest movies or TV shows on Hulu or Netflix. This an entertaining escape from the dreaded rain and endless series of storms. This is also the cure to the few people out there who can’t stand the sound of thunder. There is also the added advantage that you will be able to intelligently comment when shows and movies creep up in your conversation with friends.

It is unproductive but it is still a win-win!

Call Friends or Family

Speaking of conversations with friends, checking in with family and friends is something that rarely occurs during RV vacations right? Well, isn’t this rainy day a perfect opportunity to catch up on all your loved ones. You don’t necessarily have to call them as you can always leave them messages on social media – but nothing beats a long telephone call with the rain trickling on your window.

You can also go ahead and video chat with whomsoever you wish to catch up with. Take this wasted time on your adventures to engage in one-on-one conversations with your friends or family to show them that you really care. A plus point is that this isn’t just good for you as it may be satisfying for the recipient too!

Catch Up on Cleaning

Of course, you maintain your RV but do you clean it? Since dust tends to accumulate very quickly during your RV vacations and off-road drives, there may be some places in your RV where it may get smelly. These places include:

  • The walls
  • Upholstery
  • Under the bed(s)
  • Refrigerator(s)
  • Drawer and cupboard interiors
  • Ceiling vents
  • Ceiling

Alongside cleaning, you will also not be able to resist reorganizing the closet spaces, spices, and drawers.

Catch Up on Sleep

With all the traveling you have been up to, you are going to love this one! It is also a fact that we don’t get the same quality of sleep when we sleep in our RV as opposed to the serenity of your home. So with the obligations of work postponed until the rain stops pouring down, you can catch up on your sleep. Also, we don’t know what it is about rainy days that seem to be quite conducive to napping. Even if you aren’t feeling all that tired, you can go ahead and dim the light and hear the sound of the rain till it begins lulling you into a deep sleep.

Cook Elaborate Meals

This is for all the food lovers out there. Isn’t there something utterly soothing about spending the entire day in the kitchen while crafting something grand for yourself or the others? You should, however, have decent varieties of spices on hand because behind every masterful meal are a few ingredients and a handful of spices.

Even if you think you don’t have a sufficient supply of these, you may be able to purchase whatever you need in the closest supermarket or even at the general store in the campground. Other than this, you can also have a look at a couple of websites such as SuperCook or AllRecipes to sift through what you can make with the ingredient you have in storage.

You’ll be surprised at the things you can create with limited storage full of supplies! Try whipping something up with eggs, cheese or fish to supplement your levels of Vitamin D. By doing so, you will be able to alleviate yourself out of the rainy-day blues.

Play Games

If you ask the generation that was into outdoor games, they will tell you that rainy days had them dusting out board games. This is a very legitimate method of spending the day when you can’t be outside. Card games and board games also have the added benefit that they don’t run on electricity which would make it perfect for times when you should be conserving energy or boondocking.

All you need are a couple of multi-pack or travel-sized games or a deck of cards to enjoy your time indoors with your companions or family. You will, however, have to look for those perfect games that can keep you entertained for days! Once you try this, you will never underestimate the combination of your favorite beverages, friends, and an engaging game that can go on for hours.

Marshmallow Crafts

If there was an unspoken rule of RVing then it would have to be that you need to have marshmallows in storage! S’mores should be the off-menu item on rainy days and you can even choose to take the microwave route to make them just the way you like them. You can even go ahead and get as creative as you want. Personally, we like playing a form of tic-tac-toe with our chocolate and marshmallows. The winner takes all.

While we’re tapping into our creative side, you should know marshmallows are great for arts and crafts as well. These sticky substances make them perfect to build towers and you can even compete to see who can make the highest tower. Whoever loses can get to do the dishes for the day and needless to say – things may get a little serious from that point forward.


When you see that the sky is gloomy and dark, there can truly be nothing better than a good book and a cup of tea. With smartphones, Kindles and iPads now a part of every household, you don’t even need to go out to a library. You have unlimited access to the biggest library in the world – the internet. With a brief search, you will have found digital versions of your favorite books that match a rainy day and a steaming cup of hazelnut coffee. What’s more? You wouldn’t even have to stock up on books to take up the limited space available.

Craft Stories

When you’re stuck searching for rainy ideas when RVing, there is going to be a lot of chatter amongst your friends or family. Why not make the best of this opportunity and make it fun by telling stories.

The concept of reading stories aloud is quite unheard of nowadays – which we think is quite a shame. Go ahead and revive all these old traditions by reading those books out loud to those who you would have recommended the book. You may even go out and discover new and interesting stories on the internet to share with your crew.

Among our favorite things to do on rainy days in the RV is to play a game called “Pass the Story”. This interactive storytelling game works in a manner to let a person start by narrating a story and then passing the baton over to somewhere to keep the theme going. We love this particular game for the reason that it never seems to age and it flexes our creative muscles. The key to playing this game is to leave cliffhangers at the end of the story and then pass the ball. Isn’t that what all your favorite TV series do too?

Work on Your Hobbies

Whether you are super into woodcarving, scrapbooking, journaling, crocheting, drawing or building fishing flies – working on any favorite project can be the very best way to spend those rainy days in an RV. For many adventurers out there, the darkest, dreary days are used to invest time in a particular hobby to combat all the depression that keeps creeping up.

The Best Rainy Day Camping Activities when RVing – Outdoor

Have Puddle Contests

If there is one guarantee about campgrounds when it is raining is that there are going to be puddles everywhere you look. Why not take advantage of this limitless resource and take turns to create the biggest splash in the puddles. If you get to splash the water over someone’s head then you get bonus points.

Wet Weather Hikes

Things look a lot different in the rain, don’t they? Well, why should you seize your adventure simply because of the rain? Walk out of your RC and explore – look for the different kinds of bugs and animals that may have decided to reveal themselves because of the weather. Your kids will go bonkers with all the frogs and birds appearing out of nowhere. This is a great and fun learning opportunity for them and we already know they aren’t afraid to get a little dirty.

Go ahead and let your children get involved in a scavenger hunt where the winner will have spotted most types of animals. You may even be surprised by their list!

Make Paper Boats

We’re sure Pennywise – The Clown isn’t going to be around in your campsite, so why don’t you let your children make paper boats and let them bob around in the water? They might even compete to see which of their creations can survive the longest in this weather. This, however, might not work as well as you are imagining if it is pouring out there. You’ll find that they hold up well in simple drizzles.

Utilize the RV Park Clubhouse

Many RVC campgrounds and parks have activity centers and clubhouses. You can go ahead and check their schedules to see when you can take advantages of their events. A rainy day at an RV park with Valentine’s Day activities can turn out to be very fun. Imagine playing potluck or Candy Bar Bingo while you are with your loved one and it is raining.

Make Friends with Your Neighbors

Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to wait till it rains but you’d be surprised how rainy days bring neighbors today. Take this opportunity to let your children play amongst each other while both the groups can share resources to have a good time. All of the above ideas can be done with your neighbors at the RV park and while the rain will pass, your new friends might just stick along for the rest of your adventure or even longer.

Your RVing adventure doesn’t have to stop no matter what weather you are up against. We know that the point of RVing is to spend a lot of your time outside, but there is nothing you can do when the skies aren’t cooperating with your plans. There are plenty of things to do when you are stranded because of the weather. If it slows down your schedule, it’s alright. Don’t stop having fun and maybe even get a little wet.

You may even find yourself a couple of years later at the bar saying, “Remember that time when we made a marshmallow tower in the RV while it was raining?” If you are looking for more information regarding RVing, you can find whatever you are looking for on our website.

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