17 RV Decorating Ideas to Liven Up Your Camper Interior

We all love RVs, but when it comes to interior design, manufacturers typically focus on function over aesthetics, which can result in a somewhat drab interior appearance. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best RV decorating ideas below so you can inject some new life into your camper.

Rustic Meets Modern Apartment Style RV

This RV combines rustic elements with modern design, creating a compact yet stylish space. The interior features a caramel leather sofa and a classic rug, offering warmth to the white, light-filled rooms.

Natural textures in the furniture add a handmade feel, while the bedroom’s simplicity ensures a tranquil ambiance. Bold bathroom wallpaper contrasts with sleek fixtures, showcasing the RV’s chic aesthetic and smart use of space.

Really the Same RV?

Yes. The above before and after photos really are the same RV. Though apparently some people didn’t think so over on Instagram.

RV Transformation: From Standard to Stylish Sanctuary

This remodeled RV showcases a striking transformation, with bright, light colors enhancing the sense of space.

White cabinets and natural wood give it a rustic charm, while modern, independent furniture pieces contribute to a contemporary apartment vibe.

Light wood flooring and tasteful decor details like curtains and cushions complete the cozy, stylish mobile home.

Backlit Ceiling Tapestry

RV Decorating Ideas

Using a cool and colorful custom tapestry on the ceiling, backlit with LED lighting really makes this RV interior pop. I really love the stye and colors of this scene, but I can imagine it looking equally cool with a starry night sky design.

Use Maps As Wallpaper

I love this idea. Ever since I was young I always liked having maps and globes around, and I aways had a map of the world on my wall. You can do the same and just hang a map like a poster, or you can go the extra mile and put it up like wallpaper.

Thematic Decorations

Many people like to let their persona interests shine through in their camper decorations. Like an adult version of a superhero themed bedroom. You could go for something nautical like the one above, or maybe a more bohemian/gypsy style design is more you?

When decorating your space, pick out two or three colors you like and use them consistently throughout your entire RV. This will create an appealing flow throughout the camper.

Update the Curtains

This is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to lift the appearance of your RV interior. With so many designs, patterns, and fabrics to choose from, it doesn’t take much to come up with something that adds a really unique, homey touch.

Brighten Up the Walls and Cabinets

This is another simple yet effective way to brighten up an RV. Many campers, especially older models have a very dull and drab, old-fashioned interior. Simply painting them white is a quick and simple way to give your rig a more modern vibe.

Inject Your Personality

When you combine many of the RV decorating ideas we’ve already mentioned, you can really beautify your camper like they’ve done in the example above. Scroll through images and play the video tour to check it out.

Have a Mural Painted Inside

This might be quite an elaborate undertaking for many but there’s no doubt that it can make your camper strikingly unique.

Hang Custom Artwork on the Walls

If you’re not an artist yourself, and commissioning an artist to do the next Michelangelo on your RV ceiling seems a bit much, simply hanging up art you like is an effective way to give your camper appearance a boost.

Get a new Backsplash

A peel and stick faux-tile backsplash is a quick and easy way to lift the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom. There are many designs you can choose from and it’s a very affordable modification you can make in under an hour. Check them out here on Amazon.

Paint Your Kitchen Countertops

Painting your kitchen work-surfaces is another “quick win” to brighten up your RV. Or even better, similarly to the idea above, you can use a self-adhesive laminate film with a granite look for an instant appearance upgrade.

Use Lots of Color

Using lots of bright and varied colors is a sure way to take the drab look off your camper. You can do this with throws and soft furnishings if you don’t yet want to resort to painting walls and cabinets.

Put in a Skylight


Now this is not strictly an interior job but what an effect on the interior this has. Very beautiful.

Chasing the Cashes

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RV Decorating Ideas
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