12+ Awesome RV Gadgets You’ll Actually Use in 2023

You may have all the basic facilities in your RV, ones that you can enjoy while vacationing. Sometimes you want to add that extra touch however, and install some more upgrades in your rig and take it to the next level. You don’t need to buy a new RV to change the feel and dynamic of your camper – just check out some of the awesome RV gadgets we’re talking about.

Awesome RV Gadgets

We’re going to guide you through the most helpful and fun RV gizmos and accessories that will enhance your vacation experience in your existing RV.

Decorative Accessories for Your RV

Travel Map

It is your rite of passage to get your hands on a map of your country and begin marking off all the states or areas you have visited. You can go ahead and use colorful pointers to mark all the famous locations and landscapes. Not only will this serve as a great reminder of your memories, but it will also show you where you need to go next.

You can also find some travel maps out there that give you the option to add stickers or images in ever location. This can, therefore, also become a great learning tool for younger travelers. On an added note, you may want to get a UV-protected map as the sidewall of the exterior window could melt the adhesive during summer.

Decorative Pillow Covers

Do you think your RV sofa needs a little more coziness or color? Well, how about getting yourself temporary decorative pillowcases. You can also choose to add to the theme of the travel map and get travel-themed designs for your throw pillows.

Why are these decorative pillow covers temporary you ask? Well, the zippers in these covers allow us to remove or switch out whenever you wish too. You can also choose to add them over your existing square pillows to cover all those dated or floral patterns on stock RV interiors.

Go ahead and get yourself a neutral enough design or color that could match the interior décor of your rig!

Customized RV Signs

Making any place feel like home could be as easy as writing your name on the wall. Not only this but you could customize hilarious signs on your rig or even gift it to your crazy RVer friends. The way we see it, you have 4 choices. You need to find a suitable spot inside but there are some signs that are meant to be placed outside like, “Baby Onboard”. Other than this, you can choose between informational signs or hilarious ones.

Sign makers also give you the option of customizing your signs further. This will include adding figures in a different position, adding different types of RVs, and adding different colors. You can also choose to round the sharp metal edges for extra safety.

Outdoor Fun Accessories

RVers are, naturally, all about the outdoors, so why don’t you upgrade your RV with some outdoor gear. Here are some of our favorite outdoor RV accessories for 2019:

Inflatable Lounger

It is quite common to find RVs short on space while others are very careful about the net weight of their RV. If you choose to get yourself an inflatable lounger, you will have solved both of these problems. These products usually fold down to a minuscule foot long and have their own storage bags as well. Other than this, inflatable loungers usually weigh just about 3 pounds but can support the weight of about 4 people.

If you think you can’t find such products, you should try to search for ‘portable hammocks’. These products are also used by homeowners to be installed next to a pool or insider their home as a creative sofa. You will be able to find a wide range of colors and some products will also come with pockets that can hold other gear.

Outdoor Rug

If you are in love with nature are genuinely concerned about treading carefully in the environment, then you could get yourself a 100% recycles outdoor rug. These rugs are usually made from durable materials which may also be resistant against mildew and mold.

These products are very easy to clean and all you will have to do to maintain it is hose it down or simply wipe it down with a wet rag. You will find yourself browsing through a range of weights and sizes for these products. Just choose what really suits your needs.

RV Awning Screen Room

Screen rooms are ultimately a method of extending the indoor and outdoor space of your RV. Other than this, some users of these products also use it to keep the bugs away during their camping experiences. These products usually have a tight seal around them alongside a skirt that blocks off the wheel well are of your rig.

Some products also feature roll-down shades or screened windows that add extra privacy and sun protection. Depending on the build of your RV, awning screen rooms could actually double your useable living areas during camping trips. All you will need is the outdoor rug and the awning screen will extend over it to provide for a shaded porch.

Folding BBQ Grill

Outdoor grilling and RVing are 2 things that go hand in hand. This is exactly why you need a BBQ grill while keeping its weight, portability, and options in mind. Folding BBQ Grills fold completely flat like folding chairs and weigh much less than just 8 pounds. Some of these products will also come with their own carrying cases to make it easy to set up wherever you want.

We recommend that you look for grills that are made of food-grade stainless steel with a similar base and don’t have annoying enamels that get rusted. You may also choose to get yourself such grills that can be taken apart and then put back together without any complex tools. Some of these products also have added storage areas that can keep your food away from ashes.

Themed Party Lights

Did you know that you can have chili peppers, beer bottles or mugs, flags, fuzzy dice, and so many more customizable items that give off a neon glow wherever you plan on camping? These strands can range for 8 feet onwards and can consist of as many lights as you want.

The light covers of these products aren’t made of glass so there isn’t any fire hazard inside or outside your RV and they won’t break along bumpy roads. You will find such products being featured by a lot of well-known RV product manufacturers.

Low Smoke Campfire

Everybody loves the idea of firepits but no one can seem to stand all the smoke they create. Soon enough, people around the firepits begin sneezing or coughing. Their hair and clothes even start to smell of smoke long after the fire has been extinguished.

Well, what you need is a low smoke campfire. These products use wood kindling and you’ll be surprised at how little of it is needed to keep the product going. The average weight of these products will stand at 20 pounds while their sizes start from 20 inches onwards. None of these products, however, will be too large for your rig’s storage bay.

Creators of these types of firepits have made sure that their products burn more effectively while emitting very less smoke. If these aren’t likely purchase from our list of awesome RV gadgets, then we don’t know what is.

RV Electronic Gadgets

We aren’t sure whether you are familiar with the word ‘glamping.’ Well, this is what we usually are immersed with nowadays and gadget-free camping is already very rare. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though because these cool electronic gadgets make your RV adventure truly adventurous.

Lithium Generator

Most people imagine heavy, smelly, and noisy machines when someone mentions generators. Well, lithium generators are very different. These generators are usually from the 500 W category and run very silently because of their lithium batteries. Most of these products are sized at somewhere less than about 12 inches square and weigh around 11 pounds.

Another fantastic thing about these generators is that they can be charged at any 110 V outlet or even with the help of 12 V car chargers. These batteries are also guaranteed not to die out before one whole year of useful life. These generators can also be connected to solar panels that can charge up to 11 outlets simultaneously in your RV.

Satellite TV Antenna

While we are talking about electronic RV gadgets, how can we possibly forget about fancy television sets inside your RV? With the help of a satellite TV antenna, you will be able to access DIRECTV or DISH networks; all you need to do is mount one up on the roof of your RV.

You’re probably thinking about how roaming satellites usually need repositioning in every camping location. Well, you can get rid of this problem with some products that reposition themselves and buffer channels automatically.

Mini Espresso Machines

Coffee lovers probably need no convincing here. They may, however, have problems like coffee machines being too bulky or weighing too much. Well, mini espresso machines are really a thing and weigh less than a pound while being more or less the size of a thermos.

These machines also store ground coffee into their built-in pod with the provided coffee cup or scoop. This will save your money as expensive coffee pods will have been made redundant. We haven’t reached the best part yet – these machines don’t even require electricity. All you need to do to make coffee is pump the machine a couple of times and you’re good to go. Only if this machine was to clean itself after the coffee was made, it would have been perfect!

How Do You Know If These Awesome RV Gadgets Are Perfect for You?

You may have noticed that we mentioned weight and size a couple of times. Well, this is because of the fact that hoarding a lot of things on your RV (above its maximum weight) could be potentially dangerous.

You have to make sure that there isn’t too much strain on your RV or towing vehicle. This is especially the case if you own fifth-wheel travel trailers and you can read more about it here. Another particular concern you should keep in mind is the size of each gadget.

It has never been a good idea to store loose items in your RV when you’re traveling. These items would definitely get damaged along bumpy routes or may even damage the inside of your RV. So before you go out and purchase any such item, make sure that you check the manufacturer’s measurements and dimensions. This will ensure that you have enough room in your storage compartments.

Lastly, if any of these gadgets require electricity, you should check the power draw of each of these items and match them with the capability of your RV. You can also be a little extra careful by choosing plugs or outlets that may not have a lot more running on the same circuit. If you haven’t already experienced something of the sort, circuits can trip inside an RV in the similar manner as you see in home’s circuits.

Considering all of the above, you can go ahead and take your RV adventure to the next level with all or some of the awesome RV gadgets mentioned above. You can also visit our homepage to learn everything there is to know about RVing and more.

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