RV Halloween Decorations & Ideas

If you’re a full-time camper or RV’er, or you’re just trying to enjoy some travel this fall, campgrounds are sure to be decked out with some fun Halloween decor, which is just in time for the arrival of the crisp cool air and changing leaves.

If you want to make this Halloween one to remember, consider decorating your RV or camper. The best way to plan RV Halloween decorations for your camper is to prepare a theme. By developing a theme, you can carefully plot out what decorations to get.

Here are theme ideas to help you plan for decorating your RV or camper:

Disney Halloween

Disney provides a family fun atmosphere. This RV has an orange glow look by purchasing orange lights. They placed the lights throughout the driver cabin and on the outside of the vehicle.

If you don’t have or want to use a power source, battery-operated lights are available at a reasonable price. Battery-powered lights also have a built-in timer option for added convenience.

There are different Disney options to choose from. There are cool inflatable Disney characters or banner decorations. Pre-lit Mickey Mouse pumpkins are also available to create an illuminated Halloween glow.

Farmhouse Chic

There’s no question that the farmhouse interior design is a trendy option, so why not incorporate it with your Halloween decorations!

To mimic the warmth, hang simplistic pumpkin Halloween garland or a trick or treat banner throughout your RV or camper. Place a welcoming “gather” pumpkin in your dining space where everyone joins for a meal.

Think about placing classic pillows with traditional Halloween messaging from classic Halloween movies like “Hocus Pocus.”

Simplistic Halloween

Sometimes you don’t need a ton of decorations to make a statement. This look features either eye window clings or posters, which you can purchase depending on the size of your windows.

To create the monster mouth in this design, take a black flag and a white bed sheet to make the mouth. Cut out the teeth with the white bed sheet and either glue or sew it on to the black flag.

You can attach the monster teeth to the RV and camper grill by using zip ties. Another easy and simple idea for low maintenance decorating is by having solar lights handy.

You won’t have to worry about a power source and it’s easy set-up and takedown.


Inflatable Halloween decorations are a lot of fun! They’re an easy setup and can make a big statement. Kids love them and it’s sure to be a holiday favorite for anyone walking by and admiring your display.

Inflatables can range in price, depending on the size of the display. In this display, we see Slimer from Ghostbusters, ghosts in trees with pumpkins and a scary ghost.

You can easily pick a design theme with your inflatables. The most popular display themes are from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Ghostbuster films.

Do Not Enter

If you’re traveling regularly this Halloween season and don’t have the time to set up and take down decorations, consider an option that travels with you.

This design uses fright tape that creates a fun and spooky display on the doors. You can also purchase “Do Not Enter” tape for the same effect.

Adding a glow in the dark skeleton will add to the spooky vibe once the day turns to night.

Artsy Halloween

If you’re crafty and artistic, why not be inspired and allow art to imitate life and turn your pumpkins into little RVs and campers that replicate your RV or camper! To achieve this look, purchase a pumpkin carving kit.

Some pumpkin carving kits come with carving templates, especially if you’re thinking of going with a more traditional look. If you want to carve an RV or camper design, those are available, primarily through Pinterest.

Cobwebs and Lights


Creepy Spider RV


Halloween is such a fun time, especially in the camping world, since many parks dedicate most weekends in September and October to celebrate. If you want to decorate your RV or camper, but have a limited budget, visit dollar stores.

If you’re a “do-it-yourselfer,” Halloween decorations are relatively easy to make. You can make your own RV Halloween decorations with a fast trip to any hobby store.

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