10+ RV Sewer Hose Storage Ideas – Everything You Need to Know

What are the best RV sewer hose storage solutions?

Recommended Sewer Hose Storage Solution for your RV

Valterra Adjustable Sewer Hose Storage
  • RV HOSE CARRIER: Fits most 3" drain hoses and fittings with the exception of one-piece 90-degree sewer fittings.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION: End caps come assembled with fixed, pre-glued mounting brackets and includes self-tapping screws for easy installation
  • VENTED END CAPS: End caps feature a vented design to prevent the buildup of moisture

Also known as the stinky hose, the RV sewer hose will provide a means to get rid of all your dirtiest of waste material whenever you are out there camping, that dirtiest of waste material is of course human waste.

It is important to pick the best sewer hose design prior to your trip and ensure it is properly installed. With this hose, you are able to observe general hygiene of your caravan and ensure it does not smell. You don’t want to be a nuisance to other campers within your zone.

The RV sewer hose plays an important role that no camper should assume or loathe. It connects the flush of the RV’s toilet to an external sewage system. Whenever you want to dispose of any form of waste, you need to connect the hose to the main sewers. If you don’t buy the right type of sewer hose, then expect unbearable disaster while camping. You don’t want all your wastewater seeping out and polluting your campsite.

With this in mind, you should not hesitate to look at the exceptional ways you can store your sewer hose. Here are the ideal places to store your hose…

The Bumper

Your caravan sewer hose is an important element during your camping trip and you should ensure it is properly stored. You don’t want to compromise your trip. The RV bumper is the best place to store your hose. It is your ideal place because it is separated from the vehicle body and it is easy to access it whenever the need arises. Don’t store any other sharp objects in the bumper as you need your hose working effectively all the time.

Hose Storage Compartment

Many people place compartments underneath their vehicles to store their sewer hose, but some create specific inline compartments. You can design your own makeshift compartment using PVC. Check out some of the images below for ideas from other campers.

Hose Carriers

You can opt to use plastic hose carriers that can also be easily attached to the undercarriage of your caravan or RV. These hose carriers come in different designs and you can go for designs that are durable and adjustable. It’s a worthy invest to get a hose carrier and enjoy your vacation.

RV Sewer Hose Storage Ideas

If you’re considering a DIY solution, check out this link.

Final Thoughts

It’s a messy business that none of us enjoy, but once you have a workable system in place, with the correct hose and a solid storage solution. It at least begins to make this dark side of camping more manageable.

Gary Michaels

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