How to RV with Dogs – 10 Things You Need to Know

There’s something magical about hitting the open road to see the country in an RV. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or this is a first time experience makes no difference. What makes a road trip even better is bringing along your furry best friend. In this article you will learn everything you need to know when you RV with dogs.

Did you know that the RV Industry Association states that over 61 percent of pet owners prefer to bring their dog along on their trips? However, there are a few things that you must handle before you can bring your fur baby along for the ride. Here are a few things to consider when bringing your four-legged friend along for an amazing ride.

10 Tips On How To Easily Bring Your Dog On Your RV Trip

RV with Dogs

1. Invest in a Car Seat or Travel Crate

The laws require you to buckle up when you’re in a moving vehicle. Since you will be traveling at a high rate of speed, and having a rollover accident is a concern, you need to make sure your pet is secured. There are different models of doggy car seats that can accommodate a pup of any size. Bigger dogs can use a seat belt without issue, or you can use a cage to protect them too. It doesn’t really matter the device; the goal is to ensure that the dog cannot move and be thrown around the cabin should you hit your breaks.

2. Consider Small Trips Rather Than Large Ones

Most people find that bringing a dog along on a short trip works out better than a long one, mainly if the dog is not accustomed to traveling. It can be very overwhelming for a young dog that is potty training to try to acclimate to the ever-changing scenery of a road trip. Some dogs travel better than others, and not all breeds are easy to bring on your travels. Try a couple of weekend trips and see how your pup reacts before bringing them on an extended excursion.

3. Bring Everything and The Kitchen Sink

Though space is a premium on an RV, you want to make sure you bring everything you could possibly need for your pet. You will need things like:

•Vaccination records
•Bowls that won’t spill
•Cleaning supplies
•Doggy blankets
•Waste Scoop
•Plastic Bags

When you’re making a packing list, make sure to include Fido’s needs into that list too. Buying things you already have at home is an added expense you don’t need on this trip. You can take that money and put it towards adventures on the road.

4. Know the Pet Policies at RV Parks and Campgrounds

Another hurdle that pet lovers must deal with on the road is pet policies. Many campgrounds around the country simply won’t allow dogs. It’s not something you should take lightly because when there is such a policy in place, they can be very strict about the rules. It’s hard to sneak a barking dog into a site with 100’s of people bustling about with activity.

If a site allows pets, then they will likely require a leash when the dog is outside. Before you book a campground, call and find out the policies and make sure it’s something you can handle. Thankfully, most KOA sites are pet-friendly and make it easy to bring along your dog. However, there are a few that forbid them from coming on the premises.

5. Watch for Wildlife Around You

Wildlife is always a significant concern for people when traveling to remote areas. You need to be aware of coyotes and other large wild dogs that can quickly take down an animal of any size. If your dog is smaller, then you must watch for large birds that love to swoop down and pick them up. Whenever you travel with a pet, you must always keep an eye on the wildlife in the area. One encounter can be deadly for your beloved animal.

6. Keep Your Eye on the Sky

The weather can make travel difficult for any person, but it’s extraordinarily troublesome to travel in rough weather with a pet. When it’s raining or snowing, it’s hard to walk or take a dog out to use the restroom. Many dogs, like the smaller breeds, refuse to go outside and take care of their business during bad weather. Before you take your pet on an RV trip, make sure the climate and weather are suitable for them.

7. Make Sure Your Pup Gets Plenty of Exercise

Even the biggest RVs are often cramped when you add your belongings, family, and a pet. Your pup won’t be able to get enough exercise, so they need to be walked. Take advantage of the campground or surrounding areas and walk your pet. They love spending quality time with you, and they can get some of their energy out by taking a nice, long walk. Plus, you don’t want them to gain any weight by being cooped up inside your RV.

8. Have A List of Local Vets on Hand

Whenever you travel with a pet, you must always be prepared for the unthinkable. They can have an encounter with wildlife, get an acute issue of pancreatitis, or have a flare of an ongoing health concern. Take time and make a list of all the vets in and around the areas where you will be traveling. Thankfully, having a smartphone can quickly get you a number, but you want to do some research and make sure you find the veterinarian, who has good reviews, to handle your pet’s urgent needs.

9. Always Consider Your Neighbors Privacy

One of the most significant concerns when traveling with a pet is that not everyone around you is going to be pet-friendly. If you have a dog that tends to bark a lot or is not sociable, then it may not be a good thing to bring them along on a trip. If your dog is considered a vicious breed, make sure the campground will allow them. Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to some breeds, and though the hype is based on rare instances, people are less than welcoming to some of these dogs.

Your neighbors won’t like a noisy pooch that howls and barks constantly, and it can get you kicked out of a campground quickly. Remember, you love your pets, and they have your heart, but not everyone is a big fan. Be courteous of others and make sure your pet is entertained and isn’t going to bark at every bird that chirps or noise they hear outside. It can certainly make for an awkward vacation when the neighboring camp site isn’t on speaking terms with you.

10. Clean Up Any Messes Your Pet Makes Along The Way

Lastly, it’s essential to keep the poop scoop and a disposable bag handy with you while you travel. Some people are greatly offended by animals doing their business outside. Since people are engaging in family time with bonfires and other events, you don’t want your pet’s little package to disturb them. Make sure to clean up after your pet so that there are no issues between you and the those around you.

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Conclusion – RV with Dogs – Yes or No?

Carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of bringing along your pet on your next RV adventure. In many cases, a dog is like a member of the family, and most people wouldn’t consider leaving them behind. However, if they are still too young, not potty trained, or haven’t been appropriately socialized, then it may be best to leave them at home until they are more travel-friendly. Still, going on a road trip with your canine buddy can be the trip of a lifetime.

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