7 RVs with Bathtubs & Amazing Amenities You Must See

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, RVs are a great way to travel without sacrificing the comforts of your home.

However, something you don’t expect to find in an RV are luxury facilities like bathtubs. But why not? Here are some of the best RVs with bathtubs.

  • Thor Motor Coach Aria 4000
  • Foretravel Realm FS6 Luxury Villa Spa
  • Forest River Sunseeker 3170DS
  • Keystone Premier 29BHPR
  • Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 264BH
  • Forest River Sandpiper 3330BH
  • Keystone Montana 3921FB

Class A RVs with Bathtubs

These RVs feature at least one slide out and offer one bathroom. As incredible as they might seem, there’s fun in having some elbow room in the shower. If you appreciate camping in comfort, here are the RVs to consider.

Thor Motor Coach Aria 4000

This RV is designed to ensure the whole family has fun exploring the world. It features beautifully handcrafted interiors and fully equipped kitchens. While a powerful engine is a standard feature for the Motor Coach brand, Aria 4000 comes with the latest technology. Behind the cockpit, you’ll find luxury furniture and extra sleeping space.

Additionally, owners can use the bathroom on the master suite, while guests can use the second bathroom across the bunk bed. You also get a vanity with plenty of counter space and extra storage for linens.

Foretravel Realm FS6 Luxury Villa Spa

Class A RVs with Bathtubs

The Luxury Villa Spa is a high-end RV built on a Spartan Premier K4 chassis. This means you can enjoy a smooth ride on rough terrain. The interior features LED lighting, a gourmet kitchen, walnut cabinetry, and an entertainment system. You’ll also get a walk-in closet and a shoe rack.

This RV comes with a high-end bathtub that provides a sensory experience for the body and mind. In addition, you get 122 air jets and hidden speakers that produce therapeutic sound. Of course, there’s plenty of water for everyone in the bathroom.

Class C RVs with Bathtubs

Class C RVs offer the best outdoor experiences for the family. They are built on a full-A sized cutaway van chassis and come with luxurious bathrooms. And depending on your needs, you can choose full dry or full wet bath layouts.

Forest River Sunseeker 3170DS

This RV features a tasteful design and lots of amenities to suit the needs of an outdoorsy person. The split- level design guarantees plenty of legroom in the living area. Besides, you get spacious interior living and four slide-outs.

The Sunseeker comfortably accommodates eleven people, so you can rest assured the family will have a good night’s sleep. The master bedroom is located in the rear, and the kitchen arrangement is perfect too. As you step inside, you’ll find some overhead cabinets and a refrigerator.

What makes the Sunseeker unique is the signature bathroom. You get tons of space in the shower and toilet. The master suite has a good-sized bathtub.

Travel Trailers with Bathtubs

If you can’t stand the crowded bathrooms at truck stops, travel trailers are a sure bet. They can fit in tight spaces and offer lots of space for the whole family.

Keystone Premier 29BHPR

Keystone is a luxurious trailer that provides essential amenities for your family and friends. The private bedroom features a queen-size bed – you can grab a nap for the rest of the day’s events.

This trailer is thoughtfully designed to allow in natural light. You also get a vaulted ceiling, painted fiberglass front cap, and max-depth slide room technology.

Next to the rear corner, there’s a bathroom for those who like to explore nature for a couple of days. This model also comes with an impressive water heating system and plenty of hot water.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 264BH

Jay Flight trailer is designed to take your comfort to the next level. It offers lots of room to stretch out, and everything is conveniently located to enhance your traveling experience. Inside, you’ll find a dinette and a sofa. If you want to enjoy some breeze, you can grab a chair and pass it through the compartment. Additionally, you get a full kitchen to prepare your meals during your stay.

Jayco trailer comes with a magnum Truss Roof system that allows for plywood decking. Best of all, you get an air conditioner which comes in handy during the sweltering summer days. Another feature that makes the trailer unique is the Smart RV System. It helps you control key features and makes your camping experience simple. And no more dreading the drive, thanks to the well-balanced drive shaft.

To ensure you enjoy your stay, the trailer comes with a bathroom – the water passes through the exhaust vent. If you need a hot shower, the propane bottles at the top will do the trick. You also get a shower curtain and a wood-trimmed mirror.

5th Wheel Campers with Bathtubs

Fifth wheel campers offer modern luxury for campers taking extended trips. They feature a U-shaped coupling mounted on the cargo bed and come with at least one bathroom. And there’s lots of space, thanks to the slide-outs. Make your choice today and enjoy an elegant trip.

Forest River Sandpiper 3330BH

The Sandpiper is perhaps the most family-friendly RV on the list. Being a lighter and maneuverable option, this model allows you to maximize the floor plan without sacrificing luxury. Furthermore, the extra-large windows let you familiarize yourself with the surroundings while you remain inside.

The main sitting area has a fan to help you stay cool during the sweltering summer months. If you have large gear that you don’t want to bring inside, you can use the exterior storage compartment.

Forest River is equipped with a full bathroom that includes a shower and a tub. Since the master suite is in the front, you can access one of the two bathrooms that come with the camper. Your guests can use the second bathroom.

Keystone Montana 3921FB

Keystone is a luxurious fifth wheel with features to suit the needs of full-time campers. It offers plenty of space to prepare your meals and relax while watching HDTV. To ensure you remain cozy and warm, this model has a fireplace.

Still, you get a pass-through storage compartment, in-floor heating ducts, a coffee station, and a dish dryer. The sleeping space can only accommodate four people. But the trade-off is you have a private bedroom, a slide-out with a wardrobe, and a spacious living area.

Keystone is equipped with dual sinks, a unique soaking tub, and a shower with a seat. The first bathroom has a walkthrough to the master suite, while the second one is located on the main entry. This is what you need after a long day on the road.

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