Awesome School Bus Conversion For Full Time Off Grid Travelling

See how this young family made a stylish off grid home with their school bus conversion.

Just a few years ago Luke & Rachel had never even heard of the idea of living in a school bus. But after a friend brought up the subject the idea caught their imagination, and just two months later, they bought a school bus and dove right in.

The couple did the complete conversion themselves. Luke already worked in the trades and had 10 years welding experience, so that helped. But they still had to learn a lot of new skills, particularly when it came to solar panels and electrical work.

Luke & Rachels school bus conversion

Their bus is powered with a 900W solar panel setup, and 4 deep cycle batteries

Luke made use of his welding experience to raise the roof 20 extra inches

A lot of converted school buses tend of have low ceilings which can make the space feel cramped. The additional height in this conversion really makes it feel a lot more like a home than a bus.

Rachel previously worked as a baker and was keen on a large kitchen

The living area has a very open feel, with a large comfortable couch

Which converts to a double guest bed

With storage area underneath

The homely feeling gets tied together with this awesome wood burning fire

The bathroom and sleeping area are toward the back of the bus

The bathroom has a composting toilet

A shower and a tub

The split level bedroom setup sleeps their daughter below in a cot sized murphy style bed

While the couple sleep above

Luke, Rachel and their 2.5 year old daughter have been living in the converted school bus now for 1.5 years. Travelling the US.

When it comes to the total cost for the build, the couple say they have kept every receipt, but haven’t yet tallied it up to get an exact cost.
All in they estimate they spent $30,000 on this school bus conversion. Which I’m sure would have been a lot more had they not done the work themselves.
Check out the original video and full tour below.

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Awesome School Bus Conversion
Gary Michaels