10+ Inspiring Short Bus RV Conversions (#6 is the most cozy setup I’ve ever seen)

Short Bus RV Conversion

Short bus RV conversions are popular for many reasons…

First off, they look pretty bad ass. I don’t know if it’s the design itself, the nostalgia, or a mixture of both. But there’s something about them that just looks… cool. They have that classic allure to them the same way the old school VW buses do.

But there are also practical reasons to choose a short bus RV conversion.

Since you begin with a blank canvas, you are free to put your stamp on it from the beginning. You can arrange the floor plan to suit your needs, installing the bed, electrics and cabinetry in whatever way suits your needs.

They are also well built, and you can often pick one up for not a lot of money. Given that they were designed to transport kids safely to and from school, they are strong and sturdy, much more so than a typical RV.

You will also have a much easier time finding a mechanic to work on one. Many modern RV’s, especially the newer European style conversions, will require specialists to be able to fix mechanical issues. But your standard short bus could be worked on and repaired by just about any mechanic you come across.

Here are 10 Short Bus RV Conversions to Give You Ideas and Inspiration​

1. Baby Blue Bus With Homely Interior

Short Bus RV
short bus conversion

image via BusLifeAdventure

2. Classic School Bus Camper Conversion

3. Yellow Bus With Clean Minimalist Interior

image via DesignSponge

4. Beautiful & Unique 1959 Chevrolet Viking Short Bus

image via WinklemanArchitecture

5. Floor Plan For Conversion That Has Everything You Need

Short Bus Floor Plan

image via Pinterest

6. The Most Cozy Short Bus RV Setup I've Seen

7. Bright & Compact Bus Conversion Setup

image via OutsideOnline

8. Ford Ecoline 350 Short Bus RV Conversion

Ford Ecoline 350 Short Bus

image via TinyHouseTalk

9. Mans Converted Bus For Full Time Living

image via Adam Sauerwein

10. Click Play Below To Watch A Time Lapse Video Of A Short Bus Being Converted Into A Home

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