15+ Best Small Travel Trailers & Campers Under 3,000 Pounds

We love everything about camping and the outdoors, and of course RV’s of all descriptions. But small travel trailers hold a special place in our hearts. They’re just awesome.

These trailers are light and easy to tow and maneuver while driving, so you can bring them almost anywhere. And they can be very affordable.

A lot of the camping trailers and conversions out there are huge and can cost a fortune, but there are so many small campers available now, there’s an option for basically any budget.

Below we have a roundup of the 15 best small travel trailers under 3,000 pounds. Use the index to jump to the trailer you’re looking for, or just scroll through and browse them all.

Our Top 15 Best Small Travel Trailers

1. Roulotte Prolite: Plus S

At a Glance

Weight: 1,390 lb
Length: 15’ 2”
Width: 6’ 5”
Full specs.

This small but spacious camper is an ideal pair for your SUV or van, making it easily maneuverable. All your vehicle needs is a towing capacity minimum of 1,500 pounds.

While it is the smallest of the Roulette Prolite trailers, it offers all basic amenities and more. It is perfect for accommodating two campers with a table-bench converting to a 54″x74″ bed.

It also offers heat for those chilly nights. It comes with both a fridge and stove to cure your pangs of hunger. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a companion, this could easy be the idyllic fit for your trip!

2. Forest River R-Pod Travel Tailer

At a Glance

Weight: 2,839 lb
Length: 20′
Width: 96″
Full specs.

This well-equipped camper ready and comes fully loaded. It has a 3-way refrigerator, 4-speed MaxxAir Fan, a 6-gallon water heater, a two-burner stovetop, a dry or wet bathroom, a shower surround with a curtain and much more!

It comes with large 36-gallon holding tanks, a 2000 BTU furnace and a 55-amp converter.

Also, if you have a furry companion, it has pet-friendly utility hooks and food/ water bowls! It comes well-insulated with tinted windows for privacy.

If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, a 2-place bike rack can also be added! This offers a variety of specifications depending on the trailers model. Choose the perfect one for you.

3. Aliner Classic Travel Trailer

Aliner Classic Travel Trailer
At a Glance

Weight: 1,590 lbs
Length: 15’
Width: 78″
Full specs.

This quaint trailer offers a homey, Aline design that is very visually appealing.

You’ll need a vehicle capable of hauling up to 2,500 pounds for the standard model. It includes an exterior shower option, an exterior propane tank and an exterior outlet.

The inside is a cozy, compact fold-out design. For your food storing and kitchen needs, it comes with a 3.0 cubic foot refrigerator, microwave, and 2-burner stove.

It also includes 4 stabilizer jacks, 3 electrical outlets, and a solar port. It even has two smoky skylights to let in natural light or to take it easy and stargaze. What more could you want?

4. The Casita Spirit Lightweight Travel Trailer

Casita Spirit
At a Glance

Weight: 2,185 lbs
Length: 16′
Width: 6′ 8″
Full specs.

This is a perfect fit for the whole family. The model comes in both deluxe and standard trailers. The dinette set in the kitchen comfortably seats 6 people and can be converted into a second sleeping area.

The standard model does not offer a bathroom feature, but the deluxe model offers both a bath and shower!

It is completely customizable with various selections of add-on features.

The kitchen offers both a 2 and 3 burner stove top and optional microwave area. It has opening screen windows, a power fan roof vent, and multiple outlets. Take the family on an adventure!

5. Scamp 16’ Travel Trailer

At a Glance

Weight: 2,600 lbs
Length: 16’
Width: 6′ 8″
Full specs.

You can get these small trailers in up to seven different styles to best suit your desired design. It can sleep up to four campers.

The table can convert into a bed and the sofa converts into a bunk bed, giving plenty of both sleeping and living space. Both toilet and shower bathroom options are available with certain models.

It comes with both heating and cooling installations. In the kitchen it has a miniature refrigerator and a two-burner propane stove.

Check out the different styles, setups, and features for all seven. There is bound to be a layout that you’re looking for!

6. nuCamp Tab 400 Teardrop Trailers

nuCamp Tab 400 Teardrop Trailers
At a Glance

Weight: 2,864 lbs
Length: 18′
Width: 90”
Full specs.

You are bound to enjoy this unique small trailer.

This comes with the comfort of a true to size queen-sized bed, which is enough to sway you in this direction as is. It sleeps up to three campers.

While due to how it’s built, it may appear to be on the small side, it offers many attractive amenities. It comes with a full-sized kitchen, 24″ TV and a wet bath with a fold-down sink.

It also comes customizable with your choice of both interior and exterior color choices as well as packages to ensure you have the precise features you want such as a bathroom.

7. Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer

At a Glance

Weight: 1,400 lbs
Length: 14′
Width: 78″
Full specs.

This rugged, off-road look is sure to turn some heads. If you are looking at durable off-road trailers that can keep up with harsh terrain, this is the camper for you.

It is engineered to be used for drives on dirt, gravel and rock and other rough travel as well as traditional pavement. It is a compact design with multiple packages available to tailor it for your travel needs.

Typically it has an exterior kitchen and no bathroom. From its 15″ aluminum wheels, 4″ lift and 1.5″x120″ HREW made front corner rock sliders, it is built to be hauled by everything from stock to heavily modified vehicles.

8. Escape Travel Trailer

Escape Travel Trailer

At a Glance

Weight: 2,540 lbs
Length: 17′ 8″
Width: 6′ 8″
Full specs.

There are two different plans to choose from here. The Escape is known for its aerodynamics and towing ability.

It is designed to lower the vibration during travel to give you a nice, smooth driving experience.

This model is designed for a tow with a 4,000-pound capacity vehicle, such as a minivan, truck or SUV. This camper is very space-efficient with many storage areas.

It can sleep up to four campers and has a beautifully finished oak interior. It comes with built-in appliances such as a stove, microwave, and refrigerator in the kitchen but no built-in bathroom.

It also offers a two-year full warranty and a customer referral program.

9. Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer

Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer

At a Glance

Weight: 2,585 lbs
Length: 16 ft. 3 in.
Width: 7 ft.
Full specs.

This travel trailer comes with a sleek, transforming design. The floor plan is simple and efficient with an interesting exterior look. Don’t let the small size fool you.

It has a back-hatch exit and main entry door that attach two optional tents, providing 120 more feet to use for extra sleeping space or lounging space. It has a stainless-steel sink and gas stove in the kitchen, and stain-resistant cushioning on furniture.

There is both a half and full-sized bed with blackout curtains.

The bathroom offers a toilet and shower with a removable showerhead. You can bring a whole clan with all this available space!

10. KZ Sportsmen® Classic – Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers

Sportsmen® Classic - Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers

At a Glance

Weight: 2,126 lbs
Length: 15′ 10″
Width: 84″
Full specs.

If you are looking for a classic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get small camper, this may be the one for you.

This practical model comes with a booth style kitchen dinette, built-in refrigerator and lots of cabinet space. The dinette folds out into a bed.

It comes with a closet, a kitchen sink, and a two-burner stove.

The bathroom offers a tub and toilet as well. It is a perfectly compact and simple option to give you all the basics you desire for your travels.

It doesn’t need anything fancy to dazzle. The efficiency speaks for itself.

11. Cricket Camper

Cricket Camper

At a Glance

Weight: 1,732 lbs
Length: 15′
Width: 6’7″
Full specs.

This is a fine machine. It’s rugged but cultured look gives it the off-road feel with all the modern convenience you need.

It can easily be stored in your garage. It is extremely towable by 4-cylinder vehicles.

It sleeps two adults and two small children. One really special feature is that it has a very spacious under-bed storage area for all your camping gear.

It has no bathroom but an exterior shower with both hot and cold water.

The kitchen comes with a sink and many storage cabinets. If a small trailer made for camping is what you seek, you have found it.

12. iCamp Elite

iCamp Elite Camper

At a Glance

Weight: 2,890 lbs
Length: 14′
Width: 6′ 8″
Full specs.

This charming little camper is perfect for the road, fitting up to three campers.

There is a dinette doubling as a bed and a 3-way refrigerator. It comes with safety features such as a gas and smoke detector. It has with a 60-amp converter and interior outlets.

It is equipped with overhead cabinets and a wardrobe storage space, an interior bathroom and kitchen. It is 70 square feet in total.

It has a laminated floor as well as a laminated, foam exterior with an aluminum frame. It would be a terrific traveler for a couple or small group.

13. Jayco – Jay Sport Camping Trailer

Jay Sport Camping Trailer Interior

At a Glance

Weight: 2,270 lbs.
Length: 23.25 ft. when open, 18.5 ft closed
Width: 7’ 1”
Full specs.

This is a very space conscious. It comes compact and has the option to fold out to expand the area on each end.

It has a power-retractable slideout and an expandable bunk. The kitchen comes with a 2-burner stove, a center kitchen table with bench seats, and a compact refrigerator.

It sleeps a total of eight people with one king, one queen, and two foldout convertible beds. It has 13″ D range wheels tires with a spare attachment at the rear.

This is a good choice for a larger family who still wants the compact feel after use.

Hit play on the video below for more shots of this awesome small camper trailer:

14. Happier Camper

At a Glance

Weight: ​1,100 lbs
Length: 13′
Width: 6’11”
Full specs.

This retro-style camper is ideal for the gypsy spirit. If you want to tow in style, this is the one for you.

It has three classic foldout awnings for shade and an added side ledge excellent for a bar area. This has both a side and rear entry point.

The top area has storage space perfect for kayaks and luggage. It also has removable square storage blocks that can double as seating. You can also remove them to make room for larger storage items, such as motorcycles.

This is perfect for couples full of wanderlust.

However this camper is modular, so very customizable with kitchen units or optional dry flush toilet among many other amenities.

15. Bicycle Camper

Bicycle Camper Trailer

At a Glance

Weight: 88 lbs
Length: 9’4″
Width: 3’2″
Full specs.

This innovative wide path camper is an excellent choice for the bicycle enthusiast. Get some exercise while toting around your mini RV.

It has room enough to sleep two people but can hold up to four with seating, so it is okay to have a few guests to dine in!

These campers are sturdy, collapsible and lightweight enough to tow by bicycle.

It is perfect for both urban and rural areas.

Now you can enjoy long biking trips while carrying your belongings with you and staying dry wherever you go.

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