10+ Sprinter Van Conversions to Inspire Your Custom RV Build

Sprinter van conversions have become a favorite among vanlifers and professional RV builders alike.

Their interior height and range of available lengths allow for standing room and plenty of individual customizations.

The Mercedes Sprinter was the first European style van to become available to the North American market. And it was an instant hit with couples and individuals jumping in to convert them.

If you have a Sprinter van or are considering one, the conversions I’ve listed below are some of my favorites. I’ve collected these in my personal bookmarks over the last few years to admire as well as inspire my own conversions.

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What are the interior dimensions of a Sprinter van?

  • The interior cargo length of a Sprinter van is 132.9″ (regular), 173.6″ (long), and 189.4″ (extra long).
  • The interior maximum height of a Sprinter van is 67.7″ (standard), 79.1″ (high).
  • The interior cargo width of a Sprinter van is 70.4″, and 53.1″ between the wheelhouse.

Here are 10 Sprinter Van Conversions to Give You Ideas and Inspiration​

At first, I only included vans built by private individuals in this list, I excluded those built by professional companies.

But I have since updated the list because some of the professionally built vans are just so beautiful and inspirational, it didn’t seem right to have a best Sprinter van conversions list and not include them.

Unique Sprinter Conversion by This Moving House

This Moving House is a UK based van conversion specialist who has built up quite a following with their super clean and inventive conversions.

With their unique use of space and levels, they have created van living spaces with up to 3 bedrooms.

You can follow Jack and his creations on his instagram.

The Concrete Oasis by Ananda

This 2021 Sprinter 170 2500, named the Concrete Oasis, stands out with its Tulum-style architecture and practical features for long-term travel.

It offers a unique blend of style and function, with concrete-like finishes and walnut wood accents.

Not just about aesthetics, it’s also equipped for self-sustained, off-grid living, featuring a robust 800 amp hour lithium electrical system, solar deck, on-demand hot water, and extensive storage.

With seating for seven and sleeping quarters for four, it combines the comfort and elegance of a modern home with the adventurous spirit of van life, making it a versatile choice for various types of travels.

The Eyesopen Vanlife Workshop Sprinter Van

Daryl Lloyd Witt of Eyesopen Vanlife Workshop is a master carpenter whose handmade campervan conversions have featured heavily on this website here.

He continues to bring creative ideas and first class craftsmanship to the space.

Sprinter Van Home with 2 Person Office On Board

Chris and Sara both work online and wanted to build a comfortable home/office on wheels.  So they wanted to fit a king-size bed, two iMacs, a shower and toilet, a stove and oven, and a garage for their two bikes into their build.

A big ask, but I think they pulled it off brilliantly.

Louis the Van by Scarlet & Seth

This van is a 12th build by Scarlet & Seth, and their last for a while.

It features a wet bath with a skylight, a composting toilet, a large floor-to-ceiling unit, a kitchen with double countertops, and a large pit couch that transforms into the bed.

The van is powered by 810 amp hours of Battleborn’s new Game Changer series batteries fed by the solar on the roof.

The Breakawayers

Ultimate Sprinter Van Conversion – A Stealth Apartment on Wheels

Stealth Sprinter Van Conversion

This is one of the first conversions that really made me sit up and go ‘WOW’. It really is an apartment on wheels, which as you’ll see from many others on this list is a design style that really appeals to me.

The bed sits on an electric hoist that is raised during the day to open up the comfortable seating area. At night the bed is lowered effortlessly. So it has a full size always made bed, and a comfortable seating area made with real home quality furniture, without compromising on space.

The van is also completely off-grid, with a solar and battery system that runs everything inside. There is no onboard gas as the stove runs on the vans diesel tank.

A very inspirational build, you can find out more about it here.

The Ultimate Home on Wheels Sprinter Conversion

Best Sprinter Van Conversion

This is another one that impresses me so much I can barely find the words.

Rob and Emily rewrote the script when it comes to van conversions with this one. The layout and design, the workmanship and overall finish on this van really set them in a league of their own.

They’re sure to inspire many copycats, I know I have taken great inspiration from their work.

You can follow them on their instagram.

You can also see with this build how the initial design and the finished conversion don’t precisely match. So be prepared to make adjustments as you go, you are going to meet hiccups along the way.

Open plan feel 2019 Sprinter Conversion with Bathroom & Kitchen

Sprinter Conversion 4

Jess and Sarah from Uphill Adventure used the services of Frank’s Design Company to bring their dream Sprinter Van vision to life.

The van is completely self contained and off grid with 600W of solar and 400Ah of batteries.

There are lots of clever touches and innovative uses of space, you should check out heir full tour video below. You can also follow their adventures on their website Uphill Adventure.

2012 Mercedes Sprinter Van

Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion

Chesca and Ben converted this 2012 long wheel base Sprinter Van themselves, and they did a great job.

The Vanlife bug bit them while they were traveling. And they actually purchased their van from a UK seller while they were 7,000 miles away in Bali. They flew home to finalize their purchase and get started on their build.

You can follow their adventures and learn more about them and their van on their website.

Amazing Homely Conversion by Van Life Builds

Van ife Builds Sprinter Conversion

This unique layout is so cute and homely I’m seriously jealous. And you might have noticed, this and a lot of the other builds I’ve featured here are from the UK. I don’t know why that is, these are just the Sprinter builds that have caught my eye over the last 5 years or so.

I think it’s probably because the UK have had more time with these vans as they’re still somewhat new to North America.

Anyway, to see more from this stunning build click play below to watch the full tour:

Craig & Lauren • Vanlife Sprinter

Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel 4×4 is more than just a camper van—it’s an off-road master.

Packed with a powerful 3-liter turbo diesel engine, this van encourages adventurers to view roads as mere suggestions.

Inside, you’ll find a blend of comfort and utility: a revamped dinette, easy-maintenance interiors, and a versatile bed that doubles as storage.

The exterior boasts a multifunctional galley, ensuring convenience at every turn. With the Revel, Winnebago truly brings style and substance on wheels.

Sprinter Van Converted to Off-Grid Tiny Home for Full-Time Van Life

Liv Van

Louis the Van

One Vantastic Ride

Vera’s Cryptid by Freedom Vans 2021 Sprinter 170″ Van Conversion

Brown Bird & Company Sprinter Conversion

LWB Sprinter Conversion by Van Craft

Clean Sprinter Conversion with Shower Room

Sprinter Van Conversion Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Sprinter van conversion cost?

A Sprinter van conversion will cost you somewhere between $30,000 right up to $150,000. There are a lot of factors that come in to play such as whether you purchase a new or used van. Convert yourself or opt for a factory conversion, the wheelbase, whether you want 4 wheel drive, and the quality of the fittings and amenities you want.

Is a Sprinter van worth it?

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is definitely one of the more pricy vans on the market, but it’s undoubtably also one of the best. If you want something with similar load capacity but is a bit less expensive, take a look at the Ram ProMaster.

How high is a Sprinter van? Can you stand in a Sprinter van?

The standard model has a roof height of 96.3 inches (244cm), and the high roof mode has a height of 107.5 inches (273cm). This is from the ground outside the van.

Inside, the standard model has a standing height of 67.7 inches (172cm) or 5 ft 7 inches, and the high roof model has a standing height of 79.1 inches (200cm) or 6 ft 7 inches.

So only the very, very tall will not be able to stand in a Sprinter van.

Are Sprinter vans expensive to maintain?

I haven’t owned one myself, but from all that I’ve heard and read, this is the one downside to owning a Sprinter, maintenance costs can be brutal.

But then again you will hear conflicting reports, you can read a more thorough article on this here, and check the comments there too.

I hope this article helps inspire your own van build whether you opt for a Sprinter or any other van.

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