Upgrade Your Teardrop Camper with These Must-Have Accessories

Camping has for a long time been a popular hobby. People love spending time outdoors, especially during summer. And when it comes to travel trailer camping, teardrop trailers are one of the styles most cherished by camping enthusiasts. 

Introduced in the 1930s, and maintaining and growing in popularity until this day.

However, since teardrops are so limited in storage space, you have to be extra picky with what you pack and what you leave behind. 

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the best teardrop camper accessories that will help take your camping trip to the next level.

Aluminum Trailer Tongue Storage Box

Some of the best teardrop camper accessories might take up a lot of space in your rig, which can be a problem. In addition to extra storage space, this product also sits outside the camper for convenience. It’s perfect for any outdoor product, and you can simply install it on your hitch tongue. The levelers and chocks can be stored there for easy access, for example. Furthermore, the box is built to last and is weatherproof.

Bike Rack

It is possible to go just about anywhere when you bring a bicycle along with you on your adventure. Teardrop trailers cannot accommodate bikes, so you will have to use bike racks to store them. It mounts to the trailer tongue and is tall enough to accommodate a storage box. Buying this teardrop camper accessory will be a great investment if you’re into biking.

Folding Bike

Folding bikes are the next best solution if you cannot install a bike rack (or don’t want to). Despite taking up less space, this product still provides the same level of mobility. With seven speeds and 20-inch wheels, the Schwinn loop lightweight bike folds neatly inside your teardrop camper trailer and can be carried around easily.

Portable Fridge

You can’t go wrong with a portable fridge when it comes to teardrop camper accessories. Powered by a 12-volt adapter, this model is both compact and versatile. Food and drinks can be stored in the 19-quart size for up to a few days with ease. When camping, you can use it with solar panels or a solar generator.

Handheld Vacuum

Keeping the inside of your camper clean and tidy will go a long way to helping you stay calm and relaxed. Although the bulk of your teardrop camper interior is just a bed, that’s even more reason to make sure it’s crumb free and the surrounding cabinetry is dust free.

Outdoor Rug

This not only helps prevent particles from outside being walked into your camper, it also really ties your campsite together. These mats are soft enough to provide extra comfort, and rugged enough for the outdoor environment. 

Inflatable Awning

Teardrop Camper Accessories

This Sunflexx awning will delight you with all the features you dreamed of in an awning. Unimaginable quality, 100% waterproof, side windows and roll-up side curtains for additional airflow! Pops up in minutes, takes very little space to transport. Comes with an air pump and inflatable front perimeter tube plus one horizontal tube that fits between your camper and the front perimeter of the awning to ensure sturdiness. 

Levelling Ramps

You never know the condition of the campsite you are going to park. It would be nice to always be able to park up on a level surface, but that just isn’t always possible in the real world. These levelling ramps will help you level your camper no matter where you park. 

Wheel Chocks

While the levelling ramps keep your camper level, you might still need something to lock it in place to prevent it from moving or rolling. That’s where these wheel chocks come in useful. Combined with the wheel dock, you can have peace of mind that your camper won’t roll away on you in strong winds. 

Wheel Dock

Once you disconnect your pull vehicle from your camper, you have the freedom to go whatever you want without taking your entire rig with you. However, with the front wheel of your camper now undocked, there’s nothing to make sure it stays in place, that’s what this wheel dock is for. 

Interior LED Lights

Even though your teardrop camper has built-in lights, they may not be sufficient to illuminate the interior. These LED lights are perfect for such a situation. The only thing you have to do is do some light work with electrical components to hook them up, but they allow you to completely customize your interior space.

Folding Camp Table

Flat surfaces are hard to come by when traveling in a teardrop camper. So, bringing a folding table like this can give you a lot more flexibility for eating and other activities. Since it folds, you can save a lot of space as well. 

Collapsible Camping Chair

Obviously there’s not going to be a lot of sitting around and hanging out going on inside your camper, for that reason you’re going to need some comfortable chairs to sit on outside. Whenever you’re packing up your teardrop camper trailer, these chairs can easily be tucked away in your trailer because they’re collapsible.

Telescoping Ladder

During your RV travels, you must maintain your rig. You will need a ladder if you need to reach roof vents or patch roofs. With a telescoping ladder, you can enjoy all the convenience without taking up much space. 

Walkie Talkies

These short-range walkie-talkies allow you to stay in touch with each other without having to rely on a weak cell phone signal when out and about on your camping trip.

Teardrop Trailer Cover

You need to protect your camper when it isn’t in use. Due to harsh weather conditions, fiberglass construction can become brittle over time. Covering your teardrop camper is the easiest way to extend its life.


We considered a lot of potential teardrop trailer accessories for this list, but ultimately paired it down to what we felt will be most useful for teardrop trailer owners without too much extra cost, or camping accessories that are harder to pick up or borrow along your camping experience. 

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