Van Conversion Kitchen Ideas – 15 Creative Layouts

If you’re looking for van conversion kitchen ideas, I’ve compiled this list of the various design options and layouts you can go with for your build.

We all have to eat, so a kitchen is usually one of the biggest considerations when it comes to building out your van conversion.

Some people opt for a more minimalist approach, sticking with the bare essentials. While others will go all-out, creating a kitchen with all the same amenities you’d find in a regular home.

So whatever size of van you’re starting out with, and however extravagant or minimal you want your kitchen to be, I’m sure this post will inspire and get your creative juices flowing.

1. Minivan Rear Slide-Out Kitchen

I love slide-out kitchens, they save on so much space and when they slide to the outdoors you can enjoy cooking outdoors which stops heat, smells and gases building up inside your living space.

2. Side Door Slide-Out Kitchen

Another slide-out this time from the side door. This one has a lot of work surface for preparing meals indoors and doing all the cooking outdoors.

3. Side Door Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen

This one combines the best of both worlds. It is fully operational indoors when the door is closed. So you can still easily prepare meals in bad weather. But on nicer days you just open the door and now you have an outdoor kitchen.

4. Behind Front Seats Van Kitchen

This is a great kitchen setup when you don’t care about accessing the driving area from the living area. It uses the space well keeping the sleeping and cooking areas apart.

5. Galley Style Van Conversion Kitchen

For those with bigger vans and who want to have as much space as possible for those who love to cook and want to do so as comfortably as possible.

6. Side Wall Kitchen

Most van conversions go with a side wall kitchen. It’s probably the design that makes the most intuitive sense. This one has an hatched under-counter fridge/freezer and a very large sink for a van kitchen.

7. Behind Front Seats Corner Kitchen

This corner style kitchen has a very large work surface for preparing meals with a triple burner stove and sink. And in such a small space.

8. Kitchen in Front of Rear Fixed Bed

I love this design. It’s not often you see a van kitchen in this style. But I feel it really creates a studio apartment style living area, with the seating in kitchen area together creating a very homely environment, with the sleeping area tucked up behind.

9. Ultra Minimalist Van Kitchen

For many, you only need what you need, so why waste time, space, and resources on anything else. This simple and compact kitchen allows for food preparation and cooking while taking up very little space.

10. Car Trunk Kitchen

Not a van but how cool is this? For those who don’t yet have a van, you can still get a campervan adventure and cooking experience with your car.

11. Split Galley Kitchen

This double sided galley kitchen splits on one side to allow access to the side door. A beautiful design that is as clean and functional as a regular home kitchen.

12. Bus Conversion All-Mod-Cons Kitchen

Living small doesn’t always mean compromising on convenience as this example shows. It includes an oven, two burners, a fridge with a freezer, a large sink, hot water, a wide countertop, and as much storage as you could ever need.

13. Small Van Rear Door Kitchen

I love the rustique vibe of this camper conversion kitchen. It looks very easy to build, and very basic, but at the same time quite complete.

14. Another Side Door Slide-Out

I had to include another side door slide-out, because they’re awesome. Cooking outdoors is just so much better. And having an outside kitchen ready to go without much hassle to setup is a real game changer.

15. Corner Kitchen Under Construction

This gives you an idea of how simply put together a great looking kitchen can be. This build is at an early stage but the main component are in. and with not much more effort, this will really look fantastic.

Conclusion on camper conversion kitchens

I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration for your own campervan kitchen design.

I love looking at how other people design their vans. You can copy a design you love outright, or take bits and pieces from a few different styles to make your own. Whatever you do, in the end you always end up with something unique. Which is what makes looking at van conversions so interesting.

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