11 Inspirational Van Conversion Shower Design Ideas

Here are some of the best van conversion shower design ideas.

If you’re in the planning stages of your build this post will give you some great inspiration. But even if you’ve already completed your conversion there are still some ideas here that you can implement too.

Many vanlifers are happy to shower at gyms, truck stops and other public facilities. That’s great, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of being able to shower in your own home. And you never know when a global pandemic might come along and all the public shower options are shut.

So lets take a look at the designs…

Luxury Full Shower in Beautiful Conversion

Van Conversion Shower Ideas

This is the ultimate shower lovers’ choice. This is a full-size shower as you would find in any house, in fact this actually looks more luxurious than many regular bathroom showers. You can see more of this beautiful conversion here.

Cube Wet Room by Yama Vans

We love that this design maintains an open concept layout, while still allowing for quick use of the important things.

Hidden Shower & Bath by Wanderful Wheels

This camper has an indoor shower and bath tub without a designated wet bath.

Hidden Bathroom Under Countertop

I love the thinking behind these. You don’t sacrifice the vertical space which can close off your van and make it feel much more cramped. Plus with the lid down the space can be used for sitting, working or preparing meals.

Traditional RV Style Bathroom

This is a typical bathroom design you’ll find in many factory built RVs. There’s a lot to be said for having a dependable, always ready to go bathroom in a van. Some of the other options look a lot cooler, but this style is typical for a reason, it just works.

Shower Tray Hidden in Drawer

These drawer hidden drawer style shower designs will particularly appeal to those in smaller vans.

Fold Away Shower

This fold away shower is functional but isn’t going to win any awards in the aesthetic department. More for the utilitarian camper.

Classic Budget Van Conversion Shower

The classic bucket, shower curtain and hula hoop van shower. Tried and tested by vandwellers since the days long before instagram made it cool.

Bathroom Hidden Under a Work-surface

Here’s another example of a bathroom hidden in a cupboard.

Shower Extender Drawer

Another hidden drawer but this time the shower drawer becomes an extension of the bathroom. For a double whammy you could combine the hidden drawer shower with the bathroom hidden under a work-surface for the ultimate extendable wash room.

Most Simple Way to Shower in a Van

This is the classic. Virtually no setup required, just step outside the back of your van, setup a “modesty curtain” and go.

Shower Tray Hidden Under Floor

You can also have your shower tray hidden under your floor. Perhaps a bit more workmanship involved than some of the other options but a great one for those who can pull it off.

Full Bath in Van

Now, this is elaborate. Why settle for just a shower when you can have a full bath? If you can’t live without a relaxing soak in a bath, maybe you should say in a hotel. But if you must van camp, there’s always an option. But you’re going to need a water hookup for sure. 🙂

Types of Portable Showers Available

Here are some of the best portable shower options available to you.

Camp Shower Bag

2BK Portable Camping Shower Outdoor Shower Bag for Camping, Hiking, Traveling

This portable 5 gallon (20 liter) outdoor shower bag is made from eco-friendly materials and operates via gravity. Just fill with water and lay the bag in sunlight for a few hours. The back color will help the bag absorb heat and bring the water up to temperature. Click here to view it on Amazon.com

Weed Sprayer

Chapin 20003 Made in USA 3-Gallon Lawn and Garden Pump Pressured Sprayer, for Spraying Plants, Garden Watering, Lawns, Weeds and Pests, Translucent White

This has been the go-to choice for vandwellers for many years. The pump-action enables you to pressurize the tank to get a nice pressurized shower. Most people half fill with cold water then top up with water heated on the stove to have a warm shower. Click here to view it on Amazon.com

Electric Rechargeable Portable Shower

Riigoo Camping Shower Portable Shower for Camping Outdoor Shower Camp Portable Shower Head Handheld Camping Shower Pump Powered by Upgraded Rechargeable Battery, 1 Year Warranty

These portable showers charge via USB or car cigarette lighter. Once when fully charged they will allow for at least 45 minutes of continuous use. All you do is fill a bucket with water, drop one end of the portable shower into the bucket, and stick the shower head end up using the suction cup provided. Click here to view it on Amazon.com

Van with Shower Hidden Beneath Seating

Portable Propane Hot Shower

Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump – Compact Outdoor Cleaning Showering System w/LCD Auto Safety Shutoff for Instant Hot While Camping, Hiking Carry Case Included

If you want to bring some home comfort to your camping shower experience then this is the option for you. Click here to view it on Amazon.com

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