9+ Cool Vintage Bus Conversions

The interest in vintage buses as motorhome projects never goes away.

Why do people want to convert them into a house on wheels?

Well, some of them are huge, which gives you a lot of room for living, sleeping, storage and driving.

They’re also relatively easy to work on because of their old style engine and mechanics, and can reliably keep going for decades.

Then, there’s the striking looks, which is something that attracts people who want to create unique mobile lifestyles and living spaces.

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9 Must-See Vintage Bus Conversions

From cool school bus conversions to inspiring interior design ideas, here are some of the best vintage buses.

1978 International Bus Conversion

This bus was sold on Craigslist and quickly became a viral sensation. A look inside explains everything. The bus was renovated as needed, the interior made of wood, including a complete kitchen, living room and bedroom. A wood-burning stove to keep it warm in winter and the roof terrace for grilling at sunset.

1978 Bluebird Bus Conversion

Mike and Natalie Young bought this 1978 Bluebird bus for the equivalent of 2800 euros on a classifieds portal and named it Rosie. All the seats have already been removed by the previous owner, so the two only had to furnish it to their liking. The highlight is the kitchen with an oven, but the bedroom and living room are also open and spacious. Disadvantage?

“Well, in summer it gets hot in metal boxes. Very hot. Between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm we could hardly live in there, despite the air conditioning, ”says Natalie.

Vintage Bus Conversions

The Yellow School Bus Conversion

Because they wanted to live in the country and avoid expensive rent, Julien and Pico from British Columbia found this bus a few years ago. They park it on a farm in a forest, right by the river 30 minutes from Whistler and an hour from Vancouver.

It has all modern comforts: gas stove, refrigerator, washing machine, shower, toilet, hot water and heating.

The Green Double Decker

Not only Americans are creative when it comes to renovating buses.

Adam Collier-Woods from England bought this green double-decker on Ebay for a little over 6000 euros. He invested another 10,000 euros and 6 months of his precious time and turned the bus into a second home. It is equipped with a bedroom for two, sofas, a kitchen and a wood stove.

The Emerald Gypsy

This is probably the oldest bus conversion in this series. A 1949 Ford school bus that has been lovingly transformed into a retro home. The interior is clad in wood, the roof has a terrace and the double bed offers a great view through the back door. What more do you want? For seven years it drove its owners through Northwest America.

The Modern Bus

The well-known Israeli interior designer Tally Saul and Hagit transformed this doomed bus into modern living space. Great emphasis was placed on luxurious furnishings. The bus has a fitted kitchen made of chrome, including a seating area, fully equipped bathroom and of course air conditioning. If you couldn’t see it from the outside, you’d assume it was a dead-chic, unusually designed apartment.

The Majestic Bus Conversion

A lovingly converted Bedford Panorama Bus complete with hand crafted kitchen and powered by the sun!

The bus has a beautiful wooden floor, painted pine boarding and a well thought-out dining/kitchen area with hand-built units, oak worktops, a gas cooker and a fridge. At the back is a cosy double bed and a wood-burning stove placed on an old flagstone. An L-shaped sofa seat folds into a further double bed. Solar panels on the roof power the lights and a socket to charge phones, laptops etc.

It is available to stay in and rent as a holiday home here.

1959 Chevrolet Viking

How about turning a bus from the 1950s into a trailer? This one was rebuilt by Winkelman Architecture. We like the wood paneling and the retro style. It has a foldable bed, a plumbing system and of course electricity. With a bus like this, you’re always at the forefront, right?

Hanks Bus

Hank is an architecture student. He bought a bus and converted it as part of his graduation project. The great thing about this bus is the practicality. It is designed puristically, with no frills. It is functional, from the foldable bed to the multifunctional fixtures for eating, sleeping, working and stowing. Everything is cleverly designed, ergonomic and simple.

Hinterlandes Rental Bus Home

This unique tiny home was created by converting a school bus imported from the US. The interior features rustic decor with enough seating and a full kitchen, while the upstairs has a main bedroom for two people, an Aga, hot shower, and composting toilet.

The interior uses locally sourced larch wood and reclaimed oak flooring, and there are attention-grabbing additions like a marble-tiled bathroom, vintage light fixtures, and salvaged door handles.

The tiny home offers Wi-Fi, a built-in speaker system, and a wood burner, as well as a private wood-fired hot tub outside. The original features of the bus, including the driver’s seat and steering, are still intact.

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Stephanie Lynne