Volkswagon Crafter Apartment on Wheels

You may have heard that term before, “apartment on wheels”, heck I’ve used it before on this very website. But rarely is that term more applicable than it is for this Volkswagon Crafter van conversion right here.

It was made by Daryl Lloyd, a carpenter from the UK who usually specializes in building kitchens and bespoke handmade furniture. But man, does he know how to apply to those skills to convert a van.

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Check this out…

That’s a 1000 x 800mm shower, which is actually larger than what you’ll find in many households.

The plant adds a very homely touch. Though speaking personally, I’d probably have to opt for a plastic plant, as I definitely don’t have the greenest of thumbs.

The van is clean and cool from the outside too, and very stealthy.

The VW Crafter van is a versatile and reliable commercial vehicle that offers exceptional functionality and practicality. With its spacious interior, the Crafter provides ample cargo space, making it ideal for camper conversions.

The Crafter is probably most similar to the Mercedes Sprinter, although the Crafter has not yet made it to the North American market, and is not available in as many configurations, such as different wheelbase options and body lengths.

You definitely wouldn’t expect what you see when you open up that side door.

This conversion really has the looks of a modern home or apartment when you open that side door.

The plant, shower, and checked tiling really give it a homely look not typically found in camper vans or RVs.

The large shower does sacrifice having a pass-through from the driving to the living area, that’s one of the few negatives of this layout for me.

But that’s just a personal preference.

Stepping inside we see the dining area, kitchen and bedroom. The dining area converts to a comfortable couch or a children’s bed.

With a fixed bed at the rear, and a fixed dining area. This camper conversion packs a lot in to this small space.

I’m a fan of a fixed bed in an RV. If you’ve had an exhausting day, and you just feel like collapsing in bed and going to sleep, the last thing you want to bother with is converting a dining area into a bed.

But often, when you go with a fixed bed, or choose to keep the dining area/bed in bed mode all the time, you have to forego a dining area and eat on your bed, which isn’t ideal.

Under the bed at the back is a very large storage area

With this huge storage area under the bed, there’s plenty of room for tools, camping chairs and other camping equipment.

I like to bring my folding bicycle along on camping trips, which would easily fold up and fit into that space, too.

This is definitely one of the most beautiful van conversions I’ve seen in some time

This carpenter builds home furniture for a living, so it’s no surprise that everywhere you look this van interior has the appearance of an actual home

The custom built bed has 4” thick foam mattress and mattress cover, with a custom made headboard with two touch sensitive reading lights, both have usb charge points in. The main van lights can be switched on as you enter the side door and switched off from the bed.

I love everything about it


The van has a diesel heating system, an instant hot water heater, and a 120 liter (32 gallon) water tank to feed that amazing shower.

It has a portable chemical toilet that lifts in and out of the shower area as needed. This is convenient as it gives you plenty of space when taking a shower, though it might not suit everyone’s preference.

When it comes to electrics, everything in the van runs off 12v and the 230 amp hour battery bank. This is an area I would look to improve upon if I owned this van. Something of this design quality deserves a solar panel setup and a 300+ amp hour lithium battery to really make this liveable full-time.

Conversion #2

Here is another van from Daryl Lloyd, using the same Volkswagon Crafter base vehicle and the same layout and design, there are just a few changes with the internal fixtures and finishings.

I like the lighting at the entry step in this conversion.

Along with the plants, it really keeps in line with the modern apartment feel Eyesopen Vanlife Workshop always go for.

Why change a winning formula?

Overall, the layout is the same as the first conversion, he’s just gone with different colors and finishings.

He’s gone for a clean white finish through the kitchen and bathroom this time

The seating area gets a slight makeover, and still transforms into a small bed

Having a friend staying with you, but not the type of friend you share a bed with? This seating area breaks down into a second bed.

Again we see the finishing styles that make all Eyesopen conversions look more like a modern apartment than a typical campervan.

You can follow the builder of this van on his instagram page here.

Conversion #3

Here is yet another incredible build from this same workshop. This time with a staircase leading to a pop top upstairs bedroom.

This is actually the first time I’ve seen a pop-top roof on a van conversion of this size.

At first glance, from this angle, the inside looks like it’s much the same layout as the previous conversions, however…

It’s quite different. With a staircase come storage basins immediately on the right, leading to the lift bedroom.

A stairway to sleepy time.

Which means the seating area at the back replaces the fixed bed seen in previous conversions.

View from the seating area toward the front of the camper living area.

A very cozy looking sleeping loft if you ask me.

More Interior Shots From Eyesopen Workshop Vans

Conversion #4

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