What Is A Class C Plus RV?

Packed with value and power, Class C plus RVs are grandfathers of Class C motorhomes. With a wide variety of features Class C plus RVs differentiate them from this line of motorhomes. To know what is a class C plus RV and why you should buy it, keep reading till the end.

Class C plus RVs are manufactured on heavy-duty and robust chassis like the Ford F-550 or Ram 5500. It comes with exquisite luxurious features and incredible towing capacity. Also known as Super Class C RVs, they’re very comfortable to drive and have bigger storage compartments.

A class C plus motorhome is undoubtedly an incredible choice for your family. If you’re planning on getting on to make camping trips, make sure you go through this article to know the benefits of having one and the top picks.

What Is A Class C Plus RV?

Features Of Class C Plus Motorhomes

I think the identity of class C plus motorhomes and its popularity is formed by the features it has. So, to truly understand what is a Class C plus RV we need to learn what features it offers. But, before we talk about the features, let’s see the specs sheet first.

  • Length: 32 to 45 feet
  • Capacity: 9 people
  • Vehicle Weight: 23,000 to 32,000 pounds
  • Towing Capacity: 10,000 to 30,000 pounds
  • Slide-Outs: up to 4
  • Fuel Economy: 6 to 10 mpg (could vary)
  • Cost: $200,000 to $700,000

Now that you know the specs of a typical class C plus RV let’s take a look at some of its features that make it so popular. After going through the list of features it comes with, you’ll have a hard time not falling in love with the Class C plus RV. So without further ado, here are its features –

  • Easy Maintenance: A Class C plus is a very easy-to-maintain vehicle. The parts of Class C RVs are widely available. Besides, you’ll find several shops that can repair your RV and service it. Just about any Ford mechanic will be able to fix your Class C plus RV for you should there be a problem.
  • Safe Front Motor Design and Better Safety: The motor in Class C plus RV is placed in the front. This design makes the vehicle safe besides being ergonomic. Also, the easy access is very convenient for filling stations.

Family safety comes first in any situation, and a Class C plus RV ensures that successfully with the front motor design in case of a collision. The crash box in front of the driver takes a hit and is designed to save the passenger and driver in an unfortunate crash.

It’s also equipped with airbags which is a rare find in motorhomes. Besides, it has three wide emergency doors which is also another feature not found in most RVs.

  • More Comfortable and Easier to Drive: All Class C motorhomes are designed like a van which makes it very easy and comfortable to drive. There is a front-row seating behind the front wheels in a Class C plus RV. So the design resembles a pick-up rather than trucks or busses.

It could be a little daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, a Class C plus RV is straightforward to maneuver. You’ll also feel more comfortable driving it in adverse weather.

  • Comes with Luxurious Features: Class C plus RVs are known for well-appointed features both inside and outside. It will make you feel at home on the road. It is furnished with real wood cabinetry in both the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Additionally, the bathrooms are spacious with tile flooring. There’s a programmable temperature control system with an electric fireplace. Besides, a Class C plus RV is notorious for its spacious floors.

  • Storage Compartments and Slide-Outs: An RV slide-out is an additional space controlled by a button to slide into a small room. A slide-out could be a small closet for the bed. Multiple ones can be anything from a kitchen to a dining area. As these open up to a space, they make a comfortable living area.

A Class C plus RV usually has up to four slide-outs. But sometimes they might not have one. Having three to four slide-outs makes the RV more wide and spacious. Additionally, a Class C plus RV is widely known because of its storage compartments.

These vehicles come with extensive basement space and storage compartments in which you can keep camping chairs, grilling units, tents, and other things you want to take with you on trips. You can access these compartments by swinging the doors up.

  • Powerful Chassis and Towing Capacity: Class C plus RV is built on rugged chassis. Having a powerful chassis will provide your RV with a solid foundation for a home on wheels. Besides, it will also guarantee easy cool down of the motor and more mileage.

A class C plus RV also comes with impressive towing capacity. Whether you want to take a boat or a trailer along with you on a trip, a Class C plus RV has you covered. It can tow up to 40,000 pounds of weight effortlessly as it is built with durable materials. Additionally, it also has excellent torque and horsepower.

A Class C plus RV is a superior choice between Class A motorhomes and your standard Class C motorhomes. If you want to make the right investment for you and your family, make sure you’re aware of the benefits of the vehicle that you choose.

Top Picks for Class C Plus RVs?

There isn’t much competition among manufacturers of Class C plus RVs as there aren’t many of them. Among the famous manufacturers of Class C plus RVs are Thor, Dynamax, Jayco, Renegade, Newmar, and some other companies.

Among these, Dynamax and Newmar produce some of the best Class C plus RV. Some of these are listed below. You can consider these options before you choose the final vehicle.

  1. Newmar Supreme Aire: Built on a Freightliner M-2 112 chassis, this RV can tow up to 30,000 pounds. It has a 505 HP and 12.8L Cummins Diesel engine with five-floor plans.
  2. Thor Motor Coach Magnitude: This one is built on a Ford F-550 chassis and comes with a 6.7L power stroke Diesel engine. Additionally, it has 330 HP.
  3. Dynamax Isata 5: This vehicle is built on a Ram 5500 SLT chassis with 360 HP. This is the most popular choice in their lineup. It has a 360 HP and 6.7L I6 Turbo Diesel engine with three-floor plans.

Some honourable mentions are the Entegra Accolade, Nexus Ghost, the Renegade Ikon, and the Jayco Seneca. These vehicles serve their purposes incredibly well, so choose one that matches your needs and fits your budget.

Additionally, make sure that you know what you’re looking for because each RV is designed to perform better than its competition in specific areas. The mentioned ones are excellent overall, but it’s best to narrow your choice down according to your particular needs. Also, don’t forget specialized RV insurance and regular maintenance schedules!


A Class C plus RV is an excellent investment if you want to accommodate a moderately large family. If a Class C plus RV fits your budget and you’re looking for a big rig with the looks of a typical class C motorhome, it’s going to be a worthy investment.

I hope this article gave you an idea about what is a Class C plus RV and whether you want to purchase one. I hope you make a great choice and have the most memorable trips across the country. Good luck!

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