About Us

OffGridSpot was created to be the #1 place you turn to for RV living and camping gear, guides and information.

RV’s are more popular now than they ever have been. And while it used to be an interest dominated by the over 50’s and retirees, it is now becoming extremely popular among a much younger demographic. So our focus right now is on creating high quality writing and images to inspire and help this growing community.

We hope you enjoy OffGridSpot and we appreciate you visiting. We encourage your feedback and will often incorporate user contributions and feedback into the site. Feel free to contact us, and connect via our social media on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Who’s Involved?

Gary Michaels
Gary Michaels

I am the founder of OffGridSpot. My love for RV’s first started when I saw an old VW Camper parked outside my grandparent’s house when I was a kid. I would peer over the fence, staring into that thing every chance I got. I never did get inside it, nor did I ever see it move. But from then on I was obsessed with motorhomes and small and/or nomadic living. After living and travelling in a self converted van in my home country of Ireland, and the UK, I took my adventure through Europe for what was supposed to be 6-8 months. That’s when I got caught in the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle, eventually traveling extensively throughout Europe and Asia for the last 8 years.

Stephanie Lynne

Stephanie applied to become part of the OffGridSpot team via an ad on our site looking for writers. Her love of writing and experience in the outdoor and RV industry made her a natural for the role of head writer and product review specialist. She’s especially eager to review products when I buy them and have them sent to her for review. 🙂

Stephanie’s parents were in the military so she grew up being used to a more mobile life. She currently travels the US in an Ultra Light Travel Trailer with her boyfriend. The adventurous pair regularly go off the beaten path leaving their trailer behind to trek into more off grid locations to camp.