Adria Astella Luxury Mobile Home

Mobile home or luxurious caravan? With the Adria Astella, you can set it up like a fixed mobile home or pull it like a normal caravan. 

Your dream vacation home can be on the beach, in the mountains, or on a lake. Even when traveling to remote locations, you can still enjoy luxury.

Innovation In Design

“We decided that rather than start with a good benchmark product like a regular caravan we started with a deep dive into the holiday experience we wanted to deliver. You could say we turned conventional wisdom on its head and we broke all the rules”.

“The result is a really innovative and unique home. Some would view it as a caravan, albeit a luxurious one, because you can tow it like any regular caravan. Others see it in the same light as a mobile home, a static caravan if you like. Whatever you decide to call it, think of it as your own luxurious holiday home, set down where you most like to spend your time but moveable at the end of the holiday season or when you want to change the location”.

Erna Povh – Project Leader
Adria Astella Exterior

A caravan that is location independent and equipped like a mobile home or tiny house, the Adria Astella has the advantages of both. 

All Astella models are based on an AL-KO chassis with an extra-wide Comprex body. A wind tunnel for ultralight aircraft has been used to optimize the aerodynamic performance of the Adria Astella. With a body length ranging from 8.99 to 10.02 meters, the Adria Astella is a good-sized caravan, and you can live in it comfortably. 

The double panoramic doors and windows create a spacious feel, as inside and outside merge and bring you close to nature. 

A comfortable and luxurious interior characterizes the Adria Astella. The materials used here are only of high quality. There are three different layouts for the Adria Astella luxury caravan.

Choose from three Astella models, each with its own unique layout.

The company distributes vehicles worldwide through a network of partners and over 500 dealers. Find out more on their official website.

It feels like a luxurious beach house, everything just flows and cocoons you.

Gary Michaels