What Size RV Generator Do I Need?

RV’s are great at making outdoor activities like camping more fun. They make work easier and increases comfort among other advantages which are why their optimum functionality is important. RV generators help with this by not only charging the RV’s battery but also in powering small gadgets like toasters and hair dryers. Choosing a good RV generator is therefore important especially when it comes to size since it determines how well your vehicle will perform. This will ensure you have a constant supply of power as you enjoy your camping trip.

Choosing the best RV generator size

For most people who own RVs, the question of what size RV generator do I need is a query that brings about a lot of confusion and uncertainties. However, the answer to that question isn’t difficult since it depends on the work the generator is expected to carry.

The best RV generator for your needs is determined by the number of appliances you intend to use as well as the amount of power your a/c consumes. This means that you mainly have to look at the power supply rather than the physical size.

The RV’s air conditioning system is always a major contributor to the factors to be considered since it consumes a lot of power. You, therefore, need to look at the wattage it consumes when it first powers on because that’s when consumption is at its peak. The a/c usually needs more power at the beginning to start it but as it continues to run, it becomes consistent.

Add all the wattage of the appliances you intend to use in the RV then come up with an estimate of how much power you’ll need. For instance, if the a/c is indicated to consume between 2000W and 2500W, and another appliance like the microwave is indicated as 1000W, choose an RV generator that has at least 4000W capacity. This is the best size since it will allow you to use all appliances at the same time without any problem.

When it comes to physical size, measuring the compartment for the generator will help you get a good fit. You need to measure all sides which includes the length, width, and height. After that, choose a generator that has a slightly smaller size compared to your measurements.

Other factors to consider

After choosing the correct size you also need to pick the correct type in terms of fuel being used. There are three main types which are diesel, gasoline and liquid propane RV generators. For those whose RVs are using diesel, the diesel generators are the best option. Although gasoline is readily available and may seem like a good option, its main disadvantage is that it is very flammable. This can easily cause accidents. The propane RV generators are ideal for those who are conscious of environmental impact due to emissions.


Rv generators are usually more expensive than regular generators. The size you choose can also be determined by the amount you’re willing to spend. However, after calculating the wattage you can get a good deal both at online and onsite stores. This can be achieved by comparing the prices at different stores and different brands of generators. Make sure you conduct regular maintenance on the generator to keep it in great shape for longer.