Comfortable & Stylish Luton Box Van Camper Conversion

Of all the builds I’ve seen over the years, this box van camper conversion is one of my all-time favorites.

David and Heather did all the work themselves converting a Volkswagen LT35 Luton Box Van into the amazing home you’re about to see below.

Everything was built with full-time off-grid living in mind, unfortunately however the pair ended up making the difficult decision to sell the van after it was complete.

Have a look at the photos below and you’ll see why this build impressed us so much…

David and Heather’s Box Van Camper Conversion

Luton Box Van Camper Conversion

On demand gas hot water heater and gas bottle locker towards the back of the van

Rear of van

Vintage gas cooker and unique copper sink were sourced on eBay, with the homemade copper faucet to match

Kitchen AreaVintage Cooker

Bright & spacious bathroom with unique homemade copper shower & rail details

Bathroom 1Bathroom 2

Water is supplied by the huge 85L underslung water tank

Underslung Water Tank

The 200W solar panel on the roof provides free power to top-up the deep-cycle leisure battery housed underneath the seating

Solar PanelElectrics and batteries

The overall style and workmanship of this build really is incredible

Kitchen view

The seating area is very spacious and is next to the wood burner, the van also has a handy passthrough from the living area to the driving area, a rare feature on box van conversions

Seating area

The passthrough also incorporates extra storage on each side

Passthrough Storage

A full size double bed sits above the cab area with TV and book shelving within easy reach

Sleeping area

The van viewed from the sleeping area

View from sleeping area

All in all I think this is one of the most impressive box van conversions I’ve ever seen. 

You can watch the full video tour in the video below…​

You can follow David and Heather and see photos of the building process on Instagram.

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Off Grid Solar Box Van Conversion

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