What is the Best RV Sewer Hose in 2024? Reviews & Top Picks

When searching for the best RV sewer hose, you may wonder what the difference is between all of the products that are available. Depending on your RV set up, there may be different types of sewer hoses that may work better for you, and you may also have certain preferences when it comes to managing your RV black water. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best sewer hose for RV’s and some reviews to help choose the one you need.

Our Picks: Best RV Sewer Hose

Facts about Black Water Hoses For RVs

Used for draining waste from RV’s, a sewer hose is used as a pipe system to flush waste from your vehicle into an external sewage system. When you buy a sewer hose, you want to make sure it functions well, has a good length of hose, and is guaranteed to be stable. You also need to take of your sewer hose by preventing it from getting rained on to stop rust and contamination and perform regular cleaning to make sure you are maintaining hygiene.

Considerations for Buying a Dump Hose for your RV

The first consideration you should make when purchasing a sewer hose for your RV is how frequently you will be using the hose. It you regularly go on road trips or take vacations, you will have a higher possibility of using the sewer hose, so it is important to look for one that is durable. It helps to purchase a sewer hose from one of the more reliable and popular manufacturers to ensure durability no matter how often you use it.


You will find the drain of a sewer hose is available in a number of lengths and thicknesses. The hose can also be made of various materials and come in different sizes which are usually between 15 and 20 feet long. You can also purchase an extension hose that can come in various lengths if you find you need to run your sewer hose a longer distance to the dumping station.


Extension hoses are often handy when you need a longer hose to run your sewer hose to a dumping station. When purchasing a sewer hose extension, make sure you are getting the right connectors and fittings so that you don’t run the risk of having a leak during a draining period.


Flexibility of your sewer hose is another important consideration when making your purchase. Having enough flexibility in your sewer hose will help when you need to pass the hose through different corners and curves. Making sure the materials of the hose are flexible enough allows you to drain the waste water efficiently from your RV to the dumping station. Plus, flexibility will also help when you need to store it.

Flow Consistency

Consistency of the flow is another important factor, so you need to choose a sewer hose with a wide diameter or radius. A wide measurement will allow it to be supported and sustained when you are draining waste water. Having a wide sewer hose gives you more control and allows you to handle the volume and pressure of the waste water.  A wider hose will mean that it is made of a more flexible material which gives you a better flushing ability. Also remember that most campground dumping stations are not level, so you also may want to look for a hose that will give you a consistent flow when it is not angled down.

Use Frequency

How often you use the sewer hose is also an important consideration. If you are always using your RV for outdoor types of travel, you will want to make sure you buy a heavy duty sewer hose. If you rarely use your RV, a standard hose may be enough, but remember that they are not as durable and heavy-duty but will still serve its function well.


Storage systems are found in most RV’s these days, but if you have buy an extension or a heavy-duty sewer hose, you will want to make sure you RV has the right storage system. Many times the type of sewer hose you buy will be dependent on your RV’s storage capacity as buying a sewer hose for an RV that does not have the room to store it will only become an inconvenience. Ideally, you would have an under carriage storage bay.

RVer Connecting best RV sewer hose to dump station

RV Waste Hose Accessories

Along with your new sewer hose, there are a few additional items that can help make your life easier and healthier.

Latex gloves – Even though this should be obvious, you are working with fecal matter, so it is always a good idea keep everything as sanitary as possible. ALWAYS make sure to wear gloves.

RV Sewer Hose Supports – If you are parked for long periods of time in a campground, a sewer hose support can be convenient as it keeps the flow of waste moving. If you don’t have a sewer hose support, you can run the risk of having a backup. Plus, the support is a good way to keep your sewer hose up off the ground and away from anything that could damage it while lying on grass.

Clear Connector – Having a clear connector is a helpful way to watch the sewer hose become clean and truly empty. You can purchase a clear attachment as either a 45- or 90-degree attachment, or as a straight attachment.

Flushing Hose – A flushing hose is used ONLY for sewer purposes, but it can be any type of hose, even a garden hose. It allows you to rinse out your sewer hose or is helpful to back-flush your tank. Remember not to use this hose for anything else, and, if decided not to have a hose, make sure to have a gallon of water on hand in case the dumping station doesn’t have any. That way you can just flush out the sewer hose by pouring water into it before it gets unhooked from the dump hole.

Macerators – On occasion, you may find yourself with no dump stations around, so you may need to dump your waste into the sewer clean out of your home or a toilet. If this happens, a macerator is handy in crushing everything, much like a garbage disposal, so you won’t have a problem getting it to go through a typical garden hose. This accessory is not a necessity, but if you find yourself in areas where a dump station is not easy to get to or is just not available, this will allow you an alternative way to dump out your waste.

Sewer Hose Reviews

1. Thetford Titan 15 RV Sewer Hose Kit – RV Black Water Hose

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One of the high rated sewer hoses on the market, the Thetford Titan RV Sewer Hose extends to a standard length of 15 feet, but does include a 10-foot extension hose that is handy if the original length comes up short. Featuring a straightened body, the Thetford Titan Sewer Hose will spin comfortably without causing any breakage. It also comes equipped with a five-in-one sewer adapter that includes an easy to grasp handle that unlike any other hose you will find on the market.

The head features a grip fitting that ensures comfort and suitability, plus the grip fittings come with end caps that are secure and intended to prevent leaks during usage. Because of the included TPE cover, the Thetford Titan sewer hose is safe from being crushed from an accidental step or something being placed over it. This is also a good hose for any temperature due to its ability to prevent punctures and abrasion as set up by Proprietary TPE.

The Thetford Titan is also a versatile and easy to mount hose with its universal bayonet mount. This is a great tool to have on any road trip as it makes emptying the holding tanks more pleasant task. This is one of the more long lasting and tough sewer hoses available in the industry.

2. Camco Revolution RV Sewer Hose – Best Sewer Hose for RV

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If you are headed out on a long distance trip, the Camco Revolution RV Sewer Hose is perfect to take along to ensure that you get good drainage. With the ability to spin 360 degrees, the sewer fittings are attached letting you easily tighten them throughout the connection. It comes with four storage caps so you can make regular changes during storage that are used at each of the two sections at ten feet.

The Camco Revolution also includes a protection feature for your hands with wire and elbow guards. This is a simple to store product that can be pushed down to 2 inches for every 10 inch section providing a great space saving feature. This is a very durable product that includes a 4-in-1 elbow adapter and a bayonet fitting.

This product comes ready to use and are made of heavy duty HTS vinyl. Since the hose comes in two 10-foot sections, you can either just use one section of shorter distances or combine them to use the entire 20 feet. The elbow is translucent which lets you see when your tank is empty making it a convenient tool when you are out on the road. This Camco is our pick for the best RV sewer hose.

3. Valterra Dominator Sewer Hose Kit – RV Dump Hose Kit

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If you are looking for superior drainage, the Valterra Dominator will hold its shape after you install it which helps prevents leaks. It comes fully assembled when you purchase and is ready to use immediately. It also has fittings that are permanently attached so it is strong and durable and won’t break easily.

This is one of the most endorsed sewer hoses on the market and is known for its excellent drainage. The Valterra Dominator comes in a standard 15 feet length and since it comes fully installed, you will not have the problems that usually come with installing a sewer pipe. And, since it holds it shape after installation, you will have a superior drainage experience, and it also doesn’t crush easily should someone step on it or drop a large object on it.

Since the fittings are always attached and you can’t take them apart, this ensures you will have leakage protection while using it so you won’t have to worry about spilling waste in your RV. The fitting also spin 360 degrees which stops any twist or kinks from appearing. This is a heavy-duty hose that features a UV stabilized, durable poly construction.

4. Valterra EZ Coupler Extension Hose – RV Septic Hose

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Equipped with a standard bayonet fitting, the Valterra EZ Coupler Extension Hose will twist on for a secure connection. It also has a new patent pending for a rotating end that will always keep the hose lying flat so it provides the best possible drainage. This hose is ten feet long but also includes another additional 10 feet with the deluxe kit.

After you connect the Valterra EZ Coupler, you will get the best possible drainage since it will stay flat due to its ability to spin when you are setting it up. If you find it difficult to connect a hose, this is a great hose for you as it makes it easy for users with its already fixed bayonet fittings. It also comes with a UV protectant cover that makes sure the hose doesn’t crack from small accidents and will collapse to 25 inches when you are ready to store it.

5. Camco RhinoFLEX RV Sewer Hose – RV Waste Hose Kit

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Featuring a standard 15-foot long hose, the Camco RhinoFLEX guarantees a fast connection, even with a long distance. You get four prongs with bayonet fittings that give you a secure fitting during the installation process. Plus, there is an elbow that is translucent elbow on the hose’s ending that is attached with a four-inch adapter that is removable.

The Camco RhinoFlex is limited to specific slips including a 3-, 3.5-, and 4-inch sewer connections that are threaded. Unlike other sewer hoses, the RhinoFlex features locking rings that are recyclable and are intended for third fittings allowing you to transfer to another hose, even after you have used it, with the add-on storage cap. You can easily store the hose easily as it compresses down to 56 inches.

Constructed with sturdy polyolefin, the Camco RhinoFlex is reinforced with steel wire making it incredibly tough, but it will also collapse to extend out for as much as you need. With bayonet fitting that have four prongs for a secure fit, the Camco RhinoFlex also has an elbow that is translucent elbow that is easy to detach with its 4-in-1 adapter. With a swivel and reuseable locking ring, the fittings you can move to another hose if you need.


The winner of the best RV sewer hose is the Camco Revolution RV Sewer Hose. This is the perfect hose to take on your next road trip to make sure that you get good drainage. It has the ability to spin 360 degrees so you can easily tighten sewer fittings throughout the connection. It also comes equipped with four storage caps so you can make regular changes when storing your sewer hose, plus it provides a protection feature for your hands with wire and elbow guards.

The Camco Revolution can be pushed down to 2 inches for every 10 for easy storage which is a great space saving feature on an RV. Made of durable heavy-duty HTS vinyl, this durable product also features a bayonet fitting and a 4-in-1 elbow adapter, and it comes ready to use and are made of heavy duty HTS vinyl. The definite winner of the best sewer hose for RV’s is the Camco Revolution RV Sewer Hose hands down.

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