20 Pie Iron Camping Recipes (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert)

Cooking with a pie iron is an excellent way to prepare meals and enjoy the outdoors on your next camping trip.

Not only does it allow you to make quick, delicious (and healthy) meals, it also allows you to cook in a way that is safe and makes cleanup a breeze.

What is a pie iron?

A pie iron is a cooking appliance made from cast iron or aluminum. It consists of two cupped plates on long handles.

The two plates hinge together like a clamshell, holding ingredients inside while they are cooked over a campfire.

What can you cook in a pie iron?

With a pie iron you can grill meat, make stews, toast sandwiches, and even to bake biscuits and cookies. It’s like a grill, sandwich maker, and oven rolled into one.

With the pie iron camping recipes below, you can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with just this one super versatile piece of camping equipment.

Pie Iron Camping Recipes

Pie Iron Recipes for Breakfast

Pie Iron Recipes for Lunch

These are typically good to go for lunch or dinner.

Pie Iron Recipes for Dinner

Like with the lunches, these dinners are of course good for whenever you feel like.

Pie Iron Recipes for Dessert

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20 Pie Iron Camping Recipes
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