11+ Best Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

If you want a compact camper with the privacy and luxury of onboard washroom facilities, we’ve got you covered. This article will give you a rundown of the best small camping trailers with bathrooms currently available.

Even for someone like me who has always loved camping, one thing that isn’t fun is having to relieve yourself behind a bush. Or having to try and clean yourself outside, using a bottle of what minimal water you have left. Or worse, resorting to nothing but a baby wipe wash down.

Not having a bathroom is a stumbling block that puts many would-be campers off as fast as the idea is considered.

That’s why I’ve put together this rundown of the…

11 Best Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

I decided to leave out pop-up campers in this rundown. I’ve only picked fully contained ready to go campers with toilets and washrooms inside.

Casita Spirit

Casita Spirit

Built for a wide variety of residents from traveling grandparents to young nomads and small families, the Casita Spirit is a compact and elegant housing option for trips and vacations of any length.

Shoppers hoping to buy a complete home-on-wheels should look for the deluxe version of this Casita, which comes in two sizes (16 and 17 feet) and two modern color schemes. The Casita Spirit Deluxe boast a spacious and refined bathroom, which includes a shower, sink, and shelves for toiletry storage.

The Spirit Deluxe is built to feel like home. Sleeping up to four in two separate sleeping areas, the Spirit can convert into a dining room that fits up to six. Rainy day games, anyone? Big, screened, fully-operational windows make allow you to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings at all times. Never miss a deer-sighting again from the insides of your Spirit.

As with any Casita, the Spirit Deluxe comes with a potable on-board and city water hook-up with water heater, nearly 50 cu ft. of storage, complete usable galley, marine grade, two-piece fiberglass shell construction and so much more!

As travelers and nature-enthusiasts, camping families seek to experience the most of the world while leaving the least bit of a mark. Keep it easy and environmental with the Casita Spirit Deluxe, durable, lightweight, fuel efficient and simple to set up and maneuver — this is camper was meant for people who like to live their best life lightly on the earth with the people they love.

Lance 1575

Luxurious, high-class, mobile extravagance are how one might describe the Lance 1575. The penthouse of travel trailers, this camper is for those of refined taste among us. Complete with LED lights, queen-sized innerspring pillow-top mattress, and interior and exterior Bluetooth speakers, the Lance 1575 has everything a couple or young family needs to enjoy life on the road.

The Lance 1575 is as spacious as they get with a signature “Super Slide” dinette which allows for a comfortable sleeping arrangement for four adults. Call your college kids, because it is time for the summer trip of a lifetime!

The bathroom on board is not your average wet bath. Coming with a toilet, detachable shower head, shower curtain and skylight, this bathroom is meant for comfort. Large windows and skylights throughout the trailer mean that you’ll never miss another shooting star, even long after the campfire has gone out.

Adding to the flare to an already opulent travel trailer is the kitchen. This residential-style kitchen is stocked with only the best, full-size, stainless steel appliances. Baking a cake on the road has never been so easy!

Coming in at 20 feet and 5 inches long and 2775 pounds, the Lance 1575 proclaims “small is the new big.” As for design, the Lance 1575 comes in three color palettes — Royal, Platinum, and Java — giving you plenty of opportunities to customize your trailer.

The Lance 1575 is for those who love to travel and be in the great outdoors, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort.

iCamp Elite

iCamp Elite Camper

The world of compact trailers has a new king in town. The iCamp Elite reminds us that good things do often come in small packages. A fully functional travel home, in orange or blue, is available for purchase.

Great for traveling couples of any age, the iCamp Elite comes complete with its own bathroom, kitchen, and a large double bed. The bathroom comes equipped with everything you need to stay clean — shower, sink and toilet — in a space as big as travel trailer bathrooms come!

Including important safety features like a gas and smoke detector, the iCamp Elite also holds the expected features — a screen door, porch light, powered roof vents, hot water heater, a wardrobe and many more.

Additionally the iCamp Elite connects to your iPod and offers you DVD/audio connection and a TV that will fill up the rainy days with entertainment.

The iCamp Elite may be small, just 14 inches long and 2366 pounds for up to three people, but it is mighty!

For a simple travel trailer with all the bare necessities, the iCamp Elite keeps it classy and comfortable whether you are traveling to the Grand Canyon or your granddaughters birthday.

Scamp 13′

Scamp 13'

Calling all retro campers looking to travel with the simplicity and style of the good ol’ days! This compact, carpeted camper stands out for its ease of use and extreme portability.

Built in Minnesota, this all-American Scamp 13’ is a minimalist campers delight. The standard front room layout has a shower package option, giving campers the convenience of restroom facilities in their own parking spot and includes a wet bath-style shower and a toilet.

Storage options can be found through the trailer but mainly in the closet where clothes or supplies can be stored.

Ideal for traveling couples who like to keep set up to a minimum and adventuring to the maximum, the Scamp ’13 with the bathroom option sleeps two people on a converted dinette.

Toting a quick set-up, an accessible price and a small weight, the Scamp 13’ melts the divide between economical and comfortable. This trailer is upholstered in brown, with brown carpet, beige curtains, but buyers choice of blue or brown cushions on the couch/bed.

Fiberglass cabinets and wood panel doors complete the retro interior. What are you waiting for? Step back into the 70’s for an easy and comfortable travel experience for the trip of a lifetime.

Airstream Sport

Airstream Sport

The Airstream Sport brings the best of the brand’s cultural icon to life in a compact and lightweight size that can fit even your biggest adventure.

Fully loaded with stainless steel kitchen appliances, air conditioning, heat, a retractable awning, an outdoor storage locker, memory foam mattress, bluetooth speakers, and signature Ultraleather seating, just to name a few, this classy travel trailer has it all. In two floor plans.

Whether you choose the 16 feet version or the 22 feet version, your Airstream Sport will come equipped with a fully functional bathroom. The difference between these two is a matter of size and comfort.

The 22 foot Airstream Sport offers a more spacious bathroom in which the shower (that is designed for sitting as well as standing) is set apart from the toilet and vanity by a door adding privacy and ensuring that the only you get wet.

The 16 foot version features a wet bath, but, in true Airstream style, it is a wet bath with style. Only with the Airstream Sport can your shower transform from a wet bath to an outdoor shower!

A pass through window feature on this travel trailer allows you to be outside literally every minute of your trip if you’d like!

Both versions offer a kitchen with all the essentials, dedicated sleeping space and a convertible dinette that fits up to four people. With the Airstream Sport, size isn’t your only option. Buyers can choose between two color palettes, tan and black.

Little Guy Mini

Little Guy Mini Max Teardrop Trailer with Bathroom.

Coming in at just under 2,000 pounds, the Little Guy Mini brings everything you need in a travel trailer in a convenient and stylish teardrop shape that is effortlessly towed by most small SUVs and well equipped crossovers.

Made in Pennsylvania, this camper was built by US Americans for US Americans.

This model comes equipped with an AC and a furnace, sleeps 2-3, power dual 110/USB, external storage, TV on a swivel, wet bath and many other incredible features.

Little Guy Trailers has fit unusually large kitchen appliances for such a small space (17 feet) that you might just forget you aren’t in your immobile kitchen! Carrying a residential style stainless steel sink that makes filling up your coffee carafe a breeze, as well as a long style refrigerator with 5 cubic feet of storage space including a freezer!

Both the sink and the refrigerator are the largest sizes available in this class of travel trailer.

More surprising than the kitchen, is the size and comfort of the bathroom on board this camper. This residential-style wet bath is 26.5″ deep and 41.5″ wide and contains a pedal flush, marine-style, tall-profile toilet and a shower.

The shower, an ITC 3-function sprayer, is encased by a glass door and a floor to ceiling surround, ensuring the water used in the shower stays in the shower.

There are many colors to choose from and a multitude of additional features to choose from if you want to customize your trailer, but no matter which color combination you choose the amazing features and incredible portability will remain the same.

Jayco Hummingbird

Jayco Hummingbird Small Camper with Bathroom

No travel trailer company offers as many options as the Jayco Hummingbird series. All but the smallest version in this line of trailers offers campers the benefit of being able to bathe without leaving their trailer.

Hummingbirds with the bathroom feature come with many different floor plan options with lengths spanning from 17 to 20 feet. More than just lengths and floor plans, the Jayco Hummingbird series also varies in color. Choose from Midnight, Sahara and Boulder color palettes.

Get on the road with the comfy, lightweight Hummingbird travel trailer, built using Jayco’s legendary construction methods. Loaded with features like a residential style interior kitchen, bike rack, power awning, LED lights, exterior storage compartment, rear camera backup prep, Jayco-exclusive Teddy Bear mattress, and and elite air conditioning system, this travel trailer was constructed with your comfort and delight in mind.

Each version of the Jayco Hummingbird has a different floor plan and bathroom layout. Some keep it simple with a wet bath, while others look more like your average bathroom, complete with a removable shower head and a wood cabinet for toiletry storage.

The Jayco production team includes Amish craftsmen who carry generations of craftsmanship with them to the warehouse. The Hummingbird travel trailers are built with the advanced construction techniques required to build things that last, and all of Jayco’s products come supported with a 2-year limited warranty.

With a Jayco Hummingbird, you know you are getting the best of comfort, construction, and style.

KZ RV Escape

KZ RV Escape

Traveling in style does not have to cost an arm and a leg. With the KZ Escape, you get all the fun of travel trailer adventuring without the big expense.

KZ doesn’t only stand out for the low cost, though, this travel trailer comes with an app! You got that right, an app for your trailer that makes trip planning easier, keeps track of maintenance and service, includes digital owner’s manual and brand specific news and updates. Never forget anything again with the KZ app on your phone.

As for the travel trailers themselves, the Escape line consists of several floor plans with weights ranging from 2,760 to 3,890 and lengths from 19 feet to a little over 27 that sleep up to six people!

Each Escape is equipped with a bathroom, including a residential shower, medicine cabinet, convenient outlet, storage and foot-flush toilets. Other standard features include a 78-inch-high interior, queen bed, flip-up solid entry steps, LED lights, power awning, and indoor and outdoor bluetooth speakers.

The elegant kitchen boasts a window-view with seamless countertops, double burner gas cooktop and convection microwave.

These travel trailers are made from the best for the best. Comforts include a sink big enough to fill pitchers, Amish-crafted rail-style Maple cabinetry, ample storage, and residential-grade linoleum.

Whether you are a couple of retirees looking to live the vacation lifestyle, or a family ready to learn in the school of Nature, this travel trailer is for you.


Beauty. Sustainability. Simplicity. Functionality. All the qualities you are looking for in a trailer can be found in Homegrown Trailers Timberline.

This line of weatherized teardrop shaped campers is extremely customizable, sleeping up to 5 in some floor plans. Created with the off-grid family in mind, this travel trailer can be made for “on-grid” campsites, but it’s signature model is made for the off-roader, the taker of the road less traveled. Or for the in-law apartment you’ve been meaning to build in your backyard. Either way.

This travel trailer comes equipped with either bunk beds or a dinette, efficient under-the-counter fridge, heat and air conditioning (if you want it), 120V/USB power outlets, external gray water tank, composting toilet, a wet bath, and gorgeous wood paneling inside and out.

Weighing between 4,150 and 4,350 at 23 feet, this trailer shows will make you think that maybe this is all you need to live.

Made for the environmentalist who wants to enjoy the best of the outdoors, this travel trailer is built with sustainable materials, energy efficient lights and appliances, and non-toxic materials.

Leaving behind all the bells and whistles of some trailers, the Timberline allows you to be completely present with what is around you as you travel.

Show nature the love it deserves by supporting the sustainably made travel trailer company, Homegrown Trailers, in your purchase of the Timberline tear-drop trailer.

Knaus Deseo

The Knaus Deseo is for the traveling motorcyclist. Specifically designed to fit two motorcycles (or surfboards or bicycles) by day, the Knaus Deseo can sleep up to four people by night.

This sleek, modern travel trailer has all the ingenious design and style you would expect from a European manufacturer. This Knaus Deseo weighs 3307 pounds and comes in just under 20 feet long.

It features a retractable LED TV, LED lights, a two burner stove, innovative storage options, and, best of all, a retractable loading ramp for motorcycles.

On board, you will find an efficiently designed convertible dinette and a spacious wet bath. The wet bath includes a residential-style shower with a shower curtain, a toilet, a sink, and toiletry storage options.

The back panel of this travel trailer pops open and stays that way, to create an additional roofed lounging area, or a window through which to stargaze. Many interior design options allow you to customize your travel trailer as you see fit.

If you are looking for modern elegance, and a way to tow and camp with your motorcycles in comfort, look no further than the Knaus Deseo. Loaded with all the features you need and the European style you crave, this is the travel trailer for you.

Tab 400

Tab400 nuCamp

The Tab 400 uses the best of European design combined with the beauty of Amish craftsmanship and the innovation of the RV industry to create a teardrop travel trailer that will be the envy of all your tenting friends.

Equipped with aggressive off-road tires, a diamond plated tub, a true queen-sized bed, Alde® Central Heat & Hot Water System, fans, Bluetooth speakers, air conditioning, 24 inch TV and entertainment center, the Tab 400 is ideal for small families or a couple as it sleeps three people, at the most.

In addition to these features inside the Tab 400 you will find a full kitchen and a sprawling wet bath which includes a detachable shower head and a fold down sink (major space innovation!) and a toiletry storage area.

The kitchen has a glass-top sink, a two burner stove and a microwave, for all your cooking needs. All of this in a small package! The Tab 400 is just over 18 feet long and has a dry weight of 2864 pounds.

The Tab 400 is the most customizable of travel trailers. Buyers can choose the outside design, as well as the interior and exterior color palettes. The Tab 400 is the travel trailer for an incredible trip made easy in style.

Black Series – HQ14

The HQ14 Pop-up Camper is a modern, sleek retreat designed for diverse travelers yearning for adventure, combining compact elegance with spacious comfort. Despite its manageable dry weight of 4376 lbs and nimble 19.8 ft length, it boasts robust durability, ensuring travelers can explore varying terrains with ease and confidence. It offers a fully-equipped kitchen and a refined bathroom, featuring amenities like an Outdoor Propane Stove, a Porcelain Toilet, and a Full Fiberglass Shower, allowing adventurers to experience the convenience and solace of home while delving into the wilderness.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art entertainment system, including a 24″ SMART TV and a plethora of music connectivity options, the HQ14 guarantees leisure and relaxation under the celestial sky, complemented by wide-angle side-mounted LED Flood Lights. This camper doesn’t shy away from technology, featuring a robust electrical system with a 1,000 Watts Black Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter and 2x Roof Mounted 150 Watt Solar Panels, ensuring self-sufficiency in the heart of nature.

Safety is deeply ingrained in the design of the HQ14, with features like a Fire Extinguisher, Smoke Alarm, and Propane/CO Detector, all anchored securely by a Hot Dipped Galvanized Tubular Steel Chassis and fortified brakes. The resilient independent suspension and off-road tires allow it to embrace rugged terrains with assurance, making it a quintessential companion for explorers.

In essence, the HQ14 Pop-up Camper is a harmonious blend of luxury, practicality, and enduring style. It invites the free-spirited to relish the boundless beauty of the world while enjoying modern amenities, proving to be an impeccable fusion of relaxation and adventure for those eager to traverse the untrodden paths.

Conclusion – Small Campers with Bathrooms

These are some of the best small camping trailers with bathrooms you will find today. There are a range of styles, price ratings and form factors you can choose based on your own preferences and needs. Don’t let the call of nature hold you back on your dream to explore and travel.

If you want something even more compact, check out our page on pop up campers, some of those include bathrooms too. Or check out our overall rundown of the best small campers.

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