Best Propane Stove Top for RV – 2023 Top Picks

Stove tops are one of the most important things to consider purchasing for your RV. Living in a mobile home means that you want to have all of the conveniences of a modern home within your RV. If you are looking to purchase the best propane stove top for RVs, here are a few of the top options for you to consider.

Each of the following propane stove tops are effectively used in your RV and can be carried on the go. The only thing you will need to continually purchase with any of the following products is propane gas so that you can keep your stove flame burning. No matter what type of stove top you purchase, you will need to account for the power source, whether that be coal, gas, or electricity. Some people prefer propane.

Our Picks: Best Propane Stove Top for RV

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How much space do I need for a propane stove top?

Any of the best propane stove top for RV options will require that you save some space for the product. Typically, the longest dimension is anywhere between 12 to 19 inches. Accounting for weight is another thing you will need to do. Usually, a propane stove top like the ones below will be anywhere between 9 to 15 pounds. If you are worried about either of these factors, make sure to look at the product specifications before purchasing it.

Do RV propane stove tops cook quickly?

As with any sort of propane-powered stove top or grill, there are variables on how quickly you will be able to cook your food. Keeping in mind that propane burns at temperatures up to 5072∞F, you have plenty of heat to work with. Don’t expect your temperature to instantly reach this level, nor should you want it this high. Most meat is considered well done when they reach 160∞F, so you will only need a small fraction of the gas’ capability to fully cook your meal quickly.

Won’t propane gas tanks take up a lot of space?

If you are used to purchasing propane gas tanks for a larger grill, you are probably aware that they can be pretty large and heavy. However, most propane stove top models designed for RV come with hose fittings that can fit on both large and small propane gas tanks. If you are worried about taking up too much space, consider purchasing small tanks. Just remember that you have to buy gas more often with smaller tanks.

Flame King YSNHT600 LP Gas Drop

This design from Flame King offers an impressive 7200 BTU on its largest gas burner, making it effective for large pots and pans which require more flame and power to heat up quickly. Although the smaller burner on this two-burner model is only rated at 5200 total BTU, the flame control knobs will likely never be used by you at maximum power anyway.


  • Two burners (5200 BTU and 7200 BTU).
  • Included with cover and wind guard for outside use.
  • Easy to control flame size.
  • Affordable for all budgets.


  • Slightly bigger and heavier than other products on this page.
  • No option for a third burner


Unlike other options on this page, there is not an option for a third burner for this propane stove top. It is also bigger and heavier than the other products presented here. However, it is also one of the most affordable options you will find on the market. This is why many people will rate it as the best propane stove top for RV.

Atwood DV 20S Stainless Steel Drop-In Propane Stove Top

If you want a propane stove top that is high quality, comes with a maximum rating of 7200 BTU, a cover with wind guard, and the option for a third burner, take a look at this product from Atwood. Since it is lightweight and compact in size, many people will consider this over the many different propane stove tops for RV that are available.


  • Two burners (5200 BTU and 7200 BTU) - one large and one small burner.
  • Option for a third burner at 5200 BTU for slightly higher price.
  • Cover and wind guard available with special order
  • Lightweight design weighs around 10 pounds.


  • Normally more expensive than other similar models.


High-quality ratings and features typically come with a higher price. This model is typically no exception to this rule. If you are willing to invest a little extra money, you will be able to take full advantage of having the best propane stove top for RV, complete with all the top features.

Suburban 2937AST Stainless Steel Propane Stove Top

This propane stove top comes with the balance of features and affordability that many customers will consider to be the most important feature in a propane stove top for their RV. With the option to add a third burner at a reasonable price, and a consistent 6,500 BTU output, this stove top is a great deal when you consider the price and features.


  • Option for 3 burners for slightly higher price.
  • Burners all produce 6,500 BTU
  • Lightweight design weighs around 10 pounds
  • Reasonably-priced. Especially for the 3-burner option.


  • Can break easily if not properly secured and maintained.


Since this product is both lightweight and reasonably small in size, it is easy to stow away for later use. Just keep in mind that as with any product you want to keep around, you should take care of it or it can break down. However, if you purchase a protection plan you will be able to ensure that you can use this product for several years.


If you want to be able to heat up pots and pans for cooking in your RV, a propane stove top is one of the products you will likely consider. Since propane is one of the popular ways to heat up your food, and burns at a high temperature, many people prefer it over coal, electric, or induction stove tops. However, keep in mind that you will routinely need to purchase more propane for your grill to keep the flame running.